Moving along

Interesting cargo.

The autopista is being repaired.

Everyday we do a bit more. Looking forward to a day ( perhaps next week ) when there will be nothing left t do.  Yesterday I sat in the shade of the palapa after we had been sorting furniture and carpet placements. I fell asleep within a few minutes. It is so very peaceful and quiet. Last thing I remember is listening to the gentle waves and the sound a a new to me bird call. I had no idea where I was when I woke up. Our palapa is almost complete.

The sun was setting behind us. A view of Cordon Island that we have never seen before.

We have had a few people drop by to say hola. We always stop for a few moments to chat. Two days ago Ishmael from Tres Amigos RV park, he was the handyman, doer of all things, came by for a visit and gave us huge hugs. He is most impressed with all that we have accomplished and the high standard of everything here. We did find out that our old palapa is in very bad shape, the the roof is rather holey.  Had we returned to the RV park, it probably would have cost us as much to repair as to build our new palapa. I wonder what will happen when the “special” renters show up, that is the renters for whom we were asked to vacate our beautiful lot.

Sunrise two days ago.

Let me know when you get tired of cruise photos.

El Faro in the background.

As seen from my bed.

Had a very enjoyable visit with Katia, my masseuse, yesterday afternoon. So happy for her and the many changes coming to her life. She is the perfect example of applying your mind to a task. Last year she could barely have a conversation in English. She used Duo Lingo since we left in March and I would say she is now very fluent in English. So wonderful to see. Fingers crossed that there are no major issues coming up later today as I do believe I am about to get my first massage of the season 🙂

Trying to use my plants for mutual privacy.

Our neighbours are Mexican. Umberto can speak a bit of English but not his wife nor four year old daughter. I’m sure that is must a be difficult adjustment for them to suddenly have someone living next door. All their years in their home, this site has been an empty lot. We are getting along fabulously and I am very aware of their privacy. I have positioned my taller plants to help block each other views of our homes. As RVers we are used to having someone close by, surly they are not used to that. We had two other neighbours drop by to introduce themselves. We are going to love living here. Ahhh, so sweet, Umberto just dropped by to remind us that there is no water today. The Isla water flows from Mazatlan under the shipping channel. Two days per week the water source is shut off. Right now that is every Thursday and Friday. Between our large RV water tank and our new tinaco we will never run out of water.

The best news since my last post is that Colin and I now are official residents of Mexico 😀  A year from now we will exchange that document for a three year residency card. After that the next step is to become a permanent resident. Good thing that is five years away as we still have no idea about our future plans. Poco a poco.

Getting our paperwork in perfect order for immigration, using Holga, the fixer. The entire process was pretty easier and rather quick.

We are so enjoying this new sunset vista.

Colin up on the berm.

A few bonus photos from the RV roof. The view of the shipping channel behind us and our back yard. That is the Baja Ferry in port. The Chivos Road behind us n the process of getting graded hence all the dirt/rock piles.

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10 thoughts on “Moving along

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Congrats on your new citizenship. I will never tire of the views from your new place!

  2. Cindy says:

    Love all the pictures! Can’t wait to see it in December!

  3. Gail Kelly Florence says:

    This all looks and sounds wonderful Contessa. I can’t believe your view from your space. So nice.

  4. Deb says:

    Congratulations on the next step, both in becoming Mexican citizens and getting your spot set up. Both are exciting news. We will enjoy these views just as we did the others!

  5. Sandie says:

    You already sound more relaxed and happy. I am so excited for you. Wonderful changes for you guys. And your pictures of your site are just WOW.

  6. Janet ASHWORTH says:

    Your new home is amazing! Can’t believe that so much has been accomplished in such a short time! You are settling in and will have a wonderful winter in Mazatlan.

  7. Are those cruise ships noisy when going by? Kept thinking we were going to get a picture of palapa progress…

  8. Linda & Russell says:

    Everything looks great!
    Lots of hard work but worth it. I never tire of our view and the cruise ships. Enjoy…see you soon…your upstairs neighbors.

  9. Linda & Russell says:

    (Trying this again)
    Congrats on your residente temporal. You’ve accomplished a lot in a short time. Can’t wait to see it.
    Your upstairs neighbors

  10. Jo Rivans says:

    You are going to be so happy there Contessa. I am so happy for you all!

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