Disappointed in Las Vegas

Bored driving such long days. They would rather be running on the beach. We are very careful NOT to say the word beach!

We had a nice drive from Q to Vegas on April 2nd but as we arrived the winds started. It was a bit of a gong show checking in what with a long line up and a very very slow check in system. Then Colin could not get the Jeep unhooked because of being directed into a right lane which left the Jeep torqued. It needs to be straight to unhook. Solved that problem by being allowed to drive to our site and unhook there. Did a quick set up to get inside out of the wind. The girls loved the fact that we get sunshine through a window at some point during the day. They were not impressed with the chilly wind.

On the trip down they both sat on me at the same time. This is a rare moment this trip.

The Isla has been consistently 82F/ 28C and now here in Vegas we are dealing with 42F/5.5C. We are expecting rain showers and a high of 53.6F/12C once we get home. However the temperatures here in Las Vegas will getting back to normal but only after we leave 😥

Always touching, nose to toe.

Our neighbours from back home in Kelowna arrived about 45 minutes ahead of us and without planning were only 5 RV sites away from us. We hadn’t seen them since the end of January when they left the Isla to get their RV painted in Mazatlan while they stayed in Las Jaibas. Too miserable to sit outside even in the sun so we did a quick catch up inside our RV. I was too tired to do anything like have a proper happy hour or go for dinner. It was only a 200 mile drive but I am still low on energy. Fortunately they are going to enjoy two shows and dinner out while here. Maybe in November, I just want to stay in the RV right now and regain my health. FYI my knee has not bothered me since early March.

Sunday rather than drive through Lake Havasu as usual we crossed the Colorado River at Parker and drove north on HWY95 California.

Happy to report that the first two nights here I slept nine hours each and ten hours last night. The first night it was so windy that the RV was actually shaking. Monday, day two, remained windy with garbage flying everywhere. Yesterday remained cool until about 4PM. The girls refused to go out to do their business. Finally we broke out their puff coats which helped with the shivering.

Some different scenery but it seemed like the road would never end.

Lots of snow up there coming in Las Vegas.

Being a Sunday there was not too much traffic.

A baby Airstream.

Monday I did laundry and had to be careful the car door was not whipped away. No way could I walk back and forth to move the clothes to the dryer. Yes it was that windy. Yesterday, Tuesday, was a long day of errands and we had the girls with us which they like even if they are stuck in the car. Today I have one quick shop at Walmart for burger buns, fruit, romaine and whatever else I might need. Then I plan to just relax just as I have been doing since we got here. So far no wind. Maybe I’ll go for a walk with the kids.

First afternoon in Vegas.

Lovely sunset taken from the RV doorstep that first evening.

I did contact my doctors office yesterday and they are taking extra days off for Easter. I have a telephone appointment with her next Wednesday and one in person next Friday. Sadly they are now only doing 10 minute appointments which is not enough time to discuss my cough, never mind a few other issues.

Today Colin was able to find my lost photos by using my camera flashcard in his laptop. So I will get to work on those in the next few days.

They love sitting up high in the sun so they can see outside.

Looks like they have grown taller this past winter. 17″!

Were you fooled? There are two of them under the blanket!

Thanks for understanding why I have been quiet since we arrived here.


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5 thoughts on “Disappointed in Las Vegas

  1. The girls seem to be content and happy being with you. Don’t they all love to sunbathe, mine do. Nice looking sunset and you can’t tell if it’s cold or hot. Hope you get your energy back!

  2. Lucy says:

    Contessa, howdy ! Glad you amigos are getting closer to ‘ home, sweet home ‘. Love the pictures U have posted & the cartoon at the end is hilarious !😂😂

  3. Catheline says:

    So happy to hear that your knee has stopped bothering you. I’m sure the girls are missing The B.E.A.C.H. but I’m sure once they get home they will get back to getting garden snakes and loving their walks. You almost got me with the extra long doggie, but I knew there had to be two… LOL. Sounds like you are catching up with your sleep, hopefully, this will help you recover from that coughing business. You will soon be home.

    Love reading your blog.

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    By now you are probably home or very close to it, so welcome home! Love the “long dog” picture, you had me fooled!

  5. Croft says:

    Sometimes we just have to take a break and recharge our batteries! Take it easy and take care of yourselves. On the positive side, no RV problems this time!

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