Unwanted Early Morning Intruder

My intent was to publish this post yesterday ( Friday ) evening. But I could not connect to any internet. So please read this post as if you received it last night. Meanwhile I am working on today’s post and will publish it once it is ready.
Colin woke up and heard Carlie scratching at something. It was about 5:30AM. The noise woke me up as well.  By then both girls were frantically sniffing everywhere and clawing at things. Then they began to get frantic and had this strange cry. Their tails were moving so fast that they might’ve fallen off. They were here, they’re there but the scent was strongest in the bedroom in  the bedroom. Colin figured that we had a mouse/rat on board. I stepped on a larger than average turd in the bathroom. The girls were up and off the bed and insisted on getting between the mattress and head of the bed. They went wild. Oh no😥 Does that mean that I had a critter running across the head of my bed and on my pillow last night?
We were in a war zone so no photos were taken. Colin and the girls were up for the day – I went back to bed for another hour. Meanwhile to girls kept going back and forth sniffing. Finally they wore themselves out and had a nap.

At least we didn’t have to ask Russell ( our next door upstairs neighbour ) to catch the mouse.

Today was departure day. Much needed to be accomplished. This was new routine for us and I think we did very well. We could not let the girls out as usual because all the fencing had been removed and put into the bodega. They did look for the mouse but not as frantically.

I am going to miss this view but I will be back.


The plants as you can see are a lot. They will be watered and all we can hope for is that they live. Colin fertilized them two days ago and they were watered again just before we left. Our friends Linda and Russell will keep an eye out for the next few weeks to make sure a watering routine becomes established.
Colin was able to get out of the compound without damaging any overhead wires. I think we had six people directing and all went very well.
The gate was locked and off we went about 10:10AM. We got drove down to the main road with no difficulties. I passed a veggie truck as I was in the lead to discover any potential problems with Colin following in behind. I thought that there was enough space for Colin to drive through. However I never even thought to look up. When we came in last November we had no problems. So I kept going but for the longest time the RV was not coming. I turned around and went back. Talk about rush hour on the Isla. Vehicles were lined up behind their RV as well as those trying to pass in the other direction. By moving over for the veggie truck the top of the RV began hitting wires. Cold said they were slapping against the roof. Our A/C units stick on the roof. Again no photos.
Finally Colin had everyone behind him backup as well, so the veggie truck could pass and then Colin could back up to move to the middle of the road and to avoid the wires.
Colin then went ahead of me, as I had to turn around, but there was so much backed up traffic that it took a while for me to move on. Colin had stopped neat Amailtan so that we were able to attach the Jeep to the RV.

Colin was very concerned that damage had been done to the roof of the RV but fortunately all appeared normal. We were hooked up and heading north by 10:50AM.

Our first stop was at 1:55PM to take the girls out. That was when Colin noticed that ( our custom painted ) fridge vent was missing. Meanwhile inside I was realizing that the fridge was not working. After about then minutes the gas relit itself. Yeah!! However  Colin had to tape cardboard over the vent area to prevent the wind from constantly blowing out the flame. At least the fridge was still functioning.
The girls were fed and I made up egg salad sandwiches for us to eat as we drove. I have to tell you that I needed a glass of wine to eat with my lunch, to calm my nerves. We were back on the road at 2:35PM. Our final stop was Smart Gas in Los Mochis, a first for us. We had to change our usual travel timing and route as we had to be off the Isla earlier in the morning because of traffic, etc. This place will do for a night but it certainly is not our first choice. We stopped at 6PM and drove 275 miles today.

Travelling north in the late afternoon we have the coming coming through out bing windshield. I am using an umbrella to help keep the heat off Ciela. The A/C is working but it can’t keep up with the incoming heat. That is my hand holding the umbrella in the perfect place.

Colin is working to keep Carlie cool.


Oh I need to add, that the girls were not at all interested in finding the mouse once we stopped and put the slides out. We figure it must have left us before we left the Isla or at our only stop for the day. I am overjoyed about that as I was not comfortable about sleeping in our bed tonight.

I love this photo. It shows how we have fully used our site, from our brick boundary on the left to the fence on the right.

 Sorry for the messy blog format. I think because I wrote the post offline yesterday it is not formatting properly. At least now you know how day one of our travel went.  Working on the next post……
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3 thoughts on “Unwanted Early Morning Intruder

  1. Fred Wicks says:

    Have a safe and uneventful trip back home.

  2. Patricia says:

    Yikes, what a day, but from our experience driving our rv we always add 2 – 2.5 hrs to a normal days trip. Thats because we don’t drive over 65 mph and we need to slow down for pot holes and rough roads. Also patrol stops checking for fruit/veggies/rv inspection time and for making WRONG turns! Thats what happens when you don’t listen to your GPS! Hahaha. The truck border time was 5 min. nothing checked just a few questions. Safe travels my friends.

  3. Genie DeLauro says:

    Your space is so empty and lonely looking! Our beautiful property will be there when we return next season. Thanks for photos Contessa❤️🥂

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