Happy Halloween everyone

As expected Colin has a spooky movie all set up for night. I promised that I would watch one with him every Halloween and I always hope that he will forget. He never does.

Colin’s full moon shot this past Friday in Quartzite.

It was a very cool Sunday morning in Quartzite @ 51F.  The girls only went out to do what they had to do.

Yesterday morning the 30th we were on the road at 8:15AM. Beautiful coolish day to do the drive and lo wind. We could just enjoy the passing scenery and clear blue sky. The night prior we had reviewed Google maps and had screen shots and written directions. But we left a bit earlier just in case.

Well just in case came in handy. Stupid, stupid error on both of our parts. Once we got off I8 onto Hwy 84 then we were to hang a left on Hwy 387.  Colin said there is the turn and off we went. It was only Hwy 347. Much much too soon. Needless say we got lost, very lost. We had driven north from I 8 to within one block of  I10. So our precious extra 50 minutes were used back tracking and getting to where we were supposed to be at the repair shop. Fortunately we were only a few minutes late. We were taking the RV in to get the dash A/C checked at Rich’s Auto Repair. He came highly recommenced by friends K & J who had the same problem a week earlier. dd

Our view from site B19.

First thing Rich said, was that our Freon was rather low and we had a leak in the hose. He drained our system ( dash air system ) and 90 minutes later and $250.00US later we were ready to leave. We needed four additional pounds of Freon. However the leak in the hose was exactly where the hose attached to the valve. He tried repeadefly to take the valve off but it was impossible. After six attempts he gave up. Colin asked about changing the 40′ hose. We were told that that was a full two day job, because the hose ran from the dash area all the way back to the engine in the back of the bus. He explained that he fixed it as best as he could and that it should last a long time.

By the time we re hooked the Jeep to the RV it was getting to be late afternoon. I made as quick as I could stops at Fry’s and Walmart. I have been looking for a solid week for veggie burgers, any kind. None to be found. Most strange.

That is Picacho Peak and its state park. We are almost there.

We got to our site at Picacho Peak just as the sun slid below the horizon. So much colour and beauty. It is because of Hurricane Norma that we are here for four nights. Colin loves it here.

How fortunate we are to enjoy this view for four nights.

We had a wonderful evening and good sleep. That is until the girls woke us at 7:30AM.  The insisted on a walk, They were so happy to be here. They could not stop kissing me once they got back to the RV.

Such happy doxies.

Once again today we had internet issues. Over and over. I guess that’s why I never posted yesterday. I have my personal ATT hot spot device and it worked but it was extremely slow. Suddenly AireBeam WiFi popped up on the screen advertising the safe or wifi from 4.00 per day to 35.00 per month. RV park internet is usually awful – although last year we had great internet in Las Vegas. So we took the bait and paid $8.95 for 3 full days of service. Best thing we have ever done. Colin called the company to see how we were restricted. No cap at all and it was a fiber optic system 😀 Wonderful service and speed. I was happy about that as I had some unexpected banking to deal with.

Hey that’s me in the green.

Colin is working with the gilrs in keeping them close with just voice commands. So far today, only one escapee. Ciela just wanted to see what was on the other side of the road.

Just a lovely day here. I have never seen the park so empty but perhaps todays date has something do with it.

Thanks for sharing Carol. We hope to see it one day as well.

Happy Halloween from the chocolates. This is our October 2023 calendar photo. It was taken a year ago.




My new motto is to learn to simply roll with all the changes

Our last few days in Lake Havasu were quiet. We got everything we need for our trip way south.

I may or may not have ( likely not ) mentioned that we discovered that we had left our rice behind and several packages of pasta. Cindy, my friend, who is looking after our home took photo a photo of my pasta drawer. Looks like someone left it behind.

I vaguely recall that I went to pack this stuff and then found that all of my packing baskets we full so closed the drawer to pack it later and there it remained.

Yesterday we drove from Las Vegas to Quartszite, a total of 210 miles. It was a perfect day for a drive. Not too hot considering we had to keep the windows open.

Once again we have seen reports of how bad the roads are between Los Mochis and Mazatlan. Of course now that I want to attach the screen capture, I can’t find it. I think it is on my desk top and I am using the laptop while here in Quartszite. We do have a few sets of friends on that road right now. We should know more in a few days.

We of course shared a large Silly Al’s pizza for dinner. We are staying in a new location for us called Holiday Palms Rv Resort. 

It really is a nice RV park at a reasonable rate and it is a short minute walk to Silly Al’s. It has a hot tub, a lovely pool and even two pickle ball courts.

Look at their library. Isn’t it fabulous.

We were put into a pull through site at the edge of the property. Hence an extremely weak wifi signal. Even my ATT hot spot device would not work nor our cell phones. Poor Colin he was dealing with the brunt of if. It still took a another few hours to sort that out. But we got through it and were able to work with it today. We had important issues that needed to be dealt with. I wonder if I should upgrade my ATT hot spot device. Its pretty old.

Lovely day today but windy, the girls had a few walks but preferred to sit inside with the sun coming through the windows.

I did do my exercises last nights so if I go do them right now that will make 3 nights in a row.

Oh, I almost forget. I booked my wifi installation for our new place back in September. Today the fellow said that he was unable to fulfill what he had promised. So a great deal of time today was spent trying to find where we can get wifi for the next next seven months. I have found unlimited monthly internet @ 300mg for $55.00 CAD per month. Much cheaper then Starlink but still pretty expensive in my opinion.The big problem is that I have to pay the first 12 months even if we are not there.  I will get it sorted out eventually.

Meanwhile we are on the road early morning enroute to Casa Grande to get our RV dash A/C repaired.

Off to do do those dreaded exercises  😉

We are in Quartzite tonight

It was a great day for our drive. Love the RV park we are in BUT no internet, at last not for us.They do have it have it. But we are just at the edge of the signal.  Colin spent 2.5 hours trying to get things up and running. He went back and forth to the office many times. The last time he mentioned that I wrote a blog. Not even 10 minutes later the mangers private wifi extender is working in out RV. They very kindly gave us their personal extender. It is late and I am tired. Colin just said that I was a blogger and nothing else.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story. I made a decision to do my exercises tonight rather then post.

Hasta mañana.

Fabulous full moon tonight.

Changes & more changes

Things have been moving along the speed of a Category 5 Hurricane 😳  We wintered 4 years in Acapulco @ Pie de la Cuesta. So much damage in Acapulco itself but I have no idea of the amount of damage sustained in the Pie de la Cuesta area. We are hoping for some good news.

Friends leaving Kelowna two days ago. Just across the US border – Omak, WA

However Mazatlan had to endure Hurricane Norma hitting Cabo San Lucas as a Category 1 and then turning directly toward Mazatlan. Mazatlan was hit by Tropical Storm Norma. It brought winds and very much rain. The Golden zone was flooded and busses were stopped. We saw a photo of a bus door opening and watched the water rush up two stops to the interior of the bus. Even the airport was flooded and was closed for a few days. Canals flooded and the main street of El Quilete looked like a raging river. Even Erik our RV tech had the road to his home washed out. Of course the Isla was inundated with rain and became a soggy mess. The roads looked/look like swimming pools.

How lucky I am to have Carlie in my life.

Erik said that he had heard of some damage on the toll roads in Sinaloa and that we should delay our arrival. The road from Navajoa to Mazatlan was deemed problematic for a day or so. One of the toll booths near Mazatlan has/had flooding problems. Plus our new site was quite the mess. Because of the constant rain from almost 2 hurricanes in a row Erik suggested we hold back our arrival, so that the ground could dry out. Also the actual road to our site was under water. The sewer system has been completed but because of the rain both the electricity and water installation have been delayed. Once I saw the photos taken by a neighbour I realized that it would not be to our benefit to press on to the Isla.

In the midst of all these changes I somehow in error tore up my master shopping list and threw it out. Not fun going thru all the garbage re find it.

We have just discovered that we left our rice and most of our pasta back home 🙁  How could that happen??

So we have delayed everything by six days. Where would we stay on the Isla if we could not get to our site? Plus the last thing we want to do is get stuck in all the mucky mud. It took three days to get us out of a similar situation back in our Acapulco Days. The RV was buried right up to its belly. It took a few hours for all these changes to sink ( pun intended ) in and we had to make a new plan.

Our very well built septic system, complete with cement cover.

Making a new plan was easy but we had to reschedule all of our site work including the internet installation and palapa builder. I had even managed to hire some casual labour to shovel the pea gravel we plan to bring in. The tinaco has been delayed by the rain. The biggest thing ss that we do not want to be stuck in the muck in our new site.

Very soggy site. We really have to wait for this to dry out.

That same day we found out that our mobile tech hired to sort out our RV dash A/C here in Las Vegas, could not come. He had been hurt on the job the day prior and would be out for a few months. Then we found our that this company was the only one in all of Las Vegas that had a mobile unit. No one else was certified.

Not sure what this is all about.

I might have gone through Plan A to H ( hell ) to J ( Jewall ) to…..on and on. We are a work in progress.

Thanks to good friends and neighbours from home we were directed to an A/C specialist in Casa Grande. Perfecto. So we made plans based on seeing him, Tuesday the 31st. When we called we found out that he was going on vacation until mid November but he could se us October 30th. Back to the planning stages. Las Vegas RV Resort only had one extra night that we would stay, tomorrow – Friday. They are very close to 100% occupancy.

A lake outside of our property, who knows what is underneath? We are confident that we made the correct decision.

So as you shall see in the coming days we have a new plan that should unfold nicely in the next few days. It is really difficult to stay here in the US but we also know that we would be foolish to press on to Mazatlan. There are a few folks we know who will cross into Mexico before us so we will have current information as to the roads. Getting to Tres Amigos should be easy but not so much to our new site. I’m sure there are details that I have failed to share but my mind has being going non stop the past few days.

Moon shot by Colin on my iPhone last night.

Colin and I are a solid team with a positive outlook and the girls are being extra special wonderful. Only negative is those dang exercises. No excuse for not doing them tomorrow. All of our errands are done. Tomorrow I have lots of time to prepare to leave Saturday and to do those exercises 😎

The girls and I had a fabulous nap the other evening. They both felt the need to keep touching me.

Looking forward to driving out of here Saturday and getting the relaxation happening. What will be will be!


Que pasa

Everyday is so different from the last one. And we get to do it all again tomorrow, except we need to make choices on how to direct that new day. What say you?

The days just flow one into the other. We are much more rested but just try and slowly take each day and even sometimes just each hour as it comes. I would be happier with myself if I spent more time reading my novel instead of being on the computer. I would be even happier if some of you sent me a big kick in my back end ” Contessa you have not done your exercises in over a week – get moving lady  🙄 {

I used to love carving pumpkins and then roasting the seeds.

We have continued to enjoy very hot days along with blue skies. Enjoyable but realistically that means running the A/C 24/7. Not something we enjoy.

Saw this in the news yesterday. Heads up for those traveling south of the US border.

We have visited a few of our favourite shops. I guess that I have been out of the loop. Did you know that Two Buck Chuck is now Four Buck Chuck at Trader Joes? They were sold out of of the Jo Jo Pumpkin Spice cookies much to Colin’s dismay. Third year in a row and we are much earlier this season 😮  We did pick up a small order at Total Wines and More.

Years back a few readers suggested this is the best place to purchase wine in Las Vegas because it was less expensive. Silly me, we were always too busy to check it out. Finally last year we did and I thank you folks for the suggestion over and over. So Friday we picked up the small order and realized that we would need much more for the winter. Saturday I started a new order and discovered that our favourite Italian Pinot Grigio, Bella Sera, was low in stock. The only way we could get more than the four we had was to create shipping carts from each of the three Total Wine stores in Las Vegas. Even our favourite Australian wine had only 3 bottles here and 5 there. The photo shows the final larger order.

Saturday morning I managed to get most of what I wanted. We then took a two hour drive around the city to do our pick ups. Hopefully I made the correct decisions and ordered the the right amounts. It was a lovely drive around Las Vegas. I have heard so many cpmpalitns from rvers on how difficult a city is a is to navigate. Not true. With all the new freeways it is so easy to navigate this city.

Sunday I worked on my large Walmart order. Many food items are cheaper in the US but some are cheaper in Canada. Things like a difference of $2.00 per 8oz of creme cheese. I have never ever ordered from Walmart online before but seeing as my list was rather clear I ordered online and pick it up later that afternoon. It was such a great way to save both time and energy. I still have a few last minute things to pick up before we cross into Mexico.

The girls were having a nap at the same time. Ciela was laying in this position on the floor in the new dog bed.

We have got everything put away and are ready to travel, more or less. Still hot here and Colin has had to carry the girls to the dog park to do their business. The pavement is much too hot for them to walk on.

At the very sane time Carlie was laying in a bed on the sofa. Almost mirror imagines of each other. They do tend to do this rather often. Twins thru and thru.

We have been following Hurricane Norma closely. The third hurricane in the past few weeks to hit the area. So much rain has already fallen.

Colin just washed the RV. We had to pay $25.00 to the RV park here for the extra water we used. They gave us two days to get the job done.The RV looks so much happier. Windows cleaned inside and out as well as all the screens. Many small repair jobs have been completed as well. Colin spoke with our insurance company today and discovered that tires will not be covered, they say how can you prove that the tire wasn’t worn out. They will cover the damage to the Jeep only because Colin has been driving over 50 years and has never had an accident nor a claim. It is a tough world out there.

There was significant damage to the rv from where the chrome tail pipe fell off. Fortunately we were able to get someone to do a fast and efficient repair. Now we can continue driving safely.

Looks like we got out of town just in time. Tonight they are expecting a low of -8C/17 F including the windchill.

Oh so cute and how very true.





Woke up to 40F Thursday and arrived in Vegas yesterday @ 96F!

We drove 256 miles yesterday and dealt with this temperature change within 5 hours. I can’t remember when in the past 10 years that we have arrived to this heat. Very welcoming. So very very happy to be back at the Las Vegas RV Resort. To me this means that the vacation can officially start. Of course we have last minute shopping to do to be prepared for Mexico.

This is the first time that the girls have shared a bed while we are driving on this trip. Love to see it.  Sorry but I am not taking the time to lighten the photo so you can clearly see them. I am working hard to keep up with our travels for the blog and in this case some photo editing is not happening.

As well we are quite concerned that the RV dash air is not doing its job. Glad that we were able to test it. Cool but not cold and in the few hours we used it, the air became warmer bit by bit.  That will be dealt with Tuesday. Love mobile businesses.

Stopped almost halfway between Ely and Vegas for a photo break.

The girls are staying real close this trip.

Once we arrived here in Las Vegas and I went to step out of the RV to drive the car to our reserved site, I had a huge realization. This was the first time that I have been outside of the RV since we left home last Monday 😳 Just too much to do with all the repair phone calls etc that I never even got out for a wee walk.

As we were approaching our exit from the freeway the lanes were all merged into only two. Certainly an interesting crush of vehicles merging.

Most of my Amazon orders had come in and we needed to get them out of the park office.

The girls seemed to like their new bed.

And then I crashed! Apparently Ciela joined me. Great nap.

I wanted to show you my technical travel station. My iPhone took the photo.

A wee bit of something other that the topic. Thursday morning( yesterday ) I went to put on my underwear when I spied a crawling stink bug inside. YUCK YUCK YUCK! We had already found two crawling around the ceiling. Someone kept telling some else that they should keep the RV door closed while loading. The second someone said it was not necessary 🙁  What was really funny is that the day prior, Colin had joked about putting one in my clothing 😛  I aways tell people that thoughts are things, so be careful.

Love this cartoon. Anyone disagree??

I would love to have this in my home.

Thanks for all of your comments. It really fuels me to write the next post. Nice the hear from you Creigh. I agree, such a wonderful drive and to be able to enjoy the vista. It is best seen with snow on the mountains.


Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see…..

It was a glorious day today. Everything was just perfect.

We even found diesel for $4.359/gallon. Compared to what we paid two days ago when we crossed the border@$5.59/gallon we saved $83.67. We used a Maverick Fuel Station near Twin Falls, Idaho. I don’t know if there are Maverick stations outside of Idaho???  We also discovered that they have a special card that if you sign up, you get a further 2 cents off per gallon as well as other perks.

We had lunch in the RV but Colin said he would have preferred to have egg salad sandwiches than the left overs we ate. “When have I had time in the past few days to do something like that”?  Did you know that you are not allowed to take eggs from Canada into the US? No idea why? However I still have not had a chance to do any grocery shopping 🙄 Soon Colin, soon 😎

The girls enjoyed their day, especially the hot sunny weather as we headed south. They were acting very twiny ( ?? spelling, is this even a word ?? ) today. They did everything together.

We arrived in Ely, Nevada about 4:15 which gave us some time to put more things away that belong in the RV. Colin finally played his guitar and I got a chance to read a few chapters in my book.  I was on page 50 but had to go back to page 1 as I had forgotten the storyline of the novel.

We drove 334 miles today. Tomorrow promises to be another wonderful day. Sorry no photos today, taking a break from too much time on the computer.

Blue days, all of them gone. Nothing but blue skies from now on!

Thank you all for always being there for me.  Hugs to you all.

Drama and even more drama

The past two days have not gone quite as expected. At different times we both mentioned to the other that perhaps we should cancel Mexico and go back home and sell the RV. The emotions were through the roof.

First off, I too love my new hair style. I know Colin does cuz he tells me many times throughout out the day. However how come not a single one of you noticed my new eye glasses??? I love those as well and I think that with the two combined things are looking up – well not right now 😮

The plumber showed up Monday on time for the first time in years to blow out the house. However for some reason we had more and more stuff to load into the RV.  Finally got it all done and hit the road to begin the next adventure.

The girls were so happy to be in the RV and kept giving us kisses over and over. Once out of the city and driving along the lake they settled down and napped.

The border crossing this year was very smooth with just the usual questions about food, meat, veggies and fruit and eggs, drugs and  guns and how much money we had and of course the amount of alcohol we had on board. We are always honest. Colin went in and paid only $7.00 for the 34 bottles we declared. Of course an Agricultural officer had to come on board and check the fridge and freezer and other areas of the RV. To this day I still have no idea why checking foods is so very important to the Americans. They take our word on drugs and guns and even the amount of alcohol we have on board but not the food.

Next stop was to fill the RV tank and we were happy to see diesel @ 5.09 per gallon.

Cutest girls ever.

So down the road we went. We stopped about 3PM to feed all four of us. It was mostly sunny and we were happy to be on the way to our new home. We were descending down the steep and windy road to Soap Lake. Our destination was 30 -40 minutes further south at the Walmart in Moses Lake. Perhaps about 1/2 mile to Soap Lake Colin said that someone behind us kept flashing their lights so we stopped. Colin got out and met the fellow who got out of his vehicle. The back passenger tire of the Jeep was pretty much shredded, it had also done damage to a few parts of the Jeep. It was exactly 5:02PM. In another 30 minutes we would be setting up our home for the night and starting to relax. Colin took a photo and showed me Thun loaded the Jeep to get the spare tire out. The only thing we know about our helper is that he is from Texas and was out this way to go hunting. He refused to let Colin do any of the work. Within 25 minutes the tire was changed and he left. He turned down any payment. Meanwhile I spent the entire time on the phone calling around to various tire shops. I even had a friend doing some research for me.

It was now 5:30PM and all of the shops closed at 6PM. A fellow in Moses Lake said we should go to Ephrata as it was only 10 minutes away from where we were. We got to the Les Schwab 7 minutes before closing. Of course I was on the phone with them as we drove, asking about tires and doing the Jeep. I was happily surprised to see a staff person outside directing us where to park. Things moved quickly. Long story short we had to get all four tires replaced as the Jeep is an all wheel drive and in order for the system to function the tires all need to be at the same tread. Once we approved the $1400.00USD cost the tires were changed and balanced within 15 minutes 😯

Colin reloaded the interior of the Jeep and hooked it up. We were finally off heading to Moses Lake.  It was dark by now. A sign said next right to Moses Lake. There was a right turn but it looked like a private driveway with no sign saying to turn. So Colin kept going. Again long story short, we were driving along a narrow farm road towards Spokane. No place to turn around. Our only saving grace were the new bright lights that we had Erik install in the front bumper of the RV, last winter. We could really see where we were in the pitch black. Finally 30 minutes later we across a place to turn around. Oh well yet another delay to our overnight stop.

We parked as usual and dumped the air. Another problem. Some of the jacks would go down but not others, so hit store and try again and over and over. Then others would go down but not the  original ones that went down. Colin tried banging with a shovel and later sprayed WD40. He then did wipe the spray off. We live in a very hot and dry climate and things dry out. Finally after almost an hour we got the jacks to go down. The girls were taken out and then fed.

By then I was was totally done. My solar plexus was aching. Colin went across the street to pick up a tuna Subway for dinner. When he got back I was in bed and so were the girls. However I really did not sleep most of the night as I could not shut my mind off. All I had eaten that day was a small piece of quiche.

Yesterday was a long day and we only drove 278 miles.

It was difficult to get up this morning. I was so tired. We did all we usually do and were ecstatic when the jacks came up properly. Colin went out to do his final check around the RV when he noticed another serious problem. The chrome tail pipe was missing. Once again it was time to make numerous calls. Only this time there was no one in the area who was able to help us. Colin thought that we should just go ahead but I suggested that we call Erik in Mazatlan. He said that we should not drive as the exhaust from the muffler may melt the fibreglass of the RV and/or cause a fire. Back to more and more phone calls for help. Finally a receptionist suggested we call someone who used to work there. He had gone out on his own. Colin spoke to him and he figured after looking at some photos that he could fix it. So off Aaron went to buy parts and then came to us at Walmart.  Within ten minutes he was gone. So was $300.00USD cash, but we were free to travel again. At this point we are over two hours late getting on with the day.

We were delayed behind this farmer for a while.

Last winter on the way to the Isla we somehow ended up arriving without a working muffler. Erik replaced the muffler before we came home this year. Somehow with all the miles and bumps it came loose and choose Monday afternoon to fall off. A light bulb went off this morning. Once the tail pipe dislodged and fell off the RV, it went under the car and that is likely how the tire became damaged. Well at least the situation came together. Now we know the reason why the tire became so shredded.

Today Colin called our insurance company and put in a claim. All the Jeep body damaged ($3000.00 give or take ) by the shredded tire will be covered. At this time we are not sure if they will cover the cost of the new tires ($1400.00 ). The call with the insurance company took a very long 45 minutes adding to our accumulated delayed travel time today.

It was prefect driving day today, no wind, nor clouds but lots of sunshine.

Idaho has a one hour time change but we ignore that as by tomorrow we will be back in our usual time zone. So we did finally arrive at the Mountain Home, Idaho Walmart about 8:10PM PST which is 9:10PM MST. despite taking so ling to diver today we did arrive. Even better the RV jacks and slides worked perfectly. We drove our usual 408 miles today.

Lovely sky this evening. we did drive the last 45 minutes in the dark ( we never ever drive in the dark ) unless forced to.

Once again tonight, we are tired. Most especially Colin who just kept plugging along, problem after problem and hour after hour. Right now it is about 11PM PST. Colin and the girls are in bed. But I just had to share our past two days with you. Tomorrow we hope to wakeup to sunshine and no problems for the entire rest of out trip south 😎





Que pasa

Thank you for your comments and thoughts about our new home to be. We don’t know what we will be arriving to other than that it will be sunny and hot 😎 . Someone was supposed to purchase a tinaco for us yesterday which I presume will lead to it being installed and filled.

It should store a few weeks worth of water so between this and our RV water tank we will be prepared for anything. Ours will probably be black and not this large. Of course now we have to learn how to keep it clean etc.

All the laundry is done including all the dog blankets, the business is shut down until May. The RV has been sitting in front of the house since midday Thursday. The two big blog posts are done. And we have been loading and loading and loading. Even a 40′ diesel pusher has weight limits and space restrictions 😯 The freezer is full. Still much more to do today, clothes, shoes, toiletries etc. Remember last year I forgot bar soap, the kettle and the vacuum cleaner, well those are all in the RV. Hopefully we won’t forget anything.

Following the sun around the house.

If there is no sun they sit in front of the heater.

We are a bit behind ( more drama of course ) in that Carlie had a medical problem but we were able to get her into the vet yesterday ( Saturday ). She will be fine but we need to get the crystals out of her urine. The only reasons  ( thanks to Dr. Google ) we think she has the problem is because she eats too may legumes ( raw green beans from our garden ) and holds her urine too long. Often up to 12 hours at a time. The next problem was this morning when Colin could not call forward his cell phone to our home phone. We have a lovely feature that sends all phone calls to an email for us to check. You may recall that several months ago I got all these really great mobility plans. Colin was switched to a pre pay plan which we only found out today does not allow for call forwarding. Between us we spent close to 5.5 man hours sorting this out. He is now back on a post pay plan for the same amount of money. Only he has no data and has to pay an extra $5.00 per month in order to call forward.

Trying to eat the rest of our home grown produce.

Baked veggies are so yummy.

So now it’s back to packing, loading and unpacking. The rain showers stopped so Colin has moved the golf cart and my car to the empty storage spot that the RV was in. They will both be covered  for the winter. The to do list just keep getting more and more added to it 🙄

We have a problem with one of the igniters on the BBQ. Colin took it all apart, blew the lines out etc but no go. A new part is waiting for us to pick up in Vegas.

Yesterday morning we woke up to a totally empty lake.  No geese nor ducks, not even gull. It was rather strange. This morning I thought I saw a turtle but it was merely a floating leaf. However about three days ago I saw a Blue Jay and Mr and Mrs Flicker. Perhaps they were just passing through.

Our neighbours spent the past two weeks building a fence to block off their yard.

Definitely time for us to leave if the water fowl have left. It has been chilly the past week, lovely during the day when the sun is out but otherwise brrrrr. We decided that we would leave even earlier next year.

My lovely hairdresser Tana and my new do.

Short but sassy.

And the rest of the story

All of the upheaval began less than two weeks before we were to leave the Isla and drive back to our home here. One of the first things we did was drive about 90 minutes north to Celestino Gasca to check out Villa Celeste. We have stayed there many years ago for short periods. The beach is each lovelier than the Isla’s, mostly because there is no one on it. However the only site that we could have was in the middle of the park near the washrooms with no view. Plus the closest city is Mazatlan. Celestino Gasca is a pretty small village.  On the drive back we talked and did a great deal of thinking. Much as the place was lovely I just couldn’t leave the Isla and all my friends. It was enough to have to give up my garden, my trees and my view. Colin understood that.

The first view of our new home. The lot is now level and the berm has been removed.

The next day Colin was driving around the Isla and saw a ‘Se Renta’ sign. There was a fellow in the empty lot and Colin stopped to chat with him. It turns out that the for rent sign was for the upper floor of the house next door. However the lot was not for rent but then the fellow said it was possible to rent it. He called the owner and it was decided to rent the lot to us because they liked the idea of someone staying there for security.

Standing with your back to the ocean and looking towards El Faro, the lighthouse. Taken March 23, 2023

To help orientate you. The other RV park is on the top right, pretty much to the edge of the photo. This is the Isthmus, a man made piece of land connecting Chivos with Isla de la Piedra. We will be along here close to the Playa Sur Embarcadero.

Our new fence. The property is large enough for three RVs.

They will finish putting in the septic system this week.

The lot is actually three separate lots purchased by the owner for him to build a large home on when he retires. He runs a very successful business in Monterrey and has no plans to retire in the near future. So that is how we found our new home. A rental price was negotiated and they would create three RV sites. They would create a septic system – which they will complete this week. Both water and electric run to the edge of the property and they would bring those to each of the three sites. We aren’t sure who is paying for the electric set up because it will set up for 50AMP and 15AMP so there will likely be extra costs involved. The first thing they did was build a wall ( shorter then I would have liked ) but any wall to fence in our property is better than none. They have offered to put in a gate as well. We are very fortunate to have fallen into this situation.

The Playa Sur Embarcadero is top left. The dark coloured square is our lot. That straight line is where our RV will be parked. The circle at the bottom of the photo is of another RVer who has left the RV Park. The large house between the two belongs to yet another RVer. We have friends all around us.

Many meetings back and forth. Rent was sorted out. We will be paying much much less that we did at the RV Park. I started to sort out my plants and pots. I did dig a few plants out of the ground as I had large enough empty pots. Right now I honestly can’t remember but I think it was close to 30 pots that Colin moved to a friends home so they would be watered over the winter. Sadly I had to leave many of the larger ones in the ground. There was no way to dig up my five palms that I had planted back in 2010. We also had to leave behind the mini front palapa and the long side palapa. Over the years we have had to reroof the palapas. We even paid to bring in our own pea gravel to cover the dirt and keep the dust down. All in all we think that we might have put in $20,000USD, give or take, to create our ocean front paradise.

So now we will start to do to create a new site. Some work is being done prior to our arrival. Everything was to have been completed long before now. But Mazatlan has has the hottest and most humid summer in history. Most people were not inclined to work in those conditions. Then the rains and the winds came. Fortunately Mazatlan was spared the hurricanes this season. Not sure what will be completed before we arrive but we will just go with the flow.

The red arrow is our place. Playa Sur Embarcadero is in the middle at the bottom of the photo.The yellow arrow is for the large yellow house.

What we will see in front of us.

The shipping channel is directly behind us and the sun sets to the right of the lighthouse behind us,

No sense sharing with you all of our plan, as things may change a bit or a lot. Instead once we get there you will see as much as we see. And of course watch it all come together.

From the beach. We will be to the right of the yellow house. The girls are very familiar with this end of the beach.