Tonight we are in Quartzsite

Silly me! Did I really think that we would be dry camping in 99F temps? I just wasn’t thinking. We are staying in an RV Park we have stayed at before. The rate was $40.00USD but we were only charged $20.00 plus .50 cents to use Visa. They still had our Passport America number on file but I don’t think that we are still members. Colin did the checking in.

We arrived about 3PM and have had both A/C’s running since then. Now at 7:50PM it is down to 77F. By bedtime we will shut it down and just have open windows, like we did last night.

The weather on the Isla is much cooler with our constant wind. The girls are loving the heat here but I know that we would all prefer to be back in Mexico.

Once again I am worn out. So no blog but all is well. Carlie in on about day 7 of doing well. Our priority with her is to give her her meds on time several times per day.

We spend the time as we drive discussing what we should do first once we get home. So far we are on the same page. Today we only drove 169 miles but it still took over 4 hours as we had a lengthy road construction delay.

Tonight we are having a simple dinner of burgers and salad. I hope to get to bed early. You should be able to figure out  our next stop 😎 We will be staying there for four nights and I will have time to catch up on blog details of the past few days. And hopefully get some down time.



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3 thoughts on “Tonight we are in Quartzsite

  1. Lucy. says:

    Having Airconditioning + internet U guys have made !! US$ 20 instead of US$40 is an excellent deal…enjoy! Sleep tight & happy dreams! 🐥 🐥

  2. Wow, 99F already in April. You’ll be missing the heat when you get home. Hopefully you can get enough rest at your next destination to last you for the rest of the trip.

  3. Croft says:

    My Blogging friend Paula (Shadowmoss) is in Q as well. Too bad you don’t have more time, I know you would like her. Can’t beat $20 per night. Have a safe and incident free trip home.

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