Colin left me today…..

Colin left midday to attend the 23rd International Sinaloa Guitar Festival 2023 in Culiacan. He had a long journey even before he left. I drove him to the embarcadero where he took a lancha to get to Mazatlan and from there he took a Didi ( Uber ) to the bus station. Good thing he left with lots of time to spare as the bus left 30 minutes early!! Four forms of transportation.

I am glad that he took the bus. Safer all around.

Do you think that he likes bright colours? Poor Colin his guitar strap ( the one you sling over your shoulder ) broke just as he was leaving the RV. We figured out a temporary solution.

The girls were surprised that we left Colin behind.

Once we got back to the RV, Ciela plopped herself down in front of the gate.

Carlie paced for a while.

They sat there for the longest time, just waiting for Colin.

They had lunch and finally after a few hours they relaxed enough to sit at my feet. It was a beautiful warm day today. However each time they heard a noise they ran to the gate just in case Colin was there.

It got cool at sunset so I made them go inside. Ciela immediately took her lookout position. I covered them to try and get them to relax and maybe take a nap.

Carlie is under those blankets.  You can see her dark head between the white and pink blankets.

They finally fell asleep but as soon as I went outside to turn on some lights and close the door they were up and following me. So I decided to make their supper which they had and then once again went out to do a check of our yard and finally lay down on the chesterfield. It did not take long for Ciela to fall asleep but Carlie just follows me with her eyes. They usually nap 3 -4 hours in the afternoon and they have been up since 9:30 AM when Colin took them for their beach walk. I really hope that they will settle down in bed with me later on.

Meanwhile Colin has texted a few times keeping me posted as to what he is up to. I wonder who is going to miss whom the most 😥


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5 thoughts on “Colin left me today…..

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Part of your pack is missing! It is always interesting to see how dogs react when someone leaves like that.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Well that is a hard question as to who will miss who more 🙂 Hopefully they will settle down and then I can only imagine how happy they will be when Colin returns!

  3. Lucy says:

    Poor little girls, they miss daddy 😰

  4. DAVID EVANS says:

    My pal & roomie doesn’t have a watch or for that matter a pocket to carry it. Barn Kat, B.K. likes to park on top of my feet too! It’s nice to feel loved.
    He never knows how long I’ll be gone whenever I have to take off.
    The weather looks very swell down there. It’s still snowing up here, just South of your digs…
    Maybe spring will show up by Memorial Day?………(;+)………

  5. Your header was such a teaser. Of course he wouldn’t 🙂 and I knew he‘d be off with his guitar to play some music. In the RV Park here in Florida we have weekly gam sessions in the club house as well as karaoke and Colin would be in hot demand to participate! His girls will be all over him when he bets back.

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