Que Pasa and the October calendar photo

Well it appears that I never got that poll up and running.  Looks like it will take a few days or a week. I have spent some time this past weekend working on the new blog. Much still will be done but at least it is working perfectly for me to be able to communicate with you as we travel to Mexico.

Colin and I are dreaming about homemade nachos with Mexican cheese and perfect avocados. Today I actually found some Mexican cheese and picked up some tortillas – I predict  cheese quesadillas in the near future!

I am back to doing my kinesiology exercises twice per day but is has not been easy. The break because of loading and travel has not been my friend. I know now that I really have to push thru at least once per day. Now that I am more rested it should all come together.

The girls are counting the days until they can bake in the sun at Tres Amigos.

Colin is reminiscing about relaxing back home but knows that the best is yet to come.

However the black tank Commando treatment did not work. Yes Dee we have done this before ( but not using the Commando tab ) using two bags of ice cubes. Did not make a difference just like it did not the past two days. We will try it again in March on our way home – thanks for reminding me to put it on my to do list. Consider it done.

Carlie and I enjoying some special loving this afternoon. Ciela wasn’t as relaxed as Colin was dremeling her toe nails. Carlie’s turn tomorrow .

The girls are in training. We have been leaving them alone in the RV while we took first a 5 minute walk then slowly progressed to a 20 minute walk. No barking.Today we took the car and were supposed to only be gone an hour max. However traffic in Las Vegas dictates your travel time. Colin had set up the nanny cam and I checked it every 20 minutes or so. They only started barking as we were returning. They did really well and we were suprised to see that someone had pulled in and set up in front of us. Turns out that they were barking at a large dog walking past. They were inside with closed windows and the A/C on. Nice to see 80F today. I actually sat in the sun doing nothing but loving one or the other puppy soaking up the rays for about 40 minutes. But once the sun dips it gets chilly fairly quickly.

The October 2022 Calendar photo. At this time last year we were staying warm in the house. We still had no idea that the Canadian border would open and within weeks we would be crossing it heading south to the Isla.

We did another wine pick up today, this time for us to drink here and on the road. The other wine is for consumption on the Isla. I also did a quick grocery shop. Is the Kroger butter good? I scored two pounds at $3.69 each at Smiths!

Are you all ready for the witches and goblins tomorrow?

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8 thoughts on “Que Pasa and the October calendar photo

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi Contessa & Colin, is so nice to know you 4 are slowly but surely heading toward the Isla. Wonderful October 2022 picture of the girls. The nachos’ picture made me hungry, it looks colorful & delicious .

    1. Actually I guess that was 2021. We do great nachos with lots of Mexican cheese.

  2. Judith says:

    Kroger butter is probably just fine. I just love butter period, and dont have refined taste. All butter is graded by government standards according to amount of fat. Irish imported butter has more fat. It’s supposed to be great, but actually I cant tell other than it’s greasier.
    So I am no gourmet. I do remember home made butter from my childhood, and it’s flavor varied with what the cows were grazing on. Haven’t been able to tell much difference in butter since!!

    1. Thank you for this. I have never had homemade butter but I am certain that is the best.

  3. croft says:

    They are always a problem and it is so hard to find a solution. I once tried hot water and Dove dish soap and then drive for a day but it is hard to put that much hot water in and I think I probably didn’t use enough water. It probably would have worked if I did it right. Another time we used a septic tank treatment and that actually worked. Just don’t use the whole box. Same trick 3/4 fill the tank with water and drive for a day. The septic tank treatment was actually used for a plugged tank and it cleared the sensors as well as softened the mess enough to empty. Win – win!

    1. Contessa says:

      We even had one of those pumper trucks come out once and they got a lot out of calcium stuff out but the sensor never goes below the 2/3 mark. Always something but fortunately this is to serious, more of a convenience. Once we are stopped I mark on the calendar to dump every 10 days.

      1. Croft says:

        We always just went by the odor. When it starts to smell, it is time to dump! We never used any tank deodorizer tabs and the tank never filled up before it started smelling, The only exception was in Chetumal where we had to pack up and move to the RV park exit to dump and we were booked there for 3 1/2 weeks. We let the grey water drain onto the grass and were careful with the black water and we actually made it to the end with the help of deodorizer tabs. Complicating matters was that the only water spigot was on the other side of the park and all the RVers had to pool their hoses to fill up without moving, it was the only way to reach the spigot! It was quite the social occasion with about ten RVers dragging the three hundred foot combined hose around the park filling everyone with a really slow flow, low pressure spigot! It pretty much took all day but it always ended in a milti-national happy hour!

        1. That must have been fun! In Acapulco We had to arrange for each RV to fill their water tank on a schedule as there was no water pressure.

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