November catch up!

Where has the month gone? We arrived here two weeks ago yesterday. And of course 17 days ago is when I injured my right knee. It was better yesterday and again today. I started my kinesiology exercises three days ago. A different soreness but overall better. I have an online session booked with my therapist for tomorrow 😎  If I don’t get back into the program soon I will be so tempted to ditch the entire thing and just sit around. Hint, hint, I am asking for support and encouragement 😳

About four days later we had our first happy hour this season.

Not normal for us but there was an accomplished guitarist here in the park who was leaving the next day.  Marilyn plays a twelve string guitar.

Sadly it was Grey Cup Day and folks came and left and came back.

Colin played his classical music at first and later backed up new comer Bruce.

Colin accompanied Marylin for a few songs.

Doxies basking in the sun.

I found this product on Amazon.

The product is safe for the environment and animals ( ?? ) but not humans!!!!!! It was suggested that a mask and gloves be worn and so Colin did. It seems to be working thus far. You have to Google the product for the details.

Sorry not a clear photo ( my fault ). This is a hole where we planted our latest bougainvillea.

The girls dug  it out of the soil. I had hoped that it would live in this glass of water, but it did not.

…they ate most of the roots.

The replacement ( I really liked the colour of the first one ). It is now protected from over active doxies.

Not sure what day this was but yet another gift from Mother Nature.







Fun at the beach!

We arrived here November 15th. On November 17th we all went to the beach for the first time. However Colin dropped me off at El Velero’s on the way back and carried on to hose off the salt on the girls and to dry them and leave them in the RV. He came back and we enjoyed our visit with some new people here in RV1. I wrote back then that the music got me up to dance. Note to self, you are too old to do the twist. 

I was feeling better just two days ago on Friday November 26th and so I went to the far end of the beach with my family. It was too much for me.  I wrote about this the other but I wanted to set the stage for these photos. We had a wonderful time. I have been a good girl and iced and used heat the past two days. I am on the mend 😉 I really miss being on the beach everyday.

The tide is low and there is lots of space for the girls to run around. They are not taking off this year. but we are still using a dragging leash for now. They go for two long runs and then they slow down and just run a short distance and come back.

At this far end of the beach ( towards Mazatlan ) there is much to be explored.

So many new sniffs. Colin is holding a plastic bag with some of their daly kibble to use as a treat to get them to come back. They each get a tiny piece on a return and lots of praise.

Ciela has spotted a crab going in and out of the surf.

She is one wet and sandy puppy.

They kept heading back along the rocks and into the small waves.

But always come back to us to get that piece of kibble. We don’t use treats as they have too many calories.

The white house in the middle of the above phone is being rented by long time friends Nancy & Randy. Hard to see but they are standing on their patio under that first palapa watching all of our activity. They used to RV here at Tres Amigos and we have remained friends ever since. How long ago was that Nancy? The large white house on the left is being built by other friends from RV2.





My snap, crackle and pop are missing!

I thought that I was almost ‘fixed’ but my knee is still giving me grief. We all actually went to the beach together for a bit yesterday but it was too much for me, even though we drove to the end of the beach so minimal walking. Hopefully I will have those fun photos for you tomorrow or the next day. I am a bit behind in my blogging. Sitting at the computer aggravates my knee 😥

Last night we had a different sunset.

This is how it started.

We were surprised to see a banana boat out there so late. What caught our attention was the ( tractor just above the palapa on the right ) pulling in the boat and also pulling in the actual banana. The tide had changed.

The moon in the upper left.

The colours were a deep orange.

All four of us are still enjoying every single moment of every bit of the day. Many new friends here in the park. We have not one single complaint 😎 Happy to be in paradise.


Best sunset thus far

I have been busy enjoying paradise. However I have also been nursing a sore right knee. It was sore enough that I thought I had torn another meniscus. However sitting and elevating my leg has helped. Poco a poco. Sitting at the computer is not good for me at the moment. I am using both gel packs and heat.

The girls are doing great at the beach as per Colin. I only went the first time.

We have had two musical happy hours. Not planned but they had to happen, more on that next post. The universe just seems to be directing what we are doing. Life can’t be much better. Most is important is that we are happy. More details on the last few days very soon.

This sunset photo essay is dedicated to my very very special friends who live in Virginia. Sandy and Rex I thank you for becoming a part of our lives. I thank you for always being there for us with your encouragement, support and traveling mercies. Sending you special hugs. We are so looking forward to seeing you both early 2023.

Last Friday, November 18th, we were were treated to a very special show by Mother Nature. This is what I first saw and the rest simply emerged from the sky.

None of this has been photoshopped. What you see is exactly what happened and what my camera captured.


Yesterday was a big day for all of us

Carlie was so tired Wednesday that she was having a nap on the bath mat while her dinner was being prepared. I startled her taking the photo.

Yesterday, Thursday, was their first beach day. I purchased wider 20′ leashes that they have to drag around and it keeps them from going too far too fast.

They loved it of course.

They are a year older and much calmer now. Back and forth a few times seems to be enough. No more barking at the top of their lungs.

Of course I kept giving them a treat ( a piece of their kibble ) to give them the incentive to turn around and come back on their own.

Carlie still loves the small waves.

Not too many paws on the sand.

We think they are ready for the long end of the beach. Still on leash for now. Then they will be free to run and run.

Colin dropped me at El Valeros’s for the Thursday night live rock and roll music by Cannon.  I have a sore right leg and said I was not going to dance at all. However there are certain songs that like magic make you get up and suddenly you are on the the dance floor. In this case, barefoot in the sand. Colin joined me after returing the girls home from the beach.

My two new besties, Kelly and Michelle. Sadly Michelle and Ray left for Rincon today but they will be back.

Obviously a great time was had by all.

We all got home and then there was a knock on the RV, Michelle was about to start a cooking demonstration on how the make the best guacamole ever. It was fabulous 😛

Taking notes.


A fun end to the evening.


So happy to be back in paradise

Another sunrise yesterday.

Lucky snap shot.

Yesterday our first glimpse of the ocean just past Celestino at the look out.

Coming down the road before we turn left and to the RV park. Two cruise ships in yesterday.

The girls seem to be smelling the salt air and are beginning to wonder where they are.

“Hey this is the horse road, the park is just ahead”

We were supposed to take the girls to the beach today but life got in the way of that. Without planning it we got our stuff out of the bodaga and got the dust screen up as well as the dog fence.

Yesterday we caught Ciela jumping on top of a stool sitting on top of another stool. That should have given me a clue that she was going to jump the wall today.

A dog pen fence had been set up earlier, however we had no idea that the girls were able to jump the wall and walk along it and then take off. They have grown are now much longer/taller and hence can jump up.They got us into trouble today. So Colin had to restructure the fence where we normally don’t have one. A bit of this and a bit of that. RV 2 held a welcome happy hour today at 4:30PM ( really nice of them ). We were both just too tired to go. My energy level is almost zip and I am still in pain. Fortunately our wooden steps that came out of storage today are very helpful to me getting into out of the RV.

Today they enjoyed running back and forth along the length of our site, multiple times and lots of wrestling. They were free to move out of the RV. Hah, wait till they get to the beach,

Three RV’s came into RV1 yesterday and another three today. David the manager has more RV’s wanting to be here than there are available sites. What is happening is that those who are passing through and staying only a week or so now want to spend the winter here. I was surprised to discover the David has over 100 reservations for April 😯  The solar eclipse is happening and this is the place to be.

Yesterday I napped thru the sunset but Colin recorded this for all of us.

I really hate to write this but the truth must be told. We are bad parents 😳 I told Colin that it was time to give the girls their lunch. That is when he realized he had never given them breakfast. We feel so very badly. Neither of them indicated to us that we had messed up. But we were distracted by what was happening around us and likely missed their signals.

I took this one tonight.

A beach visit has not yet happened. I wanted to take them the first day but Colin thought it best to wait until today for a variety of reasons. Because of the kind of day we had, when in Mexico you have to go with the flow, the beach never happened. Tomorrow will revolve around the chocolates.

We are happy with where we are at in our set up. No reason to rush and get it all done as we have in the past. Time to stop and watch the waves. Plus my body is old and sore. However I am positive that that is going to change.

Love of all your comments and emails. Wish that you could all be here with me.


Yeah we made it!!

No problems whatsoever. All is well and paradise is still here. However I am exhausted ( as are the girls). Can you believe I napped through sunset? The girls are happy and barely barking due to a device I am using. We parked and set up for four hours than we relaxed with wine and lunch outside.

I know how some of you worry so this is to let you know that we are 100%.

Tomorrow there will photos and more details.

Looks like everyone here is in bed at 8:10PM. Next it is dinner for us and then an early bedtime.


Hasta mañana

Almost home

Saw this interesting vehicle near Santa Ana yesterday.

Thank you for all of your comments and emails. Email replies will have to wait until I get to the Isla manana. Wow I have had three different RV’s today asking me about staying at Tres Amigos this winter.

Ciela slept this way yesterday with her head on one paw and the the other paw folding her ear over. She stayed in that position for over two hours and then I lost track of the time. It really was very cute.

Last night at the Fletcha. We had to wait an hour for a site to open for us to spend the night. Very shortly after we parked we had friends who are in Totonaka for a month show up for a quick visit. We had purchased a few grocery items for them while in Vegas.  It was not very hot and we did not need to use the portable generator ( nor did we tonight). We knew that Ferne was being us traveling with friends in their RV but thought she was going to Totonaka. Instead she came to where we were. Fortunately there was room to park her behind us and the other couple parked behind the light stand.

Our messy set up for a truck stop. I had no idea that we would have had five visitors in a truck stop sitting inside with us. That is why you had a mini post yesterday. Once they left we finally made dinner and I barely had enough energy to do that short post.

My second sunrise in as many days.

Today we drove 312 miles. Only 194 miles to go. We were so happy to discover that the roads are the best they have been in at least four years. However there is a small percentage that needs to be paid attention to re pot holes. I may or may not go into further detail but the best of all is that the border between Sonora and Sinaloa has been paved 😀 At least one side of the two lanes has been paved most of the way. Looking forward to checking out the Culiacan/Mazatlan maxipista tomorrow.

Our mini caravan, I did not include the other couple and their RV as I do not have their permission.

Fabulous sunset from our favourite Pemex at KM75.

Early to bed, early to rise and the sooner we will get to our winter home.


A fun end to the day

We had no issues coming in to Mexico nor with the required paperwork required to get in.
The day started at 7:15AM and 281 miles later we arrived at the Fletcha station about 3:40PM. We had to wait almost an hour for a site to open up. I had to drive the RV in as Colin directed me.
About 4:15PM Dianne and Bob, our neighbours who live across the street from us in Kelowna, dropped by for a very quick visit. They had asked us to pick up a few groceries for them.This is their first time driving to Mexico and currently are staying with other neighbours (from our street back home), at Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos.
It gets dark about 5:30 PM so Bob needed to leave before it did. Just about an hour later my good friend, Ferne, showed up with her friends ( their first time in mainland Mexico ).This truck stop was full full full. It wasn’t too long after dark that Colin noticed what he thought was Ferns’ RV coming in. It was. So we put her behind us  and her friends parked behind another semi that had extra space in be
Then once settled they all came over for a drink.  Finally about 8:45 PM we were able to make a quick dinner for ourselves.
So as I am much too tired to do a proper post with photos etc, this mini version will keep you updated. I promise to add a few details tomorrow.
Gosh I just woke up without publishing this post  Photos to come.

Our last night in the USA

We all slept well last night. Because of the new microwave there is no room for the girl’s crate in the bedroom so for now they are sleeping with us. Once we get settled on the Isla they will be back to their crate at night. Hope the next few nights do not become a habit.

A truly wonderful morning.

The sun was on the dash so the girls both moved down to the bed between us.

The plan is for then to travel this way. They are both so very relaxed,

Great driving day today, only 78 miles.  We left Picacho at 12:20 noon and were totaly set up by 2:10PM. We are at DeAnza RV Resort in Amado and only 28 miles north of the Mexican border. Many stay for the winter but for us it is a place to dump our grey and black tanks and to fill the water tank. We have no idea what the road ahead holds for us so we are prepared. Colin did the outside things today while I set up the inside. Plus I switched out USD fo MXN as well as maps, etc. I even put money aside in an envelope for diesel fuel and another envelope for the tolls. I have all the paperwork ready for the Mexican authorities including pens and small change for the copy machine if needed. My clothes are all ready or the morning.

Today was the second day in a row that I found this maraca on the floor of the bedroom. It has been shaken out of its travel spot twice now. I think that there is message being sent to me or us. What do you think?

I only need to finish this post and then we can eat and get to bed early. There is a good chance that I will see a sunrise tomorrow.

The girls really enjoyed Picacho Peak and cried when we left. They seemed happy there and here as well.  The girls got two walks this morning and three here before their dinner. They were tired and bored in Las Vegas. So next year a maximum of two weeks in Vegas. We love the RV park and it is a great place to stock up ( wine included ) and get RV parts and twenty  😆  deliveries from Amazon.

Such a relaxing vista. However I know that the Isla is calling us.