Almost home

Saw this interesting vehicle near Santa Ana yesterday.

Thank you for all of your comments and emails. Email replies will have to wait until I get to the Isla manana. Wow I have had three different RV’s today asking me about staying at Tres Amigos this winter.

Ciela slept this way yesterday with her head on one paw and the the other paw folding her ear over. She stayed in that position for over two hours and then I lost track of the time. It really was very cute.

Last night at the Fletcha. We had to wait an hour for a site to open for us to spend the night. Very shortly after we parked we had friends who are in Totonaka for a month show up for a quick visit. We had purchased a few grocery items for them while in Vegas.  It was not very hot and we did not need to use the portable generator ( nor did we tonight). We knew that Ferne was being us traveling with friends in their RV but thought she was going to Totonaka. Instead she came to where we were. Fortunately there was room to park her behind us and the other couple parked behind the light stand.

Our messy set up for a truck stop. I had no idea that we would have had five visitors in a truck stop sitting inside with us. That is why you had a mini post yesterday. Once they left we finally made dinner and I barely had enough energy to do that short post.

My second sunrise in as many days.

Today we drove 312 miles. Only 194 miles to go. We were so happy to discover that the roads are the best they have been in at least four years. However there is a small percentage that needs to be paid attention to re pot holes. I may or may not go into further detail but the best of all is that the border between Sonora and Sinaloa has been paved 😀 At least one side of the two lanes has been paved most of the way. Looking forward to checking out the Culiacan/Mazatlan maxipista tomorrow.

Our mini caravan, I did not include the other couple and their RV as I do not have their permission.

Fabulous sunset from our favourite Pemex at KM75.

Early to bed, early to rise and the sooner we will get to our winter home.


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4 thoughts on “Almost home

  1. SandyM says:

    Oh, I can just feel the excitement building the closer you get to the Isla! In a few day you will be set up the way you like and you can relax and enjoy sunsets, hopefully, every day. Not realistic but can hope for that anyway. Traveling Mercies for another day of travel.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Just a little bit further and you will be at your winter home, yay! That is a beautiful sunset.

  3. Nancy B. says:

    Hi Contessa….. Where is the Fletcha? Enjoying the drive with you!

  4. Lucy says:

    Contessa, glad u all 4 are in paradise; been curious about the anti-bark device, what is it called. A friend of mine has 3 chihuahuas & OMG they can be unbearable sometimes, they bark their heads off, they are U N S T O P P A B L E !! My regards: Lucy.

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