“The” cough

So I spoke with my doctor on the phone last Tuesday and of course she said she had to see me in person. At least I was able to order a few refills for some meds, get an X-ray ordered for my sore knee and a doctors referral for my veins. I saw my doctor in person on Friday. It appears that there is a new policy that is being enforced which is ten minutes per visit. Basically that means that you are only allowed to address one health issue per visit.

Using misc. photos this post. This was taken in February at an afternoon cocktail party.

So I made a note of the time she came into the room for my 12:00 noon appointment. It was 12:03 PM. Was asked what I wanted to see her about, my cough of course. She listened to my chest and said it sounded fine. I said that it was a dry cough. She said that it was possibly caused by post nasal drip or acid reflux and said she would give me meds for one and if they doesn’t work then we could try other meds for the second possible cause. I strongly said that no this is not what is causing my cough. Cough lozenges, cough syrups and anti-inflammatory meds ordered by the Mexican doctor I saw on the Isla have not helped. The only thing that calms the cough briefly is tequila or brandy. No I have never smoked, not even one puff ever!  No I do not have asthma. I asked about dust, if that could be the cause? Possibly she said.

At least five times per weekend cars get struck. As they rev their engines the tires sink lower and lower into the sand sending dust all over. This was a bad one which need to be pulled out by a tractor.

Colin and I found our RV spot on the Isla has become increasingly dusty over the years. Now there are many more ATV’s and horses and tractors going up and down the narrow road that is beside. Our dust screen has helped but it is not enough to stop the clouds of dust flying over our site both front and back of the RV. This past winter there was some construction started next to us just across that narrow road. It involved moving tons and tons of sand with front end loaders ( I have photos to share with you in another post ). Interesting article on dry coughing.

Starting to build palapas to rent for shade during Semana Santa.

Very hard work.

So after some back and forth with the doctor she suggested I try an inhaler which should help alleviate some of the inflammation in my lungs and might give them chance to heal and stop the coughing. I am taking two puffs in the morning and then 12 hours later another two puffs. I felt a tiny bit better Friday, no change yesterday and but more coughing today. Hard to explain but it is a somewhat different cough but it still hurts my chest when I cough. I am hoping to feel better in the days to come. This is what I am inhaling. Of course one of the side effects is cough 😳 In short I have a dust allergy. No wonder I have been exhausted, I am wearing out my lungs. It is somewhat concerning as both of parents died because of lung complications but as I like to say poco a poco. I will take this one day at a time and do the best that I can. It is a relief to have a cause, that is the first step.

So at exactly 12:10 she started to go out the door. I said that she owed me three minutes and quickly asked her how long I would have to wait for my x-ray and what would happen when she got the results. I got short answers but she wasn’t too pleased pleased with me. Now she was 3 minutes late for the next patient 🙄

Taken by Dave, resident of Tres Amigos, on Easter morning. So many palapas. Must have been early in the morning.

Would have loved to have seen this in Venice.

A bit of work and lots of cuddles.

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28 thoughts on ““The” cough

  1. An ongoing cough sure can be annoying so I feel with you. Breathing clean air should definitely make a difference. Hopefully your lungs will heal quickly. What an unusual guitar boat. We once got stuck in beach sand and had to be pulled out, so know all about it.

    1. Hopefully the hay fever and pollen season is still few weeks away.

  2. Kay says:

    That cough sounds like “Valley Fever,” and NO, one does not just get a fever with that. DUST causes it. It is a fungus in the dirt that goes into the lungs and does cause inflammation of the lungs. You need to see a doctor who KNOWS about valley fever. It is not good to put off the testing for it; you need to RULE IT OUT ASAP, so please get tested ASAP.

    1. I will be speaking to the doctor by the end of this week and I will ask her about it. Thank you for reminding me.

      1. Emjay says:

        I second the recommendation to rule out VF! You dint want to mess around with thuui

        1. I have to the end of the weekend to be better than it will be time for the VF tests. Thank yo for commenting. I truly appreciate you input.

        2. I have to the end of the weekend to be better than it will be time for the VF tests. Thank yo for commenting. I truly appreciate you inpu

      2. Dee Tillotson says:

        Contessa, have to agree with Kay on this one. As a nurse (and your having had a formal medical education as one), your “gut” should be telling you a lab test is necessary. You never mentioned if you were running at least a low-grade fever; are you?

      3. Sandie says:

        The first thing I thought of was Valley Fever. And it’s not something they would normally test for that far north. Ten minutes per patient is ridiculous.

        1. Ten minutes is totally loco. My MD will check for Valley Fever once I finish the inhaler if needed. Oh my goodness my friend, what is happening to you? Wish we were closer to help you. I thought that I had been replying to your blog post but perhaps not. I have read them all and will comment once I have a few extra moments. Keep healing and thinking about your extra special grand baby.

        2. Thanks for being there for me. Wish I was closer to help you. Hugs……

    2. I have to the end of the weekend to be better, then it will be time for the VF tests. Thank you for commenting. I truly appreciate your input. Don’t worry, I am on top of it.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    10 minutes is a bit ridiculous. Hopefully the inhalers help.

  4. Cindy. says:

    Hi, I totally agree with Kay & Dee – hope you Google & read about coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever). It is a fungal infection of the spores in dust going into your lungs. It can become very serious if not diagnosed correctly and treated promptly – most likely with anti-fungal medication. (PS – it does not necessarily come with any fever – but the dry cough is strong symptom ). I sure hope your doctor listens to your concerns & tests to diagnose or rule out. We care about you – get well soon.

    1. Don’t worry I will keep pushing until I am better. She will eat for Vally Fever if I insist, I am veiling a bit better. Ten minutes is brutal. I know now to come totally prepared for my ten minutes. Thing is it is a 45 minute drive every day. Thank goodness for Dr Google. Thank you for being there for me. Hugs to you.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Good for you for pushing her on your cough, hopefully the inhaler helps.

    1. I hope so, I am now halfway thru and only halfway better. Fingers crossed.

  6. Pauline Watson says:

    I agree with the others! You were a nurse, stick to your “guns” ( I don’t know:-) you know your body and what’s wrong. And I agree 10 minutes is ridiculous, what?! Good for you for getting the full time allotted.
    I really hope the inhaler gives you some relief.
    One of the boys are dealing with allergies right now and has a dry cough too.

    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Thank you Pauline for your comments.

  7. Sue says:

    More and more we seem to be in charge of our own health care, here in the US and in Canada. Ten Minutes! ugh. Her non commital answers could have been found on google with one “click”…..That’s not what we turn to Dr.’s for. Living here in AZ, we’re all tuned into Valley Fever and it’s symptoms so….perhaps your cough and exhaustion are coming from that. Sorry you’re still having troubles.

    1. Don’t worry I will keep pushing until I am better. She will eat for Vally Fever if I insist, I am veiling a bit better. Ten minutes is brutal. I know now to come totally prepared for my ten minutes. Thing is it is a 45 minute drive every day. Thank goodness for Dr Google.

  8. Shirley Whitelaw says:

    So sorry you got the ‘short end of the stick’ from your Dr.
    Here in Penticton we have a really good clinic that doesn’t seem to rush us.
    Since Jan 31, I have been having ‘weird’ excruciating pains in my mid-left back that moved around to the L- front and now sits there and feels like a bad sun burn, spiking occasionally. Had many tests, 3x at Emerg on a Sunday. More tests to come. Many meds. Still don’t know what it is, possibly shingles??

    I have always been so healthy so this is new territory for me.
    That said I am pleased with my health care. Better than Tsawwassen.
    We have found it very dusty here in Penticton too, compared to Tsawwassen nor Vancouver Island, where I never saw dust!
    Best wishes for you getting some resolution/solution.

    1. How wonderful to hear from you. I was wonder if we were going to seeing a few months back on the Isla. Perhaps you never got to Mexico. Interesting I have a friend who just moved to Penticton for the Island and can’t believe the amount of dust. Is your clinic taking new patients? So sorry that you are having to go through all this medical stuff. Yes it is not an easy transition from health to not. Please hang in there.

      Sending lots of hugs and empathy.

  9. Perhaps, for now you should always wear a mask when out. Dust is everywhere and you need to protect your lungs.

    Both Allan & I did have a dreadful dry cough after visiting sand dunes in Yuma. Cough began 2 days after the visit, we followed one of your posters advise and got antihistamine. My cough is almost gone, Allan coughs mostly in the morning then it tapers off. Thank you to that poster.

    Contessa, fingers crossed your cough leaves you! For now, brandy on 🙂


    1. Good idea re the dust but truly it was only on the Isla. I am doing much better but not 100%. Not to worry I will be on top of my health.

  10. Genie DeLauro says:

    Contessa, so sorry you are still dealing with that ugly cough! I have one and my doctor says it’s allergies! I live in AZ so that sounds about right. Never been tested for valley fever though. I sure hope you can find a cure! 10 minutes for a visit, really! Canada…….sounds like medical help is an issue. Be persistent, as I know u are. ❤️

    1. How wonderful to hear from you. Through this blog this you usually know the que pasa of our lives. My good news is that I am perhaps 60% better with the steroid inhaler. Not 100% and that still concerns me. According to the doctor I should be better by Friday. Don’t worry mi amiga I will continue to fight for my health. The Canadian system is not perfect. My doctor did agree to test me for Valley Fever if the inhaler did not fix me up. At least my cough in is less.

      We really miss you both. Wish you were just next door.

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