I feel like I have been riding a roller coaster for a few days

Monday morning we were off to the medical imaging place here in Mazatlan. I had made an appointment for my MRI last week. For the most part partients are expected to get their x-rays or MRI’s etc before they see the doctor. Most of the hospitals even send their patients to this place to get their imaging tests done.

Because I was being given a tranquilizer an hour before the MRI for the sake of my claustrophobia and the fact that I could be out of it for up to eight hours Colin decided to drive us there and back. He could not imagine trying to load me into a pulmonia never mind getting me onto the lancha without dropping me in the ocean. We allowed enough time and arrived twenty minutes early but had to wait for the person in front of us to finish their business with reception. We even had a puppy sitter for the girls as we were gone close to 5 hours.

Finally it was our turn and based on what I had been told I was to take my ‘magic’ pill at 12:30PM. Oh, they also charged me 50 pesos/ $3.44CAD/$2.53 USD for it. So I reminded them that I needed to take it one hour before the MRI. I was given a pill wrapped in foil and an empty plastic water glass. I did have a water bottle with me. Later I saw that there was a water station across the room.

Colin’s photo of my regular knee X-ray.

So we payed all that we had to including some last minute x-rays requested by Dr. Cervantes. As we were sitting waiting for the x-ray procedure I became a bit dizzy. It took both Colin and the X-ray tech to walk me to the room. I had to sit right away. After the regular x-rays we were moved to another sitting area next to the MRI location. By about 1:15 I was suddenly level headed and felt like I could ride a bike or go for a walk!! Colin could tell that I was back to normal with lots of energy. The gentleman seated next to us went in for his ankle MRI 20 minutes late. Hmm I knew that I needed more medication if I had to wait until he was done, I was likely to flip out getting into the machine.

Never has a knee x-ray in this position before.

I promptly asked for for medication. I was told that it was impossible, I kept pushing even claiming that I would sign something that it was my choice. Nada. I asked for a half pill, again no. I insisted and they told me that I could come back tomorrow because ta second pill was dangerous 😯 and they could not give it to me. Three doctor levels came to see me and seemed to agree but then it was taken to the top level who said absolutely not. I argued that it had already passed through my system, at the dentist I need a numbing shot every 15 minutes, my system processes meds like that quickly. So I found a T3 ( Tylenol Codeine ) in my purse and swallowed it in front of all these people. It gave me some peace of mind and I hoped that it would do something to relax me.

No hospital gown for me as I was not wearing any metal.

As I was being put into the tube I was told that it was only a 10 minute procedure 😮 What?  Yes it was thirty minutes three years ago but they now had new software and it would only be ten minutes. So in I go, close my eyes and hope. The tube came up to my chest and I had the choice of leaving my arms and hands out over my head. They gave me ear plugs re the loud sounds but my ears were too small or the foam plug were not one size fits all.

Going into the tube.

This where I stopped this post last night at 10PM, I just could not continue. Quick snack and bed right after.

Today, Wednesday was much busier than expected. I solved many issues but ran out of time to even call the medical insurance company. I stopped and took in tonights sunset. So much to accomplish.

Actually I was up early today ( for me @ 7:30AM ) my dear friend Colleen from Toronto had arrived for the winter and was able to colour my hair today 😎 What a great feeling. She did a fabulous job.

I spent a good deal of time on the computer today organizing my absolute to dos.

So back to the MRI, we paid, I had it done and then we came home. Later that evening I got the Spanish report on my MRI. I translated into English and then the bottom fell out of my world. Finally I got my English translation today, cost me 400 MXN for that. Have a read…

After reading that I thought well I am done, looks like I would need a knee replacement. So yesterday ( Tuesday ) we picked up my MRI and x-ray images and went to see Dr. Cervantes. I can’t say enough about what a great medical doctor he is. He knew that I was upset and right away he said that I did not have four tears as the radiology report said nor any of the rest of it. Deep breathe. What was shown was some scaring from my miniscus surgery three years ago and no I did not need surgery. WOW!!! This is the second time he has corrected the reading of my MRI results.

However he was distressed about how swollen my right knee was. I told him that it was 100% better than four weeks ago. To him my knee was very swollen. He asked why I did not come in sooner, I said that it was because the swelling was so much better. However I still had pain and decided to spend the money for the MRI, 4200MXN/ $400.00CAD/$214.00USD. So very glad that I did. Dr. Cervantes showed us all the pockets of liquid around my knee. He said that had I waited much longer that my knee and the rest of my body would have become infected and that is was very serious. My father died of septicaemia from an infection.

My doctor did some mobility tests. I had to make a decision.

I had two options, Cortisone shot in the knee, meds and physio. Or just the meds and physio. Of course the cortisone would relieve most of my pain right away as well as speed up the diminishing of the the liquid in my knee. I asked him if it hurt and he said no, that he sometimes gave  himself cortisone shots. So despite hating needles and pain I went with the shot. Of course I wanted to get better ASAP. I won’t go into details but it surely did hurt. I almost broke Colins hand by squeezing it too tightly. About 5 – 10 minutes later the pain of injecting so much medication quickly started to diminish. So I went home with some to dos. I was ever so relieved at not having to have surgery again but I was totally worn out.

Tomorrow is yet another day with more adventures for me to deal with.

Or two and even better if they are chocolates.



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18 thoughts on “I feel like I have been riding a roller coaster for a few days

  1. Catheline says:

    Well it’s another day and the MRI is behind you, it’s now time to heal. Thank goodness no surgery. I am praying for the cortisone shot to work for you.
    Here in Ontario, we are waiting for the biggest snow, rain, and flash freeze since 1978. Yes, just in time for Christmas travels. I sure hope people are smart enough to stay off the roads and be safe.

    Love reading your blog

    1. Yes I have read about your snow storm. Between Canada and the US it is going to be a difficult time for so many. I have nothing to complain about.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    So glad to hear that you do not need surgery! Hopefully the cortisone shot helps and soon you will be jumping rope and chasing the dogs down the beach!

    1. Well walking the beach my friend, definitely not chasing anyone.

  3. SandyM says:

    Yes, hoping the cortisone shot gives you relief. Did you check with your DR to make sure the exercises you are doing are OK for the knee at this time – just a thought. Ankle was giving me a fit while exercising, e-rays and visit to Ortho DR and a simple ankle brace is needed to hold my ankle in place. It is loose and “wobbles to and fro”! Oh my…..but it has helped and for that I am thankful!

    1. He actually has sent me to physio here and he thinks that kinesiology is just what I need as well. Now I have to find time to do four sets of exercises daily. Give me a few more days to catch up. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Linda Sand says:

    If they place the cortisone shot correctly and do it slowly it does not hurt. Speed kills. Mine let me walk the stairs to the London Tube for a week’s vacation without pain.

    1. I agree when I started to say owww, the doctor slowed down the speed. How lovely that a shot gave gave you a vacation. So happy other that.

  5. Tana Hashimoto says:

    Hey guys
    That’s great news ,but what a pain in the but. Life is always good.
    Love ya merry hoho
    Love Tana

    1. Yes and and the stress but all good now. Love you back.

  6. Jannose says:

    Glad you do not need surgery and your stress is behind you. Just in time to enjoy all your Christmas festivities! Merry Christmas to you both.

    1. We plan to enjoy every last day of 2022.

  7. Maxx Trails says:

    Well I’m glad you got that all sorted out and hope you are now able to enjoy a nice relaxing Christmas.

    1. We have been enjoying every day to the fullest and hope to have our own private Christmas tomorrow on the 26th! We had so many people drop by during the Christmas Day today so it was nice not to have to be preparing a large dinner.

  8. Lucy says:

    Contessa, glad U don’t need to have surgery; Cortisone shots work for the most but it takes about 1 week to kick in. Wondering if the cold weather has reached Isla de la piedra, wishing your paradise remains warm & unchanged. Wishing @ Merry Christmas & a wonderful new 2023 to U, Colin & your fury BB’s.🍾🍾

    1. Yes it was actually down to 64F this Christmas morning. But we are not complaining.

  9. DAVID EVANS says:

    So glad to read things worked out for you.
    I’ve had several injections over the years, neck and back, they never hurt at all.
    I must be lucky, eh?
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Definitely lucky!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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