Really crazy happenings

Overall the fires are less hazardous to the city of Kelowna. However they continue to burn out of control. They are considered held due to backburns and various ignitions set to counter the direction of the fire. However whenever a firetruck comes down the highway at night I bolt straight up and get out of bed to check around us.

Our girls have a routine, part of which is hanging together on the front steps enjoying the sun after breakfast.

We are eating as much as we can from our garden. The rats have arrived, perhaps they have been displaced because of the fires. Our garden neighbours ended up pulling out their entire garden because they did not like that the rats were around.

Five vegetables from our garden with a piece of quiche. We do eat well. Sometimes we get in six veggies.

Last Friday we finally made it to our hair appointment, a week late due to evacuation. It appears that the silk Blissy pillow cover did not help. My hair is officially breaking all over. No haircut for me other than a few edges. No colour for me. My hair has no get up and go, no life, no lustre, it looks awful. I am increasing my biotin and trying a different shampoo, etc. However there is a good possibility that it will be cut short before we leave for Mexico. Then I will grow it out over the winter and hopefully I will be back to normal.

I enjoy watching them move ever so slightly.

Unlike the US there are few telecom companies here in Canda and now one less. Rogers has bought out Shaw which is with whom I have my cell plan. I had no choice but to switch. I had the choice to keep what I had for two years or to make a change. I used Shaw last winter to use as a three country ( Canada, US and Mexico) from my phone using the same SIM card. It really only worked half the time and was expensive. So I sort of made my own plan. I now have unlimited talk and texting within Canada and 1GB of data for only $10.00 CAD per month ( I can purchase another GB at any time for $10.00 ). Plus I now have unlimited calling to and from the US as well as roaming in the US at no extra charge. What a deal @ $10.00 per month. I finally made the switch earlier tonight. It took me, Colin and three different people at Rogers to make the transfer but I am good to go now. Thank goodness for Colin’s eagle eyes, he spotted the tiny lost new SIM card which had fallen onto the computer keys. This was all supposed to happen before we evacuated and then Fed Ex was holding back on deliveries because of the fires. Good to have that sorted out. I decided to get Colin’s cell service with Telus checked. Today I got his monthly price dropped from $40.00 to $35.00 and I increased his data from 1GB to 3GB. It was only supposed to be 2GB but the young lady said she would make it 3GB at no charge 😀 It was just last year at this time, that between us we were paying over $175.00 per month. Lot of time and energy on the phone but well worth the savings. It appears that we are good at our new rates for at least two years.

There are days when they each rest in a different bed on a different set of stairs from each other. But most of the time they stick together.

Then there was yesterday, Monday. I had had my teeth cleaned about 10 days ago but had to come back for the dentist part of the cleaning yesterday. As I was pulling into the parking lot I noticed that the fuel tank on my car showed a big red E as well as a lit up image of a gas tank 🙁  So I called Colin and asked if he could come and drop off his car and come and get mine filled. He had to go out and pick something up anyway. So I reached into my purse to pull out my wallet to leave the fuel credit card out for Colin. My wallet was not there 😥  Oh and my cell was on red with about 8% charge left 😳 So while I held on the cell, Colin ran all over the place looking for my wallet at home. It must have dropped out of my purse in his car last Friday, he found it under my seat. I also recall mentioning to him that day that I was about out of gas 🙄  What a crazy Monday morning. Long story short, Colin picked up my car, delivered my wallet and his car keys to me at the dentist. And my phone was being charged while I saw the dentist. All is well and my car is on full 😉

It was a bit smokey Sunday evening as you can see.

But today we were back to choking smoke. A few showers in the forecast so hopefully that will help.

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11 thoughts on “Really crazy happenings

  1. Lucy. says:

    Hi contessa & Colin:
    Wow, how colorful are your veggies & delicious looking as well. Congrats. the phone deals seem pretty advantageous for traveling the 3 countries . In regard to your hair, as u describe it dry & lifeless, it can be fixed, U just need to take your time. I had the same problem but it was fixed in the following manner: 1) I cut my hair the same style ( bob ) only shorter. 2) Held the color. 3) Used @ mild / hydrating shampoo. 4) Rinsed it off really well. 5) Towel dry & while the hair is still wet apply OrganiX coconut oil with Bamboo Extract ( comes in a 4 OZ spray & is very fluid, light as water ) The bottle has a spray device, I spray the infusion on my hands & rub it all over my hair, from the roots to the ends; repeat the applications several times. Comb it, leave the oil on, let your hair dry by air & sun. It will take few applications for your hair to become smooth & controlable. Every time u wash apply the oil & leave it on.
    Good luck, 🍀 🍀 ORGANIX Coconut oil is very light, is fluid as water, thus is light on your hair ( U can find the oil at Target, Wally’s, Ride Aid, CVS among others. Good luck 💃💃

    1. First off these new phone plans were for just Canada and the USA.Last year I used a 3 country program and it cost me about 60.00CAD plus it was a huge pain to make it work. Mexico actually has some very inexpensive cost using ‘Telcel sin limite 200’. For 200 MXN ( $11.60 USD ) your get unlimited text and talk in the tree continues plus 3G of data. Mexico has great cell phone plans.

      Now to my hair problem. WONDERFUL advice.

    2. I can’t thank you enough for this. I have had bloodwork and a few things stand out ghat I need to deal with.

      But this info is great….I will add it to my hair routine once I get to Mexico.

  2. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, everything that Lucy said! Plus purchase the high-protein booster milk shakes in the can. I like the chocolate and refrigerate the cans to get them ice cold or put a couple of ice cubes in the glass after I pour the shake. My doctor recommends this protein booster shake, good for both hair and strengthens nails. As we get older, we don’t easily absorb the protein for our building blocks for our bodies.

    1. Lucy. says:

      Dee, thanks, I didn’t know about the protein; I will give it a try ! 👍🌺🌿 Dee, what brand do U use ?

    2. Sorry for my delayed reply. Great information. It makes total sense.

  3. Kay says:

    Hi Contessa… I know this might sound crazy… but, I put my 89-year-old mother on “Prenatal vitamins” 4 months ago. Last week I took her back to her doctor. They checked her blood pressure 3 times, and all three times they got 127/80. Her numbers are always 150-180/90 for over 20 years. Then he checked her blood for several things, and he called me this morning and asked me to please keep doing whatever I am doing with her because she is no longer anemic, her A1C is down from 10.2 to 5.6, and her B12 is normal. She no longer seems confused; her memory is sharper than it was 2 years ago. Now for what she thinks is the best improvement… her hair is growing back and grows fast.

    1. Wow, how wonderful is that. Good for you. Now you will get more quality time with her. I got my bloodwork yesterday and I do have a problem. Now I have to fix it.

  4. Rachael says:

    Hi Contessa, As a mostly vegan vegetarian, I’ve read that B12 supplementation is a necessity and that the older we get, the more we need as we don’t absorb it as well from our food. And, that alcohol depletes our B12 stores. Also, how is your thyroid level? I hope you’re able to get to the root cause of your hair problem.

    1. I just got a rude awakening yesterday. Got my blood results back. I am very deficient in B12 and iron. Thyroid and liver are good. It was my own fault. I will post about it soon.

  5. Lucy. says:

    Hi contessa, I have forgotten, Argan oil is also very good for your hair only that’s heavier, thicker than OrganiX coconut oil, thus it will make your hair sort of flatter; on the other hand it surely smells good 🌺.

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