Que pasa

I wish that our pets could speak. I have no idea how long Carlie has been suffering. Perhaps since before we left Canada, really hard to know. However in the past few days she has bounced back – like really back 😛 Neither of us can remember the last time she was so active. She is running around and not hesitating to use the ramp or the stools in the RV. She is full of love and keeps kissing her sister and us and both Joe and Genie. It is so wonderful to see her ‘almost back to normal’.

Monday vet appointment. Getting ready to take the xray. Both Colin and I asked the vet to draw blood and do a check but she said that Carlie was too small to take too much blood from??? Also too weak!

We had no choice but to bring her to that new vet back on March 22nd as our vet was gone for the day. We faithfully gave Carlie her meds for a full week ( over Semana Santa ) but she continued to have very little vitality and remained in pain. Being the Easter weekend there was nothing we could do so I gave her Gabapentin as required. Monday, April 1st Colin was ready to take her to our regular vet but again his office was closed. So we returned to the first vet. She was surprised that Carlie was not any better. She decided to do spinal and hip x rays as that could be the cause of her pain. Colin quietly said that the problem was in her gut which was irritated as she told him last week. She insisted on the x ray – when it’s your baby it matters not the price. However this was an unnecessary process. On the other hand we now have an x ray showing how perfect her hips and spine are.

So Colin and Carlie were sent home with another bottle of strong antibiotics and more Gabapentin for pain. She was a very good girl and did not make a fuss. But it was obvious she was not well.

Another long morning for Colin with no food. The mango smoothie was delicious. Carlie is exhausted.

The next morning was Tuesday, April 2nd and Colin was waiting at the door of our regular vets office when he arrived for work. I had to given her a pain pill that morning. Carlie was thoroughly examined. Dr. Rafael, who has been a vet for over 38 years asked about the x ray and said that it had nothing to do with Carlie’s problem but that it showed she was in good health in that regard. He also wondered why she was on antibiotics as she had no infection. He said that her problem was in her gut and it was some sort of irritation that at times caused her much pain. So he gave her a liquid dewormer and an injection of B12. He also checked her stool under a microscope.

Now Carlie is getting Magaldrato/Dimeticona, three times per day, this is a liquid gel that coats her gut to soothe any irritation or pain (Magaldrate is an aluminum-containing antacid. Magaldrate is used to treat heartburn, indigestion, or stomach upset ). She is also on Pantoprazol every 12 hours ( Pantoprazole reduces the amount of acid your stomach makes. It’s used for heartburn, acid reflux and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) – GORD is when you keep getting acid reflux. It’s also taken to prevent and treat stomach ulcers ). We could see an improvement within 24 hours and she has continued to improve every day since. What a relief. We will be seeing the vet yet again this Tuesday.

That same afternoon, our very special friend Mary, who was here for 3 days, came for a visit and dinner. I also saw her unexpectedly in Edmonton last fall. You can read about that by clicking here. The moment Mary arrived we never stopped chatting. Colin had Erik here that day to work on some small RV projects which he did even in the dark. Erik then came in for a sit down visit as well. Mary eventually asked when we would be having dinner and Erik left.  We had the best of visits and she left shortly after 11PM, back to Mazatlan and her Airbnb. Sadly there were no taxis, pulmonias, busses nor Ubers and she had to walk all the way back. We felt very bad about that. However my friend is a big girl who used to live here in Mazatlan and she knows the ropes. It was not dangerous but somewhat scary and nerve racking. It was so wonderful to see you Mary  😎

I made a shrimp stirfry with tons of veggies in a gingery sauce. No photo of the cooked meal but we were all hungry and busily eating.

I was doing some muscle testing.

Forgot to mention that the wife of the owner of the building next door ( Genie and Joe’s side of the compound) came by selling fresh caught tuna. Her husband just came off the boat the night before. Best tuna ever.

Since then I spent part of a day researching where to purchase Sympatico Trio for the girls. It is very expensive. I was lucky enough to find Discount Pet Medications. They each need one pill per month and it costs $27.00CAD per pill, each. Thanks to my research I am only going to pay $16.78CAD each pill. That is a savings of $20.44 Cad per month, just over $245.00CAD per year.

This past Wednesday was the day our Jeep got an extremely thorough cleaning ( over 2 hours of work ) on the inside for 500 MXN plus tip. A young couple has started a carpet cleaning business of the Isla. They are doing a wonderful job. So happy for them. They will be doing the inside of our RV next week.

The Jeep looks better than new.

Meanwhile we were going to be six for dinner Wednesday evening. Joe did the cooking and we ate inside our RV. Once again I neglected to take photos of how the seating worked out. Glenn and Amy provided the shrimp which Joe did a great job of cooking, creating a special pasta dish. I made salmon pate for happy hour and a large salad for dinner and Genie brought another salad. It was a very special evening.

Colin, Glenn and Joe.

Ciela sleeping on her godmother Genie.

Carlie begging for some attention from Colin.

Friday was an unexpectedly long day for us. Colin had found our second bank, Scotiabank. They actually have better interest rates than Intercam. There are only two branches in Mazatlan but they have ATM machines everywhere. We thought we had an appointment for noon but were not seen until 1:30PM. The bank was full and there were only 2 bank officers working that day. We had Octavio who was wonderful, answered all all of our questions and more. He was extremely efficient. While we were filling out paperwork he would go out to the waiting area and help a few who were patiently waiting. Then back to stand and then back and forth. It was amazing to watch his professionalism and his eagerness to help others. At one point I asked him if he got paid extra because he  spoke English – he did. He is certified bilingual and was the first to get extra pay in all of Sinaloa.

However as you all know things move slowly in Mexico and that means lot of waiting. We were tired but no where near upset but rather hungry. We left very satisfied with the service at about 4:45PM. Yes, were there 4 hours and 45 minutes. Fortunately Genie & Joe were able to let the girls out to pee and a bit later fed them. I would not have been so relaxed if the girls were alone all that time. Colin & I thought it would be quick in and out. There was tons of traffic along the malecon getting back to the embarcadero. Hmmm, the city was filling up as the eclipse is tomorrow.

Colin and I were exhausted and had a quiet Friday evening. I may have been in bed by 9:30PM. Saturday afternoon we had friends Dennis and Patricia (they travel further south than us ) over for an early and long happy hour. We had a marvellous time. Sad that it had to end. I may have been in bed at  9:30 that night as well.

The hours flew by during our visit with Dennis and Patricia.

Today Colin waxed the RV, polished the chrome bits and much more. I got my desktop organized and this post written. We have no plans to leave our compound until Tuesday. So many people coming to the Isla today, lots and lots of traffic. Many vehicles piled high with camping gear. Chivos will be busy tonight. Sadly it is unusually chilly for this time of year. I have worn a sweater for a few days now. Usually I can’t even be in the sun because of the heat. Sadly the climate is unsettled everywhere.

Phew, I do believe that I am caught up with my blog. Guess where I’ll be at 9:30PM tonight 🙄

Oops 🙁 I neglected to take a photo of our visit with Tris and Merle a week or so ago. Nor a photo of Nancy and Randy when they visited us on March 29th. We have known both these very special couples since 2009 when we  all RVed together at Tres Amigos. Now Colin and I have finally joined them here on the Isthmus. We are in a very special area here on the Isla, surrounded by many many friends.

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5 thoughts on “Que pasa

  1. Cindy says:

    Wow you have been busy lol glad Carlie is finally doing better! 💕🐾

  2. Gail Kelly Florence says:

    Enjoyed your update Contessa.
    You do look rested in the pictures.
    We deal with Scotia and are pleased with their service.
    I take Gabapentin and pantaprosil as well.

  3. Sandie Dixon says:

    I am beyond elated that you finally have the answer to Carlie’s pain. Such a relief. I cannot believe the company you have. It exhausts me just reading about your schedule. Happy the move is turning out to be so great.

  4. Croft Randle says:

    The tuna looks delicious, cooked just the way I like it (barely at all). I will try putting the slashes in it next time I get some. It looks like it was only cooked for a few seconds? Happy to see the pup is doing so much better!

  5. Lucy. says:

    It is wonderful to know Carlie’s status is much improved.
    Vieron ustedes el eclipse hoy ? He leido las noticias y se comenta que fue espectacular !

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