Every day is so different from the previous one

Thank you all so much for your comments, they keep me wanting to share more with you. We are slowly getting set up. When on Isla time it takes much longer to accomplish every task. But at the same time that means that we are relaxing.

I was sent this photo showing how the lake is beginning to freeze back home. Sorry I can’t make this photo larger.

I spoke with a few new RVers to the park earlier today and we all agreed that no matter what your plan for the day is, it will change.

As you can see we had to block off the wall or the girls would escape. They really love their yard here.

Yesterday I had my first wonderful massage by Katia. I always book her for 90 minutes. Katia was able to fix most of my back issues. However she was very concerned about my right knee ( yes the one that I had meniscus surgery on in January 2020 ). It is about two and a half times the size of my left knee and feels very tight. So I am back on Ibuprofen and icing as often as I can. Ferne loaned me one of her copper knee sleeves. I am of course keeping it elevated and am not walking, well trying not to.

Just before sunset yesterday, we heard quite the noise backside ( not water side ). This RV was towed in by a large tractor and parked behind us.

Sadly we recognized it. Immediately after KM 21 on November 13th, we saw this RV parked up at a mechanics shop. Shortly thereafter we stopped at an Oxxo for me to reactivate Colin’s cell with our Telcel SIM card. 300 MXN/ 21.00CAD for 30 days and 4G’s will get us started. This is the first time that we will have two cell phones in Mexico. So at this same Oxxo stop I encountered a couple having trouble with the exchange rate and just simply figuring things out in general. Sadly it turns out they they were the owners of the same RV we had seen parked at the mechanics. I couldn’t dally too long as we had to press on. I did give Marilyn a stern lecture about how very important it is to watch for topes and gave her some suggestion on being safe. However I continued to think about this couple everyday wondering how they had managed and now here they are parked behind us. So today when I spoke with her she realized who I was. I was pleased to discover that she writes a blog. Click here to find her blog and to read for yourselves about how the topes knocked them down not once but twice 😥  However they have persevered. If you spend a bit of time on Marilyn’s blog you will see that she is a true survivor in many ways. She is quite the lady. I wish her all the best in her futures travels.

Lovely sunset last night.

Colin took the girls to the south end of the beach today and they were so very very much better behaved than last year. Wish I had been there. Soon I hope. He had his hands full, so no photos.

There was even a party cruise boat in the bay for the sunset.

Yes I will share the guacamole recipe with you. However I wrote half of it down and Patricia the other part. I just have to catch her at her site here in the park to confirm the complete recipe. It is their first time here so they are going everywhere all at once.

Colin and I had noticed two Sea-Doo’s going at full speed and almost colliding twice. Where did they come from? No idea. However they made a grand exit via a tractor puling them onto a trailer. Then up the beach they went, toward Estrella??

This is a long weekend here in Mexico. Revolution Day. Click here to get a bit more information.

This was my cover page from the blog that I started back in 2010.

Now that I have been forced to change to an entirely new blog format I felt the need to continue the sunflower motif. Only one of you have made a comment re this current sunflower photo. I am open to your suggestions as to a header page. Let me know your thoughts.

Stayed tuned for another day in our life……..