Fun at the beach!

We arrived here November 15th. On November 17th we all went to the beach for the first time. However Colin dropped me off at El Velero’s on the way back and carried on to hose off the salt on the girls and to dry them and leave them in the RV. He came back and we enjoyed our visit with some new people here in RV1. I wrote back then that the music got me up to dance. Note to self, you are too old to do the twist. 

I was feeling better just two days ago on Friday November 26th and so I went to the far end of the beach with my family. It was too much for me.  I wrote about this the other but I wanted to set the stage for these photos. We had a wonderful time. I have been a good girl and iced and used heat the past two days. I am on the mend 😉 I really miss being on the beach everyday.

The tide is low and there is lots of space for the girls to run around. They are not taking off this year. but we are still using a dragging leash for now. They go for two long runs and then they slow down and just run a short distance and come back.

At this far end of the beach ( towards Mazatlan ) there is much to be explored.

So many new sniffs. Colin is holding a plastic bag with some of their daly kibble to use as a treat to get them to come back. They each get a tiny piece on a return and lots of praise.

Ciela has spotted a crab going in and out of the surf.

She is one wet and sandy puppy.

They kept heading back along the rocks and into the small waves.

But always come back to us to get that piece of kibble. We don’t use treats as they have too many calories.

The white house in the middle of the above phone is being rented by long time friends Nancy & Randy. Hard to see but they are standing on their patio under that first palapa watching all of our activity. They used to RV here at Tres Amigos and we have remained friends ever since. How long ago was that Nancy? The large white house on the left is being built by other friends from RV2.





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8 thoughts on “Fun at the beach!

  1. Catheline says:

    What great shots of the girls running on the beach, they always fill my soul with so much joy.
    I think it’s a good idea to keep the twisting to a minimum so you can walk the beach more, LOL

    Love reading your blog!

    1. You got it, no more twisting at all. So looking forward to joining my family on the beach.

  2. Cindy says:

    So much fun for the girls! Love that beach!

    1. We all love this beach. Come back one day.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    The girls are sure enjoying the warm weather and all their beach time!

    1. Beach time is everything for them.

  4. Sandie Dixon says:

    I love seeing the girls running through the water. Sure hope you stay on the mend.

    1. Slowly getting better. I promise to never do the twist again.

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