It was all about time today!

I told the girls this morning that we were going to the beach so they went outside and down to the beach.

They have not had access to our beach this summer, we had a barricade up. Lots of duck and goose poop down there. Ciela just wanted to get into the water.

A very long day indeed but we have ended up in Moses Lake, Washington, our destination. Today was the latest departure we have ever done. We left the park at 11:45AM and arrived at the local Walmart at 6:30PM. The plumber who blew out the lines in the house for the winter was almost two hours late.  But honestly his delayed arrival did not affect us. It takes us three full days to load the RV and we did it in two. Obviously there were many last minute things to attend to this morning. We each had a list that we went over and over and each did a walk through the house. Finally we locked the house up and off we went.

Sure going to miss seeing the leaves turning and setting off the red berries.

Finally we were ready to head south.

First stop was to fill the RV propane tank as it was surprisingly low. Next stop was the Canada US international border where we hit a major delay. The regular car/RV crossing was closed off and there as quite the line to go through the truck crossing. It was close to thirty minutes before it was our turn. The usual questions including about how much wine we had on board. We told him the truth. He asked it we were going to select in the US. Ah no, personal consumption. He did not ask us to pay the 21 cents duty per bottle.I asked and was told that they had staff shortages right now hence the delays. We did have another thirty minute wait for the agricultural officer to do her check. There were two RV’s ahead of us.

Very smoky over the Okanagan today. You can barely see the lake.

She was very young and asked us to all leave the RV while she did her inspection. Never had that happen before, at the end I asked her why. Mostly because she just wanted her own space to look around. I could hear drawers being opened as well as the fridge and freezer and even the overhead cabinets in the living room area, She came running to the door asking if we had a rifle 😯 It was one of Colin’s travel guitars ( sitting on the bed ) that folds in half. Before she began her private search she asked what I had to declare re veggies, fruits, meats, tomatoes, eggs and perhaps a few other things, Once I told her about the 3 very ripe bananas and the one cucumber that was sealed in cellophane she asked it there was anything else that I wanted to declare before she searched. We had nothing to hide, I did mention to her that we did not eat meat but the she would find things in the freezer that were like veggie ground round, etc. Two minutes into her search she came to the door saying that I had lied and we had pepperoni in the freezer. I asked her to look at the label again, veggie pepperoni for our pizzas. The good thing about the length of the stop was that Colin was able to walk the dogs on the lovely grass area next to the RV.

The girls were so happy about traveling in the RV again. The mostly napped.

So we drove and drove and drove. You know the expression “let sleeping dogs lie” and so we did. They had a late breakfast and slept through lunch so we kept going until almost an hour before we stopped for the night. They got a later but larger lunch and we got cheese and crackers to nibble on. I also enjoyed some wine with mine.

Some of the scenery.

A stunning sunset between Soap Lake and Moses Lake. Thank you Mother Nature. A great end to a long day.

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14 thoughts on “It was all about time today!

  1. Michelle Fanwick says:

    Sounds like everyone cooperated:) Enjoy the trip and catch your breathe! Safe travels!

    1. Looking forward to catching our breath now that we are settled in Las Vegas.

  2. Cindy says:

    Glad you got gone and the evening sunset pictures are amazing! Safe travels!

    1. Same to you both as well. The sunset photos were at treat.

  3. Rod & Sylvia says:

    Have a safe trip. We are about a week behind you.

    1. Safe travels to you as well. Hopefully the snow will have melted by then.

  4. Janet ASHWORTH says:

    Safe travels!

    1. We try to, wish you were going to be in Mexico.

  5. Judith says:

    Well, that is an example of due diligence. I guess I don’t disapprove entirely. But sheesh. Glad you are finally on the road and hope it goes well.

    1. For those who are wondering I sent this lady an email and she was referring to the agriculture agent re the due diligence.

  6. Pauline Watson says:

    Hooray!! 🙂
    Wishing you travelling mercies on your trip. I’m so happy for you guys 🙂

  7. Fluketuo says:

    from a printed book, reproduction

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