Holiday Park July 1 Canada Day Parade 2023, plus some wiener stuff

It was a perfect day for the parade, not too hot and just a bit windy. I started this blog in 2010 which is the first documentation of the parade that I have.  We moved here in 2003 and the parade that stands out in my mind was the year we had a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman complete in red serge riding his horse. So that had to be in those first seven years. I believe that the this years Canada Parade was the next best parade. So much imagination and effort put into all the entries.

Cute ride.

The back of this cart was filled with dozens of bouquets of fresh flowers.

A drive by violin and guitar concert.

This is Holiday Parks 40th anniversary.

Back in the good old days.

This float took a good deal of energy and imagination. The chair in the back has a hole in the seat….

The mermaid float. The ladies all had the same elaborate costume and red hair.

So much detail in every angle of each photo. All manner of underwater creatures and plants. The beautiful mermaids sort of floated down the street.


Can you see the tiny real bubbles floating behind the cart? So much imagination and creativity. I’m sure that the group had a fun time decorating. It is my understanding that this float won first prize. Well done folks? Hope to see you next year 😉

Before the parade, breakfast was served at the rec centre for those interested. After the parade it was time for a BBQ lunch. My bean burger last year  ( had to miss it this year ) was the best ever. Various activities were held throughout the park for kids and adults during the day. At 7PM the rec centre door was thrown open to all who were in the park for a fabulous rock band Rann Berry. Colin and I were looking forward to attending but by the time we got home from the girls races we were ‘done’ 🙄  We have heard him before and he is fabulous. No charge as it was a Canada Day gift to us from the Park management 😀  Apparently it was a great success. I read that one fellow danced the night away, more than he had in several years 😎 Good for him.

Once the Holiday Park Parade was complete we headed back home and loaded the rest of the Jeep. The dachshund races were taking place in downtown Kelowna between the casino parking lot  ( which gave us shade and was a prime location ) and the dolphin statue. It was the first annual Wienerama doxies races to be held in Kelowna and the City of Kelowna welcomed our group with open arms. It was estimated that over 80,000 people would attend and with perfect weather, why not? Traffic was not too bad and we had done our homework on parking. It was a bit shocking to find that the cost was $30.00 for the day but we were right next to our event. And we didn’t have to pack our stuff too far. I was surprised that we were there by 11:30 but it gave us time to set up, relax and watch the other dachshunds come in and in and in. I have no idea how many there were but certainly over 100 plus. 60 dogs were registered to race. So much excitement and dare I say barking in the air.

Our girls were somewhat overwhelmed with the cacophony ( a loud band – not too far away ), other noises, many other doxies and their families, lots of movement and sounds. As long as they had each other they were good.

It was quiet before folks started to gather. It was suggested that we bring chairs, less than ten of us did.

Some ran their dogs from one end to the other getting them familiar with the course.  Others walked their fur kids around talking to the slowly growing crowd.

Slowly the crowd began to arrive for the main event of the day. Even the balcony seats ( standing room only ) were filling up.

I was so happy that we had been able to secure our seating/breathing area. There were water bowls everywhere for the pups to quench their thirst. Small pools had been supplied by a local pet store so the dogs could get inside and cool down. So much support from the pet stores, above and beyond and many thanks.

The doxies came in all sizes and weights ( up to 26 lbs I was told ). And some were dressed to the nines! All our girls got was a cheap dollar store T-shirt  but I saw them eyeing the tutus.

This pup does not appear to be too enthusiastic.

Some owners went to great lengths/expense to dress their pets. Perhaps hoping to win the costume prize. I never heard which dog won. A wizard???

Fireman/Rescue Team!

We were all well entertained. It was just I:00PM and there was a parade of the doxies. There were between 100 and 150 of them as there was barely room on the field to parade them all.

This post is getting too long. Tomorrow ( day 3 of our personal July 1st ) will start with some wiener racing. Hope you enjoyed what you have seen thus far.




Happy Canada Day

In addition to the annual Canada Day Parade here in the park we have another new to become annual event to attend today. Kelowna Dachshund Club is organizing a wiener race.

Our girls will be racing in separate heats to start with. If they win their heats they will race together in the semifinal and then the finals.  There are 60 registered doxies for the race, from puppies to oldsters.

Carlie and Ciela have been in training.

Enjoy today however you choose. Be proud to be Canadian. Needless to say there will be many photos in the days to come.

Off to the races…..