Que Pasa

Apparently you can take it all with you!

Got home about 11:40AM Sunday. No problems crossing the border. Even better I did declare my extra wine and was allowed to keep it. But it  took about an hour to unhook, clear off the cement stanchions that we have used along with a chain to block off our driveway. Then the girls could not wait a moment longer. So we left the RV parked on the road and let them into the yard. They loved it and ran and chased each other and kept coming back to kiss us. They ran all through the house as well. Finally we left them inside ( not very warm out at all – I had a fleece and a Northern Face windbreaker on ) and we got the RV parked.

This was the last of a few multiple car wrecks all in the same block in the Kennewick area. I know that many folks had their Easter weekend ruined. This bumper to bumper one lane traffic set us back about forty minutes.

Then the unloading began. So much back and forth. We worked Monday and today as well. So now the RV is empty as well as the basement and the Jeep. I have done 7 loads of laundry, 4 for the RV linens and towels and 3 for all the dog blankets. Before I continue with the next and 6 – 7 loads of our clothing Colin will vacuum out all the dog hair in the washer and in the dryer.

Once in Omak for our final night Colin left to walk around Walmart. Last thing he said to me was to lock the door. I was at the back end of the RV tidying up when the girls began to bark at a frequent loud pitch. This older fellow used up a great deal of energy to climb over the fence. Once on the ground he stopped and rested and then made a beeline for Walmart.

Colin purchased few a toys for the girls, they were moving pretty fast to focus the camera.

Door to door we covered 5092miles/8195kms. Some days seemed longer than others. We had a great sleep in the very quiet Omak Walmart. By only driving 138 miles that last day we were able to have plenty of time to park before we started the unloading. The highest we paid for diesel was 5.57 USD per US gallon on October 19, 2022 and the lowest we paid was $3.79USD per gallon in Idaho. Our last fill up was Sunday, April 9th and the price was $4.77 per gallon as the very same station that we first filled up on, October 19th, the day we crossed into the US @ 5.57US.

Almost home.

Overall it was a good drive from Las Vegas to home. The hills in Oregon were so very green. We did have to stop in Pendleton to get the RV engine air compressor belt tightened. They had put in a new one before we left in October and it had stretched and was in need of tightening. The Kennworth/Cummins shop said they were busy for the next few days but Colin asked if they could at least look at the engine. They did and fixed the problem and said no charge. Colin handed the fellow a twenty. We were very lucky to get this service done on Saturday of the Easter long weekend.

Late Sunday afternoon nap with the girls.

So happy to be home but I think I like the bed and duvet in the RV better. And yes the kids have been in our bed since we left Vegas. Hopefully tonight they will be in their crate. They both have been using it for naps.

We are very cozy in our home on the lake.

Sadly this turned out to be a very poor photo. But it is still a memento of being visited by snow geese within a few hours of arriving home.

Our first sunset since we have been home. Thank you Colin for braving the cold to take this photo tonight.


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9 thoughts on “Que Pasa

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    I bet it is so good to be home. There is a certain amount of stress that goes with traveling no matter how well things are going. Now that you are home, it is time to get all the spring yardwork done and enjoy the lake!

  2. Colleen says:

    Welcome home 🏡.🙂❤️

  3. SandyM says:

    Happy you are safely home. Enjoy the lake.

  4. Janet Ashworth says:

    Welcome Home!

  5. Deb says:

    Welcome home, glad all went well. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    Welcome Home 🙂

  7. Home sweet home!😊

  8. Sarah Brown says:

    So glad you were able to cross the border without any problems! It must have been a lot of hassle unhooking and clearing the stanchions, but it was worth it to see the girls’ faces. I can’t believe how quickly they ran around the house – it must have been a lot of fun for them. Thanks for sharing your story – it’s really made my Easter weekend a lot easier.

    1. Nice of you to take the time to comment. We are happy to be home but just need blue sky, sunshine and a bit of heat.

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