Still constipated!

Not me 😳 My computer is 🙄  The computer tech came out today and could not figure out what my “helper” had done on February 8th to bung it all up. After a few hours he decided to upload two files to Colin’s large hard drive in the hopes of saving all my photos from over the years.

It was going to take from 3 hours on one file to 71 days on the other file to upload.

Jorge went to help another client here on the Isla who turned out to be good friends of mine. By the time he got back the file update was still as slow as molasses in January. So he stopped the file uploads but then it turned out that it would take at least a few hours to stop the transfer to the hard drive. He was frustrated. No need to tell you that I was also. He left to deal with his other appointments.

After another few hours I had a computer that I could sort of work with. Jorge will be back Monday morning to try and get me running normally ( pun intended )  😎

A few weeks ago Colin was in a newly discovered ( well to him ) hardware store in Centro. Great place he says. As he walked down an aisle his eye picked up a pile of boxes of flea pills.

This is a great flea product and we have used it since day one with the girls. The price at our vet in Canada is $23.00 per pill – good for one month. That is for each dog. The price here in Mazatlan is 270 MXN which is $21.45 CAD. However that price is for six pills. Good for three months for both girls. Now that is a real savings. Click here to read about this product.

Then we had a pop up happy hour. One person was coming but he was over an hour late and then the others all arrived just as he was leaving. It was a fun way to end the long day. Then I came in and did last nights dinner dishes while Colin changed the sheets on the bed. Never had time during the day. We had about nine visitors today 😀 So here we are at 9:50PM about to make veggie burgers for dinner. I have tried for two days to make soup. Perhaps tomorrow I will be successful.

Another stunning sunset last evening.

I turned around and then saw we were having another 360 degree experience. This is facing east. Love the colour.

Lucky lucky us.


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4 thoughts on “Still constipated!

  1. Deborah S says:

    Good on Colin for catching that Simparica Trio. We use it for our dog as well; she’s a Texas rescue and came to us with a “bit” of heartworm. No more! But our new vet here in Victoria charges $100 MORE for 6 tabs than our vet in Dartmouth NS. We’ll be ordering online!

  2. A James says:

    I am just getting somewhat familiar with anew iMac after an old Windows based laptop–every roadblock that I can’t resolve Apple Support comes to the rescue.Perhaps give them a call, they have been terrific with me & very patient ,thank goodness.

  3. I hope your computer issues are being resolved. That can be so frustrating with the photos. I don’t like the photo app that came with my Mac, but struggle through it every time I post.

  4. Lucy. says:

    Contessa, still constipated ? Give it 2 Dulcolax suppositories & if still doesn’t work, H2O enemas to clear 🤪; remember those good old nursing times ?

    Huggies to the bunch.

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