Only two more sleeps

So ends our time here at Picacho Peak State Park.

Our last few days here have been rather busy with lots of good fun as well. We continue to have had a few set backs with the new site. One is water but we can live with that situation for a while. What I can’t handle is the lack of electricity. We found out late Wednesday evening that the owner of the site has yet to sign a contract with the electric company allowing electricity to be provided to us on the site. However Jesus said ( all in Spanish of course ) not to worry as we could run a cord to the house next door. 15AMP!!  That will work to boil the kettle but not run A/C within the RV. We require 30 amps minimum.

A few people had decorated their units for the occasion.

Fortunately we had friends who were coming to visit today who were able to find us a 50AMP receptacle that we can use to get us up and running. But that might be more that a week. We have several options that we are working on. More on that another day.

Unique idea to create shade for the twins.

Colin changed the fuse holder in the RV kitchen fantastic fan. We are going to need everything we can to stay cool in the days to come.

Lovely nap with Ciela Wednesday afternoon.

Our special friends Genie & Joe came up for a visit yesterday as well as lunch. We had a great time. So much to talk about. We will soon be seeing them on the Isla.

Colin took the girls for a sunset stroll and this is just one of the hundred or so photos he took.

Our long time  Canadian friends Jannose and Colin came for visit this afternoon. It became too hot in front of the RV so we moved to the back and found shade.

We visited for many hours and enjoyed the sunset together. The are off on a trip to Morocco next week and yet another trip/cruise in December.

Tiny little icky bugs came out as the sun set. Apparently they like wine. Look closely to see them.

Jannose and Colin surprised us with a sushi dinner. Perfect end to our visit. Thank you again so very very much. Nice to not have to cook tonight.

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1 thought on “Only two more sleeps

  1. Jannose says:

    Was a fun evening hanging out and seeing the sunset! Safe travels to Mexico.

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