Whats been happening?

Not too many comments. I guess the weekend is a bad time to publish this blog. Anyway I will continue from where I left off. Our first day in Las Vegas was discussed in my last post.

The next three days were a jumble of ordering various things on the computer. At one point we went to the UPS store to return four items from my original order. Colin did a Costco run as well as a wine run to Total Wine. Of course he only purchased what we could drink until we drive into Canada. So nice to have some good wine again. Other than their walks to the dog run area to do their business the girls were happy to just hang out in the RV. The heat did cool down and they were but to spend time outside in the new pen. We did have one day of rain and did it ever cool down. I hadn’t been looking at forecasts so it was a surprise.

Colin took this for you to see what kind of neighbour we had in Vegas at the RV park. Quite the gun. We feel so bad for the 3 large dogs who were never taken out for a walk. They had a pen about 4′ x 5′ with artificial turf for the dogs to pee on. They did pick up but did not hose off the grass. It was so small that the dogs could barely turn around oil the pen.

Colin also visited Beaudry RV to picked up different RV plugs, such as ย a new 50AMP end, male and another female end, a new 30 AMP end, a 30 to 50 and a 15 to 30 AMP. Our 30 to 50 and 50 to 50 ends are fused together. They are 23 years old and were no longer making good connections and over time they fused together. It will be nice to have all new ends moving forward. Colin was surprised at how high the bill came to. When he got back to the RV he asked me to check for the end pieces on Amazon. I ordered them and we got $100.00 plus tax back with the savings.

MacTack. ย We have put a few items into play within the RV which is already making out lives more comfortable. Meanwhile I had a problem with a non Amazon order which I ordered about 16 days ahead of expected delivery. OFF the six items only one arrived. I can’t figure out why each time the order was coming from a different country such as Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Italy. I had been communicating with their customer service all week explaining that come end of day Friday I would not be there to receive the parcels. They refuse to credit my account nor refund the shipping. Now is not the time to deal with this but I will get back to it in a few weeks.

The new fridge vent. The part included the frame which is still there.

We did get the fridge vent and it fits – sort of. Colin had to cut a bit here and there to make if fit properly. No idea right now about painting the vent. At the moment it stands out like a badge of honour. Sadly the microwave replacement glass plate is smaller than the original. We had to pay an extra $50.00 air freight to get it here before we left. The thing is, is that it still works. We can adapt to the new piece.

The new glass plate. The middle part fits but the circumference shelf be at least one inch more.

So it all tuned out just fine but I was stuck inside dealing with the bits and pieces. It really wasn’t a hardship. Plus I was careful to compare what could be ordered on Amazon.ca instead of Amazon.com. So glad that I did that as two lamps were several dollars cheaper as well as a new system to store my dishes and a few other items.

So much packaging for such a small plate.

We left Las Vegas and as we were talking the RV became distracted and went west instead east, Colin had a small problem hooking up the Jeep to the tow brake system win the morning but sorted it out. Always something to deal with. We were finally heading in the correct direction at 12:45 PM, a late departure for us. Diesel at the Sincalir in Alamo was only $3.79 per gallon. We fed and peed the girls and were driving with egg salad sandwiches. We were driving again at 3PM.

As we got closer to Ely, Nevada the air became much cooler. I checked and sure enough the forecast was for a low of 19Fย ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ( fortunately it only went down to 27F ). We pulled into the Mountain Valley View RV Park at 5:50PM for a total drive of 256 miles. Fortunately I had made a reservation and we got the last open pull through site. The sun was shining and the girls loved sleeping on the dash in the warmth of the sun. But once the sun went behind the mountains there was a distinct coolness in the air which was seeping Into the RV.

Our RV was built in California and it was not intended to be in cold climates. All of our windows are only single pain. Colin went out to get out Mr Buddy heater from the basements. The door lost its oil/hydraulic/I don’t really know what and the strut instead of staying up came crashing down on his head. It was one of our largest very heavy basements doors. I think he saw stars and his head was sore ( 24 hours later he is alright but might need to see a chiropractor ). At least we would be warm.

It seemed like ย we had a very long day. The four of us had a nap and woke up in the dark at 8PM. We were warm and I used the oven to heat tuna pies for dinner which added more heat. We were all snuggled in bed by 10:30 PM.

Colin is as he says “just fine”.

Our time in Vegas was productive but not in front of a slot machine.ย ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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11 thoughts on “Whats been happening?

  1. Cindy Mensies says:

    Getting closer!

  2. Lucy. says:

    Contessa, thanks for the update. Glad U all are doing . Amigos you are casi, casi by the lake, YAYYY !! I have looked the weather forecast for Kelowna & the temperatures are on the low range, of course it could go up or, down as well. My regards to the bunch. ๐Ÿ€ ๐ŸŒบ ๐ŸŒฟ ๐ŸŒผ

  3. Lucy. says:

    ” Glad U all are doing well “…๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Nancy Beglaw says:

    Your time in Mexico went SO fast from our perch here in White Rock!! The new spot looks amazing and, of course, you guys do such a great job making it just perfect. It will be interesting to see all you have to arrange in the upcoming months. So much to think about! Safe drive home!

  5. Lucy. says:

    Almost there, uh ? ๐Ÿ’ƒ

  6. KarenW says:

    I’ve seen lots of those microwave plates of varying sizes at Value Village. Cheap!

  7. Colin doesn’t look too happy about the new fridge vent. Maybe an original one can be found somewhere? As to the turntable, the manufacturer of the microwave must have a replacement that can be ordered. I’m sure you will sort it all out as you have done in the past. Hopefully your trip home is uneventful and smooth.

  8. DAVID says:

    I sure hope you were able to go faster than 3 pm……(;+)….Must be a Canada thing…Eh?

  9. Creigh Gordon says:

    I’m guessing that painting the fridge vent in Mexico would be a fraction of what it would be NOB.

  10. Laney says:

    Hola Contessa! Tried emailing you and the link took me to an email option I don’t use. I (we all!) are STILL looking for health insurance in MX. This was just posted – and it pretty much sums up the situation.

    “Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL!
    Craig Ramey ยท
    3 days ago
    Hello everyone, I am a permanent resident and have been here in Queretaro for 5 years now going on 6 years. I have purchased private hospital/health insurance the entire time, although I have Medicare coverage in the US. I just turned 65 last year. For anyone moving to Mexico, my health insurance went from $5324 to $10987 this year, this is in USD. Something to consider if you are thinking of retiring in Mexico. Good luck with the any pre-existing conditions, you will never find affordable insurance or any insurance for that matter.”

    I’ll keep you posted if I ever hear of anything of value – and please let me know if you do.



  11. Catheline says:

    Are you home yet?

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