Tick Tock, Time just keeps moving along

We only have three more nights here at our Isthmus Isla RV Parque. Tick, tock 😕 It seems that we have run out of time to get ‘it’ all done. Thank you so much for your comments over the last few  blog posts. From suggestions re vets to medical health insurance for us and so much more. I would like to reply to some of you and hope to get to that one day. I want to thank Laney for your comments re IMSS and self insuring. It has helped me to not worry about it any longer – I have enough other things to worry about. I just want to mention that last week I was told about a fairly new hospital in town called the Mazatlan General Hospital. It is not a private clinic but much better than IMSS. Apparently IMSS is run differently in every state in Mexico and here in Sinaloa it is not very good, even the Mexicans don’t want to go there. The Mazatlan General basically has good doctors and charges based on what you can pay with your income. That is all I know. Do any of you have more information to share?

Our girls give us as much love as we give them. Over and over everyday.

Our gate has finally been installed. It needs to be painted and I think it is okay but certainly not what I was expecting. However I love having it. Looks I have started a job list for next fall. Sadly Genie & Joe left just a few hours before it was installed last Wednesday, the 10th. They are now safely back in the USA and missing their home here on the Isla.

The orange machine at his feet is a welding machine.

We had quite the scare after the gate was installed. We had no electrical power. However it was only in our RV. The fellow installing the gate used a large welding machine that was plugged into our RV outlet. It was quite the panic situation as we had no idea if parts of the electrical rv system had been permanently damaged. Colin was able to discover that Joe had power at his post which meant that the problem was solely with our RV. Erik responded quickly to the SOS call. He and Colin put it together and Erik suggested that Colin go the meter on the street and reset the breaker. Another miracle. Thank goodness that the RV was not damaged.

Colin running 3 RV electric cords together to reach Joe’s post.

We are for certain listing our home in Kelowna on May 1st. If it does not sell this summer we will still be moving here full-time in October. We are not in a rush to sell but it certainly would be nice to have it sold. Just have to wait for the right person to fall in love with it.

These goats are right next door to us. They came along the rocks munching everything in in their path. Hopefully they won’t get to my plants once we leave.

The same cleaners that did the Jeep last week were here this last Saturday to do the RV carpets and the furniture. Everything looks so clean and smells like new. So special to have this service right here on the Isla. However they were here for close to 5 hours. We gave them a huge tip.

As you can easily see they did a great job on this carpet. I don’t remember it being so white.

Our palapa builder Alex came late that same afternoon to put in one more support post at the front end of the palapa. This had been suggested by our very very first palapa builder, Lupe, after Colin asked him to come and check the construction and strength of our palapa. So glad that was done. That lone post was also cemented into the ground.

Doing the hole for the post. Being diggers themselves the girls were quite interest in his technique.

Also that same day Erik came to do some RV work. While cleaning the dust off the engine he discovered that a fuse for the transmission was almost totally corroded. We likely would not have got very far without being stopped in our tracks on the road north. Today Erik came to replace that fuse and did the others at the same time. One of them was almost as bad. They were the original fuses from 2001. We are so fortunate to have him here looking out for us. He will be removing our water pump once we leave and will install it again just before we arrive in October. We can’t afford to take a chance on it going missing.

Alex and Colin deciding to add yet another cross beam. The two chairs are the inside dining chairs drying in the sun.

Oh yes we also had a friend or two drop by that afternoon. Gosh as I write this I once again realize what a crazy busy week we have had. Last Saturday I was so unsettled from all the people coming and going and the noise and activity that my solar plexus was really stirred up. Of course the carpet was wet and would need a few days to completely dry. Needles to say all surfaces including the bed were covered with stuff. I managed to push things around so I could lay on the bed and I slept for several hours. I did not wake up feeling any better and could not eat so went back to bed for the night.

This bottom wine area went to the top of the photo. This extra shelf allows the same area for vino but a full shelf for something else. Colin will be finishing the edging to match the cabinets.

So here we are working hard to get ready to leave. I have cleaned out many many of the things usually left in the RV in order to make room to pack in more of our personal items to bring down here. Just another thing to add to the job list for October. Which cutlery will we keep, or even set of dishes. Maybe I can keep my entertaining items in a bin under an outside table next year which might give me another cupboard to put clothes into. It will be fun sorting it all out.

Again making an extra shelf.

Oh I almost forgot, Erik also put in four extra shelves into my pantry ( last Saturday ) to give me more storage space.  I love them. Should’ve it done this long ago. I have several ideas in the works to make our home here much more efficient.

The nightly sunset evening party boat. This was taken from inside the RV thru the windshield with some items drying on our clothesline. We simply love it here and both feel so relaxed and at home.

I was asked and just want to clarify that we are only renting this site. It has room for three RV’s but it was not quite ready for full occupancy this season. Who knows what next fall will bring?

The wind picked up and Carlie’s shade umbrella went flying – for the second time. Our neighbor Phil rescued it the first time. Now we are placing it closer to the RV rather then the water front.

Great sunset last night.

Carlie has had 4 good days so we did not take her back to the vet this morning. He wanted to put her on some neurological medication 😯  Long story short from last vet visit – she reacted to the B complex shot and puked all over the Didi car we were in. Then she could not walk at all once we got back home. We have decided on our own to feed her first thing when she gets up to go out, even at 6AM. She does her business and then goes back to bed for a few hours. Just half her breakfast and again about the same amount at bedtime. We are beginning to think that she may be so hungry that that is why she shakes in pain and then can’t walk. The extra kibble has worked for four days now.

The new gate. I really miss my sunsets and will work out next season how to get up over the rocks on the other side of the road to get great shots. It is a bit rocky and uphill and I need to be stable on a path and not fall.

Meanwhile, shower time and then another late dinner. Oh my, I just downloaded 27 photos, but I haven’t time to use them all tonight. I will do my best.

Fun shot thru the wind block.

11:26PM, I must get to bed. Only two full days left.





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6 thoughts on “Tick Tock, Time just keeps moving along

  1. Don and Kathy McKelvay says:

    We so enjoy reading of your adventures and are so envious. However, we RVd for 35 years including 10 winters on the Texas/Mexican border and visited every province and state (except Nunavut and Hawaii) plus a 2 month caravan to mainland Mexico (one of our very favorites) and a Baja caravan, so we have had a good run at it but now in the 80s most RVing is a thing of the past. Your posts bring back so many wonderful memories and yet we travel with you. Be safe and you are certainly adventurous moving to Mexico. God Speed friends.

  2. Lucy. says:

    Contessa, wow, this was a lengthy & labored post, loved it ! With so much going on in U’r last days on the Isthmus must be exhausting. We, your blog readers should value & appreciate your efforts & hard work of your postings. Nicely descriptive pictures of what’s taking place in U’r environment / daily life. Have a super traveling-time back to Kelowna; wishing many people will fall enlove with your house by the lake &selling it be an easy ride. 🌺 🌿 🌼 🍀

    1. Janet Ashworth says:

      Safe travels!

  3. Rod Williams says:

    Full Time in Mexico sounds like fun. You shouldn’t have any issues selling the Lake Palace.

  4. Wishing you an uneventful and safe trip home. If you don’t mind me saying so, but your dogs look too skinny to me. Even though you don’t eat or cook meat, please feed your dogs some cooked, skinless, boneless chicken with the kibble. You can once a month boil some and then freeze in portions. It only takes 20 Minutes max. They will love you for it!

  5. Genie DeLauro says:

    Contessa and Colin we miss you❤️. We are in Tucson where we live and then we go to elevation due to desert too hot for RV living. Looking forward to returning to our “Compound” in November. Take a deep breathe and enjoy that beautiful view. As you know, it goes away as you travel north. Love u guys. Hi Colin and kisses to the
    Girls. 🏝❤️🥂😘

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