Who knew???

Sadly the Oilers lost despite playing a point on game. Life happens. There will always be next season.

My desk on a typical day. Thank goodness it is a roll top. And also for sale.

Who knew that when I mentioned last January/February that we had decided on a new and totally different path in our lives, that things would have become so confusing and time consuming?

We will be always love this home.

Seriously did any of you have an idea that this would have developed?

We have made millions of minute decisions, thousands upon thousands of so so decisions and hundreds of insanely serious decisions. They all take time. Even the tiniest decision  –  what should I do with this precious memento from our life together or even a physical memory from before before we even met?

The girls are somewhat bored because of the rainy weather. However it should be much easier selling a home in the rain rather than in the middle of a forest fire.

I can’t count the hours, certainly not the days nor the weeks it has taken us to get to this point in time.  We have had two major garage/yard sales ( another coming July 6th ). I sold a few thousand on Facebook Market Place.

Colin and I certainly had great taste back in the day. Pretty much everything is now called vintage, expensive vintage 😮 . A few weeks ago I had an epiphany – I also am vintage 🙄  But so are the folks around me and they aren’t going to pay vintage prices.

They are so happy when they find a beam of sun.

Then there is our beloved home here on the lake. Everyday we ask each other if we should just keep on as in years past and summer here. No, no, no! We both agree that this is our time. Time to make take a different direction in our future. Perhaps only for ten years or so but we both feel the need for a change and for the freedom this will being to us.

We really did not need the iPhone charger to fall apart!!

I had arranged a play date for the girls but it was just so so.

Thank goodness for friends who shared the Oiler playoffs with us. Quite the shrine they have. Jack was actually a professional hockey player years ago in Europe. He should have been in Edmonton directing the team. I called the mayor of Edmonton but the jet arrived too late. So not to worry, we are having a few moments here and there enjoying life.

I think that we have found our tribe:))

This is where the insanely serious decisions come in. Colin will be closing down Colin Jewall Photo Studios Inc. the end of August. Colin has been a professional photographer since 1983.  His previous career was in engineering. He is firm with his decision. I graduated as a registered nurse ( RN ) in 1973. Then I moved to working for Air Canada, I needed a mental change and the perks were great as I travelled all over the world. Then Colin and I met and wed and I became involved with his company for a while ( over 35 years ) then quit Air Canada. It is now our time, our time to no longer work 20 hour days, the moment to take time for ourselves and explore our freedom.

Meanwhile day to day events have to keep happening. Carlie getting her toes trimmed.

So the major decisions have been made. We will not rent out our home. If need be we will be back next summer to sell it. However we are purging, sorting and selling as if we will not be back here to Kelowna – which is our preference.

Tree trimming.

We have had a number of showings and tomorrow morning is yet another one. Hopefully this will be the one, the buyer who loves our home as much we do.

Window washing outside and inside. Colin has 3 of this same shirt – so yes he does change it daily.

Our future holds so many possibilities and we have several plans as to what we wish to do. They are all off the charts and we can hardly wait.

Some lovely folks purchasing two file cabinets.

The Universe keeps tempting us. This appeared in my inbox yesterday. So wonderful and tempting but we need a few free years before we commit. Now that decision took us all day to decide that no – just not right now. But oh such a sweet deal for for one of my blog readers. Check this link out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/873553979751061/user/1157702888/

We have had so much to deal with day by day that we have both been overwhelmed. I regret not being able to share with you as often as normal. Often I fall asleep at the computer and then eat a meal Colin prepared and then go to bed,  The last few mornings I have have slept in to 10 AM.

Sounds like perfection to me……..soon…….

So what we have to sell at the moment is listed online. That has taken a bit of pressure off so that I don’t have to be listing daily. We have met so many wonderful people through this selling. Yes we are selling everything as we don’t have extra room in the RV.  I was quoted $200.00 CAD for a 20 X 24 X 16 inch tall bin – PER BIN. Perhaps I am wrong but this seems like a lot to ship with a private citizen going from here to the Isla in a pick up truck.

Thank you all for being there for me. You have no idea how much you are appreciated and how you have kept me going this past month.


Maybe tomorrow my friends….

We are all fine and that includes Carlie. Still deciding on her treatment but at the moment she is comfortable and very happy. I know because of the amount of daily face kisses and licks.

It has been an intense few weeks but good decisions have been made and we are progressing. No more showings nor offers but we have had nothing but rain and cool temps. Positive that will change soon. Still running the furnace and fireplace daily. My cataracts have worsened so I can’t drive and need to limit my computer time. I am now on a waitlist for the surgery.

I have tons of thoughts and photos to share. Coming soon. I have tried a few times but was just too tired to continue. Yesterday the to do list actually included the blog.

Wishing this will be me this weekend.

About to head into the bath before a great dinner planned by both of us.  The girls have been sleeping with us every night so they are comforted.