Three loads!!!

One of my favourites. I love the bit of peach edging along the end of each petal.

Ready for the bodega.

Yesterday ( Wednesday ) Colin arranged for two trucks as we usually do to take our ‘stuff’ to the bodega. Two trucks have alway been more than enough. It wasn’t yesterday and one of the trucks had to come back for a second load. Plus Colin had the Jeep full of other ‘stuff’. We are storing much more than normal.

There is nowhere in Canada nor the USA that has such delicious burger buns. Note the avocado, pickles, tomatoes and cheese. Not to mention all those wonderful seeds on the bun.

So much important ‘stuff’.

Our good friend Nancy has a few pet iguanas.I bet that they don’t bark! But they do expect her to feed them. Cabbage is a favourite.

There was so much ‘stuff’ in our area of the bodega that Colin could not get back far enough to get a photo.

Lots of muscle required.

Miss Carlie resting in her carry bag coming back from the vet about 10 days ago. She has had six good days now. Hopefully the daily driving in the RV will be good for her. She is so good – she lets me give her her ‘stomach gel’ before every meal with no fuss. She even licks my nose as thank you.

This fellow is affectionally known as King Kong, mostly because of his muscles. He was good at organizing the maximum amount that would fit inside each of the trucks. This vehicle is normally used to transport folks around the Isla including tourists, but space is limited. He was more than happy with the money for the third load.

I hope that my Desert Rose survives as I have had this plant since 2009.

Today, Thursday, after the girls beach walk, Colin power washed the roof of the RV – lots of dust 8O. Then he washed down the entire RV and cleaned all the windows. I was doing some inside stuff including making egg salad for lunches on the road as well as arranging to transfer money from our Canadian bank to one of our Mexican banks. Another busy day.

I was going to do this post last night but a very special friend dropped in to say goodbye to us until we return in October. We had a lengthy and most pleasant visit. Meanwhile our dinner was cooking in the crockpot. New recipe and very tasty. We will have the leftovers on Sunday when we will have electricity again so we can heat it up.

This past week the weather has been perfect ( for the most part ) and the waves were larger and interesting to watch. Unfortunately we didn’t have more than a few moments here and there to sit and observe.

A relaxing moment together before the packing began in earnest.

However, next October we will be living here full time. That thought should keep me going all summer.

Colin was able to figure out the plant watering situation today. To be honest I am not sure of the details and I don’t care to know. Our neighbour Humberto told us that it would be very windy and at times the rain might flood everything. In my mind if the plants die then we will simply replace them as needed. However I do have some favourites but it is all out of my hands. I have no intention of even thinking about them again.

Colin was also able set up to have a load of pea gravel delivered before we arrive in October. We never put any under the RV last November as we were already parked. It will be nice to have it all completed.

Our last cruise ship before we leave.

We are going to miss this place so very much. Six months should pass quickly. If the house sells we will be back here sooner.

They were great puppies. They have grown and do their own thing at times but are still attached as twins. Today Ciela gave one bark ( it was a ‘I can see a cat bark’. )  Carlie who was asleep in her crate came running in just a few seconds. I am so going to enjoy cuddling them as we drive home. Lucky me.


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10 thoughts on “Three loads!!!

  1. Sue Kehoe says:

    Love your update. Safe travels home. Excited to see you All. Safe journeys.

  2. SandyM says:

    As always, traveling mercies all the way to Canada and on to Kelowna. Your lovely home will sell quickly and you will soon be back on the Isla. Enjoy your time together as it is precious.

  3. Deb says:

    Thanks for the update. It looks as if you and Colin are doing great. It is very exciting to be watching , and learning of your experience as you go forward with this big change.
    Safe travels as you get the big wheels rolling.

  4. Cindy says:

    Safe travels home!

  5. Jannose says:

    Looks like things are all coming together for you two! looks like you have lots on your plate over the next few months. I am sure your home will sell very quickly. Safe travels home!

  6. Peter Brenc... (from Maine) says:

    Safe travels! I am about to arrive on the island this Tuesday after a long absence. It would have been nice to visit you guys. I am excited to hear about your new plans for living in Mexico full time.

  7. Genie DeLauro says:

    Hi Contessa: looks like you guys did it! Sorted, packed and stored! I know you are pulling out today. Enjoy the ride and safe travels! ❤️

  8. Evelyn says:

    We just got home from eating the best hamburger I have ever had in my life (here in Mazatlan). Then I see your hamburger picture with the best bun. So funny! I haven’t eaten beef in 15 years but the hamburgers here changed my mind.
    So glad that Carlie is doing much better. I take stomach gel meds too. It is imported from Italy. There are some great meds here not available in the US.
    Safe Travel!

  9. Lucy. says:

    Buen viaje a los cuatro y pronto regreso to your paradise island; got the gut feeling your house by the lake will sell in the blink of one eye. It’s @ beautiful & desirable home. Safe travel to & from Canada.🌺🌿

  10. Maxx Trails says:

    Wow it looks like I am finally able to comment, hopefully this works! I have been following along and love your place in Mexico. So many changes for you both coming up and I hope it all works out like you want.

    Safe travels home!

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