Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends

It has been the perfect Thanksgiving weekend. Sunny and warm with many fall colours all around us. Our garden just keeps giving and giving.

Colin and I are thankful for the wonderful life we live and most especially our two wonderful chocolates. And I am personally glad the the company business has been put to bed until next May. As we are leaving one week from tomorrow we have been crossing things off the to do lists. However I created two more lists today 😉  Final grass cut today and clean up both inside and outside. I need to check my recipes to be sure I have all those odd ingredients I can’t find in Mexico. A final grocery shop over the next few days at about four different shops. The girls know something I up. We plan to being the RV here to the house mid afternoon Thursday. That will help them figure out what is going. I did five loads of doggy laundry today, five dog beds and 28 blankets. Yes they are spoiled and I love it.

We are both eager to get back to Mexico. Another thing I sorted out today were the dinner meals I had to make in the RV while we were boondocking as we head down to the Isla. No sense pulling out the portable generator and setting up up for a short period of time.

Sadly there is yet another Tropical Storm, soon to be Hurricane, bearing down on the Mazatlan area. Her name is Lidia.

This Tropical Storm is projected to become a Hurricane before landfall.

In other news the fund raiser for those unfortunate dachshunds has hit just over the 50% mark.

One more thing, I have had to make my last blog post (October 2nd) private for a variety of reasons. However if you never saw it, let me know and I will send you the password. Part two coming very very soon.

UPDATE : password only required for part 1 – in case you missed it. Part 2 will not require a password

Don’t worry girls we will be gone before the snow flies.


Will these ducks stay or go?

So not fair that we can’t bring our home grown veggies into the US.



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41 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends

  1. Deb says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I’m happy to hear the holiday has been fantastic.
    Safe travels when the wheels start rolling.

  2. Lucy. says:

    Hi Contessa, how exciting is doing all those preparativ0s para el viaJe a Mexico. Que tan lej0s està Isla de la Piedra de Mazatlan ? Probably by your arrival- time down South the hurricane will be all gone, or let’s hope that is the case. My regards to U all 4.

  3. Judith says:

    Beautiful vegetables and quiche. As for your private blog post, will part 2 be private too? I guess if it is, I’d like the password to both. I’ve been a reader for a while and don’t want to miss anything. Ha.

    1. Only part one requires a password.

      1. Louise Sherwin says:

        Contessa, Would you please send me the password for part one. I do love reading your posts. We live in Brandon and have stayed in your park with our motorhome a number of years ago. Wish we were able to go South with you. Hope you have a super good time.

        1. Did you stop and visit with us when you were here at Holiday Park? Are you still Rving? You must know that Colin is from Winnipeg. Would love to chat more but the big countdown continues.


      2. linda konrad says:

        can i have the passport

  4. Trish Waddell says:

    Hi Contessa. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I’ve been following you for many years and look forward to every post. Would love to have the password for Oct 2!

    1. Lovely to have you here in the comment section again.

  5. Katie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Contessa! Enjoy Mexico, we too are taking a little trip in a couple weeks.

  6. If I need a password for the second part of your article, please send me one.
    Thanks a bunch, I’d love to see the rest of your story.

    1. Love having you here in the comment section. You don’t need a password for part 2.

  7. Jo Rivans says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Contessa (and Colin ,of course!). I’m so looking forward to your trip to Mexico and following your adventure there. We’re currently in Portugal on our own adventure. They are good for the soul. I didn’t see your post of the 2 October, please can you send me the password.

  8. Christine Guzorek says:

    Hello Contessa. I have been following your adventures for some time now. Wishing you well for this next chapter. Would love to have the password for the October 2nd posting and it’s sequel. Safe travels. I’m looking forward to following your next chapter.

    1. You only need it for Part 1

      Welcome to the comment section of my blog.

  9. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both and so excited for you on the upcoming trip. Yes please send us the password.

    1. You only need it for part 1!!! We are very excited to hit the road.

  10. SandyM says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Your feast of vegetables and quiche looks delicious. As always Traveling Mercies all the way to the Isla. As Paul Harvey use to say “ and now for the rest of the story”. Or at least something close to that!

    1. It was such a delicious meal. Colin baked fresh frozen halibut last night. It was beyond delicious. You do not need a password for part 2.

  11. Catheline says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    That plate of food made me want to go and make quiche
    and as always
    Love reading your Blog

    1. It was such a yummy meal.

      Part 2 does not require a PWD.

  12. Cindy says:

    Well of course I will need the password for part 2! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Part 2 does not require a PWD.

  13. Jannose says:

    Sounds like things are falling into order. Nothing like your own fresh grown veggies! Too bad you cannot take them with you. I guess your friends get to inherit them! I would also like the password to your private posts. Talk soon!

    1. This is a one time private post. You will not need it for part two.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving! We’re busy preparing for blast off as well! On the road on the 24th but we don’t expect to get to Mazatlan for two weeks or more. The getting set up to go, set up the house in Mazatlan and then do the reverse in the spring takes a huge amount of time and planning as any snowbird knows but…it’s all worth it! I didn’t see your post so if it’s something I should see send me a password. I’m not using “follow it” as I check you blog every day or two.

    1. Sorry you missed part 1. Will send the link shortly.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    It has been super nice weather 🙂

    May I please have the password, I too, love following you & your adventures!


    1. You only need the PWD for the October 2nd post. Will send shortly.

  16. Sandy says:

    Good morning. I want to hear it all so please send me the password for the Oct. 2. I enjoy hearing all about your travels and daily living.I live Vancouver Island.

    1. Sent for October 2. You do not need one for the next post.

    2. Sent. You do not need anything for part 2.

      1. Sandy says:

        Got the password but it asks for email or owner name and I don’t know what to put there.

  17. Janet Ashworth says:

    So excited for you! Will be following your adventures. Please the password, need the complete story. So miss being able to go south in the winter.

    1. You don’t need anything for part two.

  18. Pauline Watson says:

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂
    I love the dog math comic.

    1. I thought you might.

  19. sue says:

    Password please? I’ve been “with you” for a long time and always like to hear what you have to say!

  20. I do not need that password as I read your post when it was published. Hopefully the follow-up post will shed some light of your next chapter in Mexico. We have stayed in various places throughout our winter travels and I cannot say that any one of them was perfect.
    Wishing you safe travels and looking forward to your next postings.

  21. Peter Kouwenhoven says:

    An interesting winter awaits! We look forward to reading all about it!

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