Day 4 of driving and some observations

Fletcha truck stop in San Carlos. Ferne was parked  behind us.

I did some math a few hours ago and since we left home on October19, 2022 we have driven 3,629 miles. More to come and potentially very cold temperatures.

Usually I write a blog post based on photos that I have taken. Today I am going back to when we left the Isla and a few observations, no particular reason other than I am having problems downloading my photos from March 6 – 28th. I should have taken a photo of this incident but I could not believe it. On our first stop as I walked back to the bathroom I noticed that the new convention/microwave oven door was open and the large glass plate that goes around and around was 1/3 out of the oven. So of course I removed the plate and put it on the bed thinking what a lucky catch. Same thing next stop – just the door open. So we now duck tape the door closed. I guess we will have to get Erik to make a fix re the level of the door or something.

Both truck stops were fairly quiet and we mostly slept. I have no idea how ( well I guess I do ) why the girls have been in bed with us. It took 1.5 days for them to settle downs we drive and fall asleep almost as soon as we started to drive. However Carlie who has always sat with me has moved to Colin and Ciela has moved to me.

Colin took this photo. I wonder if he thinks that I am messaging too much.

The entire drive has been mostly overcast and not hot, just warm enough. In the past we have needed A/C at both truck stops and also at our first night stop in Ajo. Just opening the windows is all we have needed to do. I checked the weather today from here to home and we will be getting cold but we won’t be driving in snow.We have certainly enjoyed watching the flowering jacaranda trees and the wild flowers the past few days. We also saw many cacti with almost the end of every arm in full bloom. So beautiful. I was not in a place we could slow to take a photo but I don’t’ think I will ever forget that vision.

The girls love it when the slides are both fully extended. They love the freedom to run around.

Because we were dry camping and really didn’t have a generator unless Colin went to all the trouble of setting up the portable one we usually only use for A/C. I had planned meals that we could use the stove top. We ate delicious ( my best yet ) egg salad sandwiches on fresh bread each of the four days. So yummy. One night I was so tired that I had my shower and then went to bed at about 8PM and slept until 6:30AM. Apparently Colin and the girls slept in the living room and even closed the door to the bedroom and I slept the deepest sleep in have had in years. I am tired.

I like to think that my coughing has diminished a bit. Colin does not think so. One of my blog readers made a comment one or two posts back that I just might have Valley Fever. If I am like this when I get home I will see my doctor asap. I did try taking an antihistamine three days in a row as suggested by yet another blog reader but it did not make a difference. I truly appreciate all of you who make suggestions. This cough has be stopped. My chest is sore.

They love hanging out next to each other.

We had no issues with any of the various police stops, always waived through. That included the huge military check at Benjamin Hill. We always pretend that we don’t understand what they are asking. Eventually Colin says San Carlos – yes that is where we are coming from and it is not a lie, we spent the prior night there. We never say Mazatlan. Eventually Colin points to the Canadian flag sticker and says Canada, we go to Canada. We are then waived through.

First thing I saw at the Ajo RV park when I opened the bedroom window. I can’t imagine being in an RV like this. It was a trailer with a front door and this was the back door.

We were asked a number of different questions crossing from Mexico into the USA. Like when we crossed from Canada to the US back in October we were asked to take the dogs with us and to step out of the RV. Before exited we were asked if we had any medications from Mexico, did we have any seashells, what had we purchased while in Mexico,They did not ask where we were and nor for how long. They did ask where we got the girls from and how old they were. They were very specific about fruits and veggies. We said we only had two bananas, then they asked about apples and oranges. Colin told them that we had eaten the fruits on the way down that morning. They also asked about eggs and other veggies. We of course had no meat.They did ask about alcohol and we explained that we were still drinking wine that we had purchased in the US on the way down to Mexico and we knew that we had to drink it before Canada. They said that that was allowed, good to know. As we know no raw eggs nor veggies/ fruits with seeds. We told them that we had thrown out tomatoes and cucumber. Cabbage, carrots and spinach were okay. They took our two potatoes? We were never asked about drugs nor guns. They did ask for the keys to the car before we stepped out of the RV. One fellow asked the questions and then he and a female ( possibly his senior ) went inside. I moved towards the door to add that we did not have meat but we had veggies sausages and veggie ground. That is when I saw them in the kitchen garbage can. They came out with tomatoes, potatoes and orange peels. They left us the cucumber. There was a third agent outside with us showing us photos of his brothers doxie. Was he keeping us company, distracting us or what? They never did look into the Jeep but they did ask if there was something they might find that they shouldn’t. We had nothing to hide and were totally honest. They were very nice to us and I think that they trusted us.

Sunset from our RV in the Belly Acres RV Park in Ajo, Arizona on March 31st.

We found diesel for $4.45 in Gila Bend at the Circle K. Then we saw a price of $4.15 at both the Pilot and the Arco just as we came into Quartzite. Love’s was charging $4.69. We are happy with what we paid. So we are dry camping in Quartzite tonight. Colin was going to put the generator thru its paces while he made dinner but he just didn’t want to run the generator and disturb other campers. Instead we are using the RV propane oven for the first time in many years.

Our location tonight in the BLM land ( free dry camping ) in Quartzite.

Tomorrow we are off to Las Vegas for a few day of relaxation. Not sure about posting, you will just have to drop by and check. I so appreciate all your comments. I hope that you understand that I don’t have much time to post never mind answer your comments but I do love reading them 😀

Going to try and download some photos. I may not get to proofing my spelling – sorry!  Send me a comment or email if I should fix something.

Great way to end April 1st. Mother Nature was not a fool.






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10 thoughts on “Day 4 of driving and some observations

  1. Catheline says:

    So happy you made it through customs without problems. The food thing changes all the time. So strange that they aren’t more suspicious of Drugs, especially coming from Mexico, LOL. The doggies look very content and cozy. Google, gasbuddy, next time you need to fuel up. It will give you the top cheapest places to get fuel. Glad to hear that the RV is behaving so well this year. Safe travels.

    Love reading your blog

  2. Cindy says:

    Great update thanks! So glad you had a good sleep…rest will help you for sure! I hope it isn’t Valley Fever for you … praying you get better! Love the sunset pictures! Rest and enjoy Vegas! 💕💕

  3. Carol says:

    Glad you are here in town. Today will be real nice, tomorrow, Monday temps to go way down and more wind. We are so enjoying being home. Just wish Bill would start feeling better. And your cough goes away. Take care.

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    Quite the experience coming through Mexico and crossing the border. I’s always interesting the questions they ask.

    1. Dee Tillotson says:

      Contessa, since you will be in Las Vegas for a few days, the opportunity will arise for you to walk into one of the many store front clinics (with a medical doctor on staff and some are in shopping centers) and give you a short exam, some antibiotics prescriptions for possibly a chest infection, and a prescription for expectorate and cough (this will have codeine in it, and you will definitely doze off). I used one of these walk-in clinics when I was attending a wedding in Chicago; it did the trick. Prescriptions were filled at CVS pharmacy and not expensive. Most of these clinics are a small offshoot of the huge hospitals around there or are independent, but all have a medical doctor on staff. Hugs and kisses and better health!!! Dee

  5. SandyM says:

    Very nice sunsets; thanks for sharing the photos. Hope the temperatures stay above freezing for the rest of your trip home and the second border crossing goes well for you, too. Continued traveling mercies all the way home.

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    I hope you enjoy some rest in Las Vegas.

  7. Pauline Watson says:

    Something to consider… I’ve had it twice where I had a cough that wouldn’t go away and sounded horrible; think how a seal sounds while barking, whoa. I needed an inhaler. I’m not asthmatic. If you can find baby Vicks, the one with rosemary in it, put it on the bottom of your feet before bed. It’ll help with symptoms. I don’t trust the other types of Vicks, they have turpentine in them. I don’t need that in my body.

    All the best with the rest of the journey. 🙂

  8. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, Just sent you an e-mail from my new I-pad and, of course, with all the new stuff on it, it doesn’t work like my old one. Hope you got it! Dee

  9. Joanna Jones says:

    Wow, it sounds like you’ve had quite an adventure so far on your road trip! It’s impressive that you’ve already driven over 3,600 miles since October. I can only imagine how cold it might get as you continue on your journey. It’s interesting that you’ve chosen to write a blog post without photos this time, and instead focus on some observations from earlier in your trip. I’m curious, have you had any other unexpected incidents like the one with your microwave door? It’s good that you were able to catch it before any damage was done. Have you found any other helpful tips or tricks for staying organized and prepared on such a long road trip? Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!

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