Back in the good ol’ USA!

Tonight we are in Ajo, Arizona, staying at the Ajo Golf Course RV Park. All the other RV parks were full and this was all that was open. So happy to be here and have 50AMP ( it is a very dry 95F outside.). Not to mention internet.

It was a much shorter drive day, only 208  miles – which took closer to 6 hours on the road.  However we still had our fair share to bumps and potholes.

We had no problems with either side of the border. However we are worn out and need to decompress as we are driving again tomorrow. I know that some of you worry if you don’t hear from us.

Life is good, other than this very very dry air we are trying to adjust to.

Of course we had an incident or two, Stay tuned for details.

Carlie is doing well thus far.

Thanks for checking in……




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5 thoughts on “Back in the good ol’ USA!

  1. Cindy says:

    Glad your back in the USA! Hope you can get a day or two to regroup while driving home! Safe travels and glad Carlie is doing better!

  2. Lucy. says:

    Wonderful U amigos a returning North smoothly & safely. Carlie’s improved… excellent news. Yes, I bet many of your followers sort of worry about your whereabouts when we don’t know about U guys. Wishing U all 4 take a good resting-time before retaking the North route.🍀🍀🍀🍀

  3. Fred Wicks says:

    Glad your across the border now. Alls well on the Isla since you left. Its getting hot..too hot here now and your timing was perfect up there its sounds like. Safe travels hopefully incident free.

  4. Creigh Gordon says:

    How did you get from Santa Ana to Ajo? On Mx 2?

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