We are on a slow merry – go – round

Sometimes it is spinning quickly and here and there is slows down a bit, but it never stops. I have tried to write a proper post with all the que pasa’s happening now.  Sometimes we just have to stop and eat. We have been particularly busy making decisions and researching a bit more here and there.

The one major thing that happened today is that we will be listing our home with a realtor on May 1st. If the house does not sell, it won’t charge our plans about moving here. One day someone will fall in love with it.

However Carlie has been our major concern. The vet on Monday was confusing.  A few X-rays were done but that is not her problem. Yesterday, Tuesday, Colin took our #1 girl into an another vet. This was with La Jungla, whom we have always used since 2009. However the day that Carlie was extremely sick and in pain we had to go to another vet as our vet now only works a few hours every morning and was already gone on March 22. Also on April 1st he was not working ( a holiday for some ) and we had notchoice but to take Miss Carlie back to the first vet.

She did not have a good day yesterday, However today she is a tiny bit better. Meanwhile Ciela is down in the dumps and refused to eat. I think she is upset with her sister being gone off and on and to her it must appear that she is being neglected. Colin had to carry Carlie in her bag most of yesterday, as she was having pain again and could not walk very well and her legs kept buckling. That is okay today.

I know that many of you are concerned so this is just a quick post with an update. Details as soon as I have an hour or more.

Your comments have helped so much. Right now it seems that we will be self insuring re health issues and likely joining IMSS. However we learned something very important yesterday but I have yet to find time to do the research.

Stay tuned.


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7 thoughts on “We are on a slow merry – go – round

  1. Just in case we really loved Dr Marco and his team at Veterinario del Pacifico


  2. Sue MacIntyre says:

    Hi Contessa. We used Dr Marco as well for several years until it was time to say goodbye to our Buster. He was 14 and the process at Veterinario del Pacifico was so peaceful and a great passing of our little man.

  3. Sandie Dixon says:

    I sure hope you get some answers soon for Carlie. And your house is so lovely I’m sure it will sell easily. Thanks for the update.

  4. Lucy. says:

    Contessa, pobrecita Carlie 😰. Regarding your house sale by the lake, bet it sales fast for is a beautiful property. Buena suerte con el tratamiento de Carlie y la venTa de vUestra casa en Mayo.

  5. Janet Ashworth says:

    Wow, so much going on! Your head must feel like a spinning top! Sending healing thoughts for the girls, and a safe trip North. All the best to you and Colin, for an eventful and exciting 2024!

  6. Karen says:

    We are both hoping Carlie will be A okay asap!! I personally think your BC paradise won’t be on the market a month. Love to you all and a special prayer for Carlie

  7. Lucy. says:

    Hi Contessa & Colin, soon U amigos will be departing for Canada, how many sleeps are still in the Isthmus for you ? Wish your preparations for the trip back North isn’t too exhausting. Virtual huggies to the bunch.🌺 🌿 🌼

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