Very special 1st 70th birthday party

Colin wanted us to have a private birthday celebration, so the day prior to my actual birthday, on May 21st, he coordinated the entire afternoon and evening. My first 70th birthday party 😀 I actually enjoyed both of my parties. How fortunate I was. Hopefully I will have another 12 -15 years to enjoy. Really loved the parties 😎

…and so it began. The 70 in the background was for the proper part on the 22nd.. I love how Carlie is kissing me me and I really like that expression on my face as I enter the kitchen. I look like a little kid about to enjoy their birthday.

The yellow stickies on the counter mean something special.

Colin really enjoys a treasure hunt. First I had to answer a question which then led to me to a special surprise/present but first I had to figure out the clue to the location.

I kept all the stickies, he did 21 clues. What is the answer to this one? I did get it correct got it correct and and to look in the oven. Your answer please.

In the oven was a water sprinkler for my plants on the Isla. The clue was “Garden needs watering  – where do you cook pizza?” The oven of course!  It really was fun and we laughed and laughed.

This went on for over an hour. Lotto tickets in the microwave. I won $12.00.

Somewhere in that hour I found a birthday cake hat. The riddle was “what goes up and never comes down”. My initial answer  was ‘weight’. The final answer was ‘your age’.

One of the riddles was “There is one story house in which everything is painted yellow -doors, walls, furniture?”  “What colour are the stairs’??  Another was “what drink goes best after a long day? It is very cold – find it” What do you think my friend. It does help to know me a bit. What has three feet and can’t walk? “Time to wear a hat – where can it be? Another, ‘are you feeling nutty, look in the hall pantry’.  Yeah it was a huge container of cashews – so very very yummy.

This clue had me baffled ” Why is Europe like a frying pan?” I asked if I could call a friend? Colin said yes. So I called Colin Lebray – dang he was in England. Next I called a dear friend who loves the girls even more than we do – Casa Maria!  She and I came up with different answers, neither of us were correct but our answers could have been correct!!  So I leave it to you my readers to come up with the answer to the riddle. Mary lives in Ontario so we had a great laugh and some fun. I know that I surprised her with my call as she is on EST vs PST.  Sorry mi amiga.

Okay here is one more for you all to solve.  “A man who was outside in the rain without an umbrella or hat didn’t get a single hair on his head wet.  WHY?

Love my flamingo glasses ( they actually fit ) and beads.

From Colin…

New lovely yellow orchids. Yellow seems to be my colour this year. Plus some of my birthday cards and gifts.

Colin somehow managed to get me 21 gifts, so very much fun.

Plus this !!!!!!!!

We saw this a few years ago. Can you imagine staying directly on a canal in Venice?

I definitely enjoyed two days of celebration. I was truly feted and will never forget these special two days celebrating my 70th.

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9 thoughts on “Very special 1st 70th birthday party

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    What a fun day! I might have to steal Colin’s idea for Barb’s next birthday!

    1. It is so much fun. However he want me to do something similar for his birthday on the 22 of July. I will have to do some research.

  2. Cindy says:

    What Venice! How great is that! Looks like a great 70th!

  3. Wow, Colin sure went all out to throw you a nice birthday party. What fun activity to hunt all over the house for presents. And another party the next day?

  4. Linda Sand says:

    I think I got about half the answers right. What fun!

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Great job Colin and what a super gift at the end. I am so happy for you Contessa that your birthday was such a fun event!

  6. Pauline Watson says:

    How fun! Planning a trip to Venice sounds amazing! 🙂
    A possible answer to the riddle is because it has Greece at the bottom.

  7. Jannose says:

    Too bad Colin was not home when you called. His guess would also have been Greece. Take care and enjoy your summer!

  8. SandyM says:

    Great fun…both parties. Your cake looked delicious!

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