Yesterday, Monday, startled us awake!

How many of you have had a generator parked next to you that was strong enough to run a large hospital?

This was the generator truck that started at 6:00AM yesterday ( Monday  the 5th ) and ran all day until 7:00PM.

With no previous knowledge we learned that a movie was being filmed directly in front of us.

The trucks ran all behind RV1 to past Cordon’s.

Wardrobe.  Another truck was makeup, another had showers and toilets and on and on. They were all supplied electricity from the generator next to us.

Meanwhile in front we suddenly had six sea-doos going back and forth.

We were a captive audience. So much activity. I vaguely recall reading within the past few months on the Isla de la Piedra Facebook page that extras were being sought for a movie. The turquoise Rubicon Jeep had been up and down the beach for a few days. Now we know why. It was actually in one of the scenes.

Various props were built here and there. In fact the first scene of the day and the last towards sunset were filmed closer to the shrimp farm up the beach. I actually walked there today:) And they were filming up there again.

Mid screen you can see the large white reflector screen, that is where the current action was being filmed.

This is what was behind the Jeep. The production crew catching all the film angles, sound, lighting, etc. It has been unusually humid the past few days. It is 90% humidity at 7PM locally at this very moment. Note the fan top right area.

They had a bullhorn, sound boom, lights and all you could expect. I even heard the word “action”! Pronounced slightly differently in Spanish.

Despite the heat and humidity these gaffers had to move their lighting equipment all over the beach. The cameras were on huge tripods that moved in the deep sand.

Time to move the production “tent” closer to the next scene directly on the water.

This scene required the sea-doos to do their thing.

About 4PM we went into our RV and were overwhelmed with the smell of exhaust inside. Instant headache. So Colin shut the widows and turned on the A/C. Besides the smell, the generators were an irritation with their constant hummmm.

What a special day for us to experience.

There has been so much happening in the past week that I can’t keep up with the blog. Lots more to come. Life on the Isla is indeed paradise.

Last night.








Great Day!!

This Friday started with a 90 minute massage. However Katia had to give the girls some loving first.

My knee is better so I wandered around today and did a wee bit of visiting.

Later in the afternoon I did a full set of my exercises, thank you all for getting me going. It was not easy but I thought of each one of you and pushed through. However I only did the one set, tomorrow I will strive for two sets, am and pm 😎

Wow, just wow!

Last month of the year

Hard to believe it is already December. One month left in 2022. Was it just me or did the year fly by?

One of my hibiscus that survived the two hurricanes.

Thank you all so very much for your positive reinforcement of my exercise program. For the first time since November 8th I had an online session this afternoon with my kinesiologist. Got a few repeats to continue with and some new ones to work on. She is also working on helping me strengthen my knee. Which by the way, is more improved today than yesterday.

Our first oriole this winter season.

A few photos from a day as seen from our RV site here on the Isla.

Life just passes by us. Walkers, a bather, a horse and cart with folks enjoying the ride and of course a few musicians. Oh and the sailboat.

Colin sitting there watching all the activity as he sits with his girls and enjoys his morning coffee and muffin along with some sweet pineapple and papaya.

Four shrimp boats waiting to come into port but they had to wait as there were two cruise ships at dock.

A new coleus for me. Carol this is what your colourful plants are.

Looks like a brick works very well as a pillow for a nap in the sun.

How many can fit under one umbrella? Both girls on the left joined the family.

So happy to finally see some pelicans, there have not been many of late.