We are perfectly safe

We left Alamo, Nevada at 7:25AM ( yes Ken I kept to the plan ). The winds started up as as we neared Las Vegas. Coming down HWY 93 just before Love’s we were blown out of our lane a few times. Fortunately being a Sunday there was much less traffic but we both held our breathe as we negotiated the narrow single land curving overpass from I15 to I515. As we turned onto I15 we saw a semi with its nose in the sandy ditch. How did that happen, photo another day.

Checked in at 9:15AM. We were told at the gatehouse that if our site was still ( check out 11AM ) occupied we would have to leave and come back. Our site was empty, yeah for us. Parked and set up a bit, the girls got three walks today, on the last one Colin said he was worried they would blow away. The winds have becomes stronger since it got dark.

To be honest we are both exhausted. We only got the RV home about 7PM Monday and not stopped since. My body is so sore that I can hardly move. We have both been pushing ourselves. Naps were had by all four of us this afternoon. I kept feeling the RV rock a bit.

I am so very sorry but I might need a day or two to get back to normal. I simply cannot push myself to create a blog post. Tonight I am going to sit with a lovely wine and enjoy a shrimp penne with Alfredo sauce.

The blog might be back tomorrow but the next day at the latest. Thanks for hanging in.



We are very concerned about this next hurricane which is now a Cat 4. Supposed to make landfall between a Cat 2 – 4 and near San Blas. Again like the last one a few weeks ago, Mazatlan is on the northern edge regarding rain and wind.

It is much more that tropical storm being a Cat 4 ( the photo was not updated ), Puerto Vallarta is in its path.

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19 thoughts on “We are perfectly safe

  1. Michelle Fanwick says:

    Just stay safe and take care of yourselves. Everything else will fall into place!
    Hurricane season is nerve wracking for everyone in effected locations. My father lived in the Florida Keys and he was lucky, the storms always missed him, they either went North or South of Marathon and one time hit the gulf side, he was on the ocean side. They had to evacuate a number of times. As he could no longer live on his own and came back north, he sold his home. The next year a huge hurricane did significant damage to the home and area where he lived. Nature can be cruel.

  2. carol says:

    So glad you are settled for a while. Hope the winds stop soon. We rocked and rolled last night.

    1. Quite the storm, surprised it was so widespread.

  3. Colleen says:

    Hang in there my friend and try to enjoy your well earned rest. You have some time to settle in and kick back before the next leg of your journey. You made it! Revel in it.
    There with you in spirit, toasting you with red wine!

    1. I am resting I promise. Thanks for the toast, can hardly wait to see you in December.

  4. Relax and rest. Hurricane Roslyn hit slightly north of San Blas no worries for Mazatlan.

    1. Really appreciate the update. Safe travels next week.

  5. jim Davis says:

    We traveled this same route many times when we had the bus, and more than one of those trips had high winds and were no fun at all. Glad you made it is one piece. High profile vehicles can be a handful in a breeze.

    1. Thank you.This was our first experience in 22 years with high winds. So glad it all worked out. Thank for sticking with me.

  6. Janet ASHWORTH says:

    😊😊😊😊😊😊safe and sound! Enjoy your rest!

    1. Almost everyone I have Pinot Grigio I think of you and our times in San Carlos at Totonaka.

  7. Sandie says:

    Just relax and unwind. We know you are safe now and will be awaiting a blog when you feel up to it. Prayers for Mexico.

    1. Thank you for your prayers, they did help. So lovely that you figured our the new blog and are still with us.

  8. Barbara B says:

    Terrible timing by Mother Nature for you, as well as those following behind, So glad you are hunkered down safely. Rest up first, blog later!

    1. As mocu as I love Mother Nature, she was not our friend this last Saturday. However the outcome was acceptable. I do feel so very sorry for the who were affected by the hurricane in Mexico. Thank you for your support.

  9. Karen says:

    Definitely time for a little vino blanco mi amigo. Hopefully Mother Nature will cool her jets. So glad you’re safe and on the move to your place in paradise

    1. The vino is flowing and I am still napping. When we are up to it we will continue our journey south.

  10. Lucy says:

    Contessa, here are is the news: Hurricane Roslyn batters Mexico’s Pacific coast

    1. Thank you for the information. It was a blessing that is for certain.

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