It was a huge leap – mentally

Is that a 70 in my tiara? Thank you for this photo Karen.

Colin wanted to have a special celebration for my 70th. Of course he could not do all the preparation on his own so it was not a surprise for me.

It was supposed to be an outdoor event. However it rained and rained and the wind would not stop. We were prepared to have the event outside. But instead we were scrambling to host 30 people inside of our home. The couple on the right were surprise guests for me. Colin was full of surprises all weekend. We were surprised that we could sit 30 in this tiny house.

There were a variety of guests including new neighbours that we had not yet met.

I turned 70 on May 22nd which is a Federal Canadian pubic holiday. It is always a holiday on my special day. The girls did very well with all the people in the house. The girls did have their tails tucked under but we took turns giving them attention.

Of course I had a 70th tiara along with a “70 & Fabulous ” sash. So much fun.

Ciela found a comfortable lap.

Between Bob & Jack Is our TV which Colin programmed with over 300 photos of the two of us, mostly our travels over the years.  I still haven’t seen them all. What a wonderful surprise.

The appetizers included crab roll ups, shrimp Swedish meatballs, a spinach dip. a pepperoni and cheese plate, etc. Chilean white and red wine were available. Anyone who wanted something else to drink brought their own.

Dinner included a variety of donated salads ” potato salad, coleslaw and Caesar salad “, pork ribs, and catered lasagna and cabbage rolls. Much too much food and a great meal was had by all. A very special thank you to Dianne who not only helped Colin create even more surprises, hid the cake and helped in the kitchen. Muchas gracias amiga.

Chocolate cake with yummy icing.

Later the limoncello came out. Here I was being told to chug a lug. I complied but prefer to sip this drink. Carlie was safe with me but couldn’t  figure out all the noise.

It was very noisy because of our glass house and high ceilings.

Yeah another surprise by Colin, a huge board of photos of who else but me:)

What a wonderful birthday. The last person left at 10PM. Hopefully I can do it again in another 70 years.

Trying hard to get this blog back up and running

There have been a few test posts of late. I received emails that the comment section of my blog was not working. Others said that they were no longer receiving notice of a new post by Follow It. It has been very difficult trying to pin point the problem.

Carlie was fast asleep with Carlie groomed her.

So can you all please help me. Let me know if you are receiving an email with the link to my new post? Let me know if you are no longer reaching an email re a new post that I have published? FYI you can still always get my last by going to However if you are no longer getting that new post reminder please let me know.

This is the only time I have seen this happen.

If appears that the post I wrote on May 19th may have been the culprit. It has since been reposted on May 23rd. Click here for a link to that post. Did you all see that one? Did you try and comment and were unable to?

Over a week ago we were treated to a surprise visit by the Canadian Snowbirds.

I hope that you can read that last post as it was bringing you totally up to date.

The snowbirds even did a few passes and included a few of their stunts. They simply stopped here to fuel up.

The sunset was behind me but these clouds were reflecting the sun in the east.

It was a beautiful sunset.

My last bit of health news is that I do NOT have Valley Fever 😀 That is good news. I am still coughing but much less. Hopefully it will all work itself out by the end of the summer. In other good news we all went for a long walk yesterday and today and I am fine with it. Not saying that I can do it every day, but certainly more often than not.

We have a few pots of veggies growing in our yard this year. Only 3 tomatoes but more in the garden. The two smaller pots on the left hold pepper basil and cilantro. We then have 3 pots of a variety of lettuces growing. Have caught the girls snacking off the lettuce in the pots, they love it.

In other news. Colin finally got the RV windshield replaced. This was the third attempt and all went well. It has taken a year as it got cracked last April  2022 as we drove back from Mexico and the USA. Fortunately we only had to pay $250.00 deductible for the one windshield.

We went to a one hour magician show the 20th. It was excellent, a full hour of non stop laughs.

Our garden is growing very very well. We are already eating fresh lettuce out if it. Unlike last year we have no visible insects eating the tomatoes or the beans.

Lovely rainbow display the other day.  I hope the double rainbow means luck and this blog will post perfectly and you all will be able to see it.


Checking things off the list

Originally posted May 19. Trying again today with a change on the title/


~ this was to be my Mothers Day post. So belated Happy Wonderful Mothers Day Wishes to each of you. How about we make Mothers Day last a week this year 😆 I really did think about many of you and wondered how your day was going. I hoped that you all had a wonderful special day full of love and some special moments.

√ Colin keeps doing his exercises with Ciela’s help. His physical issues have eased somewhat with the visits to the Summerland chiropractor. Thus far I still have neck issues.

~ last week I thought that I was ahead of this game of life and on track to post more often and to read your posts daily not just once a week. Once again life intervened. I wonder if by getting older that all my faculties begin to slow down. The mind is willing but time is passing much too quickly and I can’t keep up. Part of the problem is that at 8:30PM it is still light outside unlike the Isla that is dark by 6PM.  There is a special reason that this week is over the top crazy busy and you shall find out in the next few days.

A week ago we had to endure chilly temps before Mother Nature decided to send us some heat, the girls cuddled up in front of the heater behind my desk every morning.

They are definitely twins. No matter how often we see them together we still always have a smile on our faces.

√ Check that I am back to kinesiology and into a great routine with daily exercises. I was so happy to see that I had not lost much over the past 2 months that I had stopped. Don’t know if you knew that, but my constant coughing just about did me in and I have been so tired. It feels wonderful to be on track again.

And then the heat came out.The snow pack melt is increasing the level of the lake, but that did not last more than a few days and the beach reappeared with the hot weather. I guess that the water is evaporating. Ciela was down the stairs and climbing all over the rocks.

Colin was supervising. She had no interest in going into the cold lake. Thank goodness!

√ My face is almost healed but I still have many brown spots. But as I get older who cares? I will continue my leg vein treatment twice per year as that is important to my health.

~ We had a few days of lovely hot weather, perfect temperatures with blue skies and then the smoke started to come in. Four days straight now. We could barely see across the lake.Yesterday children in school were kept inside due to the smoke. No recess. I read an interesting article yesterday about how on March 23rd La Nina said adios and now El Nino is in charge of the weather patterns. Yes more heat in certain areas but over the top heat 😥 Life as we know it is changing much quicker that we expected and we are now fully involved in all these new and record breaking events .Click here to read the article. It really is worth five minutes of your time.

√ The Honey Locust needed to be trimmed and Colin was unable to get up on a ladder to do it this spring. Thank goodness he agreed to hire someone.

I called every tree trimmer in the book. Only one returned my call and he happened to be driving home from Vernon passing our place and said he would stop in to check out the situation. He nor us had the very tall ladder needed but Kolin ( almost Colin ) said that its always best to climb the tree itself. Colin had the tools that Kolin needed to do the job.

He certainly got the job done. Timing was important as this tree needs to be trimmed in the spring before it begins to leaf out. I was a bit shocked about the price as it was $100.00 more then expected. However he did it when it needed to be done and it would be two weeks before he could get back to us. Later one other tree guy returned my call and his charge was the same price. Win for us √

The tree certainly got a trim! Kolin even bundled the branches into small clumps with twine that the park took away a few days later.

√ Colin got the garden all ready for planting. We shopped for flowers and veggie plants last May10th ( the date of my last post ). √ The next day we planted the flowers in the yard and Colin planted the tomatoes in the yard and in the garden. √ Together we planted our seeds May 12 & 13th.  √√ Colin told me this morning that every single seed appears to be coming up.

√ I think it was just before last weekend that we ( Colin ) started to pull things out for the patio, etc.

√ The pots are ready for our flowers to grow. The girls have not started to pull out my plants yet. Since they have been planted we endured high temps ( which I love ) and then so much smoke from the forest fires that we could not see across the lake and last night a huge thunder storm with lots of lightening. We have almost no smoke today.

√ So back to me and my health. We have made the long drive to Summerland to see the chiropractor three times thus far. Colin is improving but my neck is not. Somedays I can move it and others I can’t. We did get to visit the odd leash dog park each again which was fun but the girls are spoiled and want waves and warm water to play in. But my neck remains an issue as does my coughing.

√√ Finally got my chest xray done and my long awaited knee xray. As expected my chest is clear but my right knee is showing worsening osteoarthritis. No she will not send to an orthopaedic surgeon but is instead sending me to a sports medicine doctor 😮 I have no idea how long the wait will be. But I insisted on getting a requisition for the blood work for Vally Fever. I did that last Friday and am still awaiting the results.

√ A true sign of spring. However we have not seen them for several days. I did see my first family of ducks this morning.

√ Yet another sign of spring. We have had a robin in our large tree for a few weeks now but I don’t see a nest.

√ Definitely a sign that summer is on its way.

I see how much I have accomplished in the last nine days 🙄 No wonder I haven’t had time to read a book 🙄

Submitted for the blog by Colin.

A bit of this and that

I saw this somewhere online. What can I say, glad that someone got the photo.

Life goes on. It seems that we are quite occupied each day. Sounds like it is time to start planning to go back to the Isla 😎

We all want to be in our special spot. For certain we will be staying at least 5 months next season.

Just this past Monday we went for yet another chiropractic appointment in Summerland. We were both still ‘out’. I wish   that we could just fly to see my wonderful chiropractor in Edmonton and spend only 2 days and 1 night but we don’t have an extra $1400.00 to do that right now. Fingers crossed that this guy will be able to help us. I had looked up off leash dog parks in the area and there happened to be just the one and it was an off leash dog beach. It was much larger than expected and very nice.

I thought that the girls would go wild like on the Isla but no, they just very politely checked the place out.

They did try to escape the fence in area – of course.

A really lovely area.

Needless to say they did not stay still for long. The water was much too cold for them to even tip toe into.

So many shades of spring blooms everywhere.

Sometimes I have problems bringing the blinds back up. I probably pull the chain too fast. Fortunately I have Colin to sort things out.

Big decision but for the first time since we moved here in 2003 Colin has decided to start taking care of our lawn as he has more time. He purchased this wonderful mower for $80.00. For the last few years we have been paying $35.00 per cut ( $140.00 per month ). We are already ahead of the game. Great deal and Colin is doing a fantastic job. The lawn looks better than ever. We made a deal with our original lawn guy to keep doing the thatching in the spring and to fertilize as need. Perfect. Also if we are away he will cut the lawn for us.

May 2nd sunrise – in the east!!

May 2nd sunrise – in the south. We certainly live in an interesting  area. Thank goodness took these. Of course I was still asleep.

Stunning photo but so sad that this is because the forest fires have already started.






Now that was a full moon

Just a few days ago on Wednesday May 3rd Colin and I both tried our hand at some special photos that evening.

Last Wednesday we had a lovely sunset. I was happy with this photo.

Then I turned around and saw the moon. The swallows were out doing a ballet in the sky.

I that thought this photo was just okay but I asked Colin to please indulge me and do a much better one.

Much better, mucho gracias mi amor.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. It was raining and chilly here so we stayed inside and cuddled with the girls.

We have shut down the fireplace for the season but they were happy enough just enjoying the heater behind where I sit at my desk.


Que sera sera!

I am no longer going to apologize for when I don’t post. Actually this is a good time for you to subscribe by email to my blog, that way you will be sure to get each and every post that I write. Top right corner of the post. I have all these plans of to do’s for the day including posting, but I am just having to go with the flow. Please hang in there with me.

In my last post I said …life is not perfect it but it could always be worse. We are happy with where we are at the moment. Well if we could get just have a bit more heat from the sun then life might even be perfect. Well life did get somewhat worse. However we do have heat and sunshine. Blue sky and sun can’t help but make one feel better. Well if you add in a beach and waves, that would be perfection.

The girls have been sticking close to each of us.

We were relaxed and enjoying life day to day when we both had an issue. Colin who had worked in the garden in the last post developed an extremely painful back. He actually is no better today ( 11 days later ). So the day we had the window washer in – gosh he did a wonderful job, totally perfect but for $300.00 it should be. This company does not do screens, they are an additional $5.00 each. We have 19 screens but our response was that we would do them ourselves. Colin was unable to mange on his own so I helped him. Near the end of the four hours that Cody was here he wanted to move my computer and computer table further away from the window. I went to help him and of course fell ( this was my second fall in the past 4 days.). I ended up with my head hitting the window and other damage to my chest and rear end.

Colin has been taking several short naps per day and the girls are always on him, protecting him.

The next day I could not move my neck in either direction. So Friday the 28th we headed to Vernon to see our chiropractor – this would be Colin’s 3rd visit with her and my first. We both suffered over the weekend.  In July of 2018 ( thank you dear blog for having this information for me to refer to) while camping in Clearwater, BC,  we met a couple who gave us a card for an excellent chiropractor in Summerland – a 90 minute drive in each direction from where we live. We were more than happy with our Vernon chiropractor but she was not helping us in these extreme painful circumstances. So Colin drove to Summerland on his own on May 1st and we both went again on the 2nd. We are still in pain and it will take time for our bodies to start to heal now that they have adjusted.

The girls have gotten a walk, sometimes short, most days.

I quite like the doctor, he has been in business for over 30 years. Colin’s issues are his issues but I always share my ‘stuff’ with you all. He gave me the most thorough examination that I have ever had. He was shocked that my back was straight, totally straight, I do not have a curve to my back like you all do, that S curve. He discovered that the right side of my neck was stuck and could not turn, it was locked and pushed forward. In the middle of my back certain vertebrae could not fully open and close and interlock as they should be, there was a blockage. Movement was impeded. Also my right pelvis was locked and when I walked the right hip could not move. Hmm I wonder if that is the reason I keep falling and also have so much pain in my right knee 😮 Perhaps I won’t be falling so much now.

Was totally done at the end of the treatment and as we drove the 90 miles home I could feel my body reacting to the many adjustments that I had receiver. Best of all I could move my neck a few inches in each direction. This moving there is a tiny bit of improvement. The doctor told me that I likely have been this way for some time and it will take a while to heal.

Carlie’s eyes just draw you in.

He did give me permission to use our vibration machine, to walk and for me to get back to my kinesiology exercises. Sadly I have let them lapse since early March when my cough began. I finished the two week cortisone inhaler which did help a bit but I still am coughing. I have repeatedly asked for the Valley Fever bloodwork to be done.The last conversation I had was this past Monday with the locum at my GP’s office. She was very bottom line and said that Valley Fever was not treated in Canada and that there was no protocol for it 😥 Not true, I made several phone calls and there is a protocol and a blood test which is paid for by our medical system. All I need is the requisition. I am having another meeting with my doctor tomorrow morning for that request.

The results of all my income tax work for both us and the company. Pay, pay and pay more.

Meanwhile I still have not heard anything about my knee X-ray. The locum said it might be 6 – 8 weeks. At this rate I doubt that I will be seeing a specialist soon. Remember that I paid to have the knee xray and the MRI done while in Mazatlan but the Canadian system will not accept those documents so I have to start all over again. However the locum doctor insists on a chest x ray re the Valley Fever 😮 . That is a complete waste of time and money. So I asked for them to send the paper work to Vernon which should not take as long and to please add on my knee x-ray. I will be having the x-rays next Tuesday.

Love these chocolates.

I saw something online that I thought my help my cough. It is called AirPhysio and I ordered it. It really works. Yesterday was the first time that I could take a deep breathe, I suggest that any of you that have respiratory issues have a look at the link. Kudos to those in Australia who invented this device.

They usually sit on me from 5 – 7PM and again after we eat dinner. I think we are spoiling them, they are certainly spoiling us.

I am tired of writing about being unwell but It needs to be documented. Yesterday I actually did start my exercise program again. The veins in my legs look good and my face just has some barely pink spots. It’s time to get out walking and join the world again 😎

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope ( and need ) to be back on track soon.

Meanwhile anyone looking for a new RV think about this one 😀