We were invited to a wedding & my wedding ring

One of my very special Isla friends got married a few weeks ago. Katia’s request was for her guests to wear white but as I had nothing white she graciously told me that I could wear anything I wanted to. It turns out that many others also did not wear white, I even saw a few wearing black.

So here we are about to leave for the ceremony.

Alan being walked down the aisle by his best friend, his older sister.

Spreading rose petals.

It was a beach wedding.

Katia’s  three sons proudly walked her down the aisle.

The happy couple.

The reception was held at El Velero’s.  Katia is radiant.

Beautiful dress.

A traditional Mexican wedding dance where I pin money onto the groom ( or slip it into his pocket )and Colin pins money on the bride and then we all dance.

Must have been that second margarita I enjoyed.

I was a wonderful wedding and we wish the couple an eternity of time together.

Later that day my rings felt rough on the underside of my finger. See that – – – on the top band!

On closer inspection I found that that band is broken. I have been wearing my rings for 37 years. It appears that the band has become thin. Fortunately the two bands are soldered together so I won’t lose one. I hope to get this repaired in the next week.








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4 thoughts on “We were invited to a wedding & my wedding ring

  1. Cindy Mensies says:

    Great pictures!!

  2. What lovely wedding photos. Loved the flower girls! Fixing that ring should not be a problem.

  3. Carol says:

    Looks like you had a good time at wedding. Pretty dress on both of you, bride and you.
    Your ring should be easy and quick to fix. The jeweler we know is no longer in business here. Went to a bigger city.

  4. Pauline Watson says:

    What a beautiful bride, that smile! 🙂
    And you two look so cute!

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