Now that was a looong day

Door to door was 9.5 hours of being in the RV over 436 miles. Definitely a big mistake in planning. Never ever again, we are too old for this. First thing Colin asked once we arrived here tonight is if we could stay for three nights next year. Absolutely. Site B18 is the place to be. Perfect to watch the sunset from and likely the sunrise but I won’t be up for that, Colin might.

Were drove past California 95S enroute to Lake Havasu, Arizona 95S when a light went on in our minds, yes at the same time. 95 via California is likely to be much quicker than the stop and go of all the traffic lights in Lake Havasu. So we turned around ( that is why we have the extra miles actually traveled vs what is on this map ). Thank you smbank1 for your comment, I must have been sensing your thoughts today.

Of course we had a wee glitch to start the day. The tow brake that Colin had repaired would not work 😡 We had to press on with our day but he will look at it tomorrow, He suspects that one of the five inside wires may have a loose connection. Always something but we are travelling along on the flat and safely can stop the Jeep. But we must get this problem resolved.

The first part of the HWY between Las Vegas and Searchlight had sections dedicated to those that have served in the military. Being as today was November 11th, Remembrance Day, it was the perfect time to reflect on all of the following dedicated sections of the highway. First was to remember those who served in WW1, the next section dedicated to WW2. I was surprised to see the third section dedicated to the Cold War. Next came the Vietnam War followed by those who fought in the Persian Gulf situation. We actually flew through that active area on a flight to India. The aircraft was slightly diverted but still 😯  The final dedicated section of highway was to those fighting the Global War on Terrorism. That gave me pause for thought.

A ribbon of candy. Remember those? This was on 95S in California.

Not as scenic as 95S Arizona but still pretty.

After the fuel stop in Parker ( thought of you today Cindy ) we stopped at the RV Pit Stop in Quartzite to fill the propane tank.Then a quick detour to Loves to pick up some fuel injector cleaner. We have been using this for 15 years as told to us by a mechanic who said that we would never have problems if we used this product. Click here for information on the product Colin is using.

The new as seen in Parker.

…and the old.

We stopped about 3PM at a rest area to feed all four of us. The girls have only done their business once at 6:30AM and then not until we arrived here at 6PM. We are in a state park with no lights at all and it was pitch dark. Colin walked the girls while I dumped the air, put down the jacks and deployed the slides. My next task is to always dust everything with a damp cloth. Makes everything feel fresher. The girls seem happy here and did their business right away. Lots of campfires and the odour of smoke 😉

That mountain to the right of the highway is Picacho Peak.

Almost there. Those last 15 miles seem to take forever.

A glimpse of the sunset we were missing.

Taken with the iPhone. This just makes me want to get to the Isla as soon as we can.

I had a lovely dinner planned but we simply settled for a grilled cheese sandwich. We were both unhappy at missing the fabulous sunset, part of the reason we came here but also very tired.

An orange fell out of the fridge and Ciela went after it like it was a ball. She nudged it along with her nose. We took it away before she bit into it.

We caught the final rays of the sun as we parked at our site. Can you imagine seeing that glorious sunset while sitting outside with a glass of wine? As Colin says, next year.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for what comes next.

Thank you Colleen for a fun end to the day.


I really do appreciate your comments. special thanks to those that make them. Not easy to do a post like this after such a looong day 😎





It looks like we screwed up!!

Normally I would say that I screwed up, however it was a decision we both made. But I did not do the research ahead of time. Obviously my older mind is not recalling certain events. I can’t expect Colin to do travel planning, that is my job.

While I was out yesterday doing the final final grocery shop before we cross into Mexico, Colin had a fellow RVer help move the huge and heavy microwave box into the RV. And he decided to move the dog crate to where his dinner table chair used to be as it fit the space.

The one thing that I have accomplished in the past months has been to smile and say okay. I can even let it the situation go and not stress about it ( most of the time) 😯

We are losing space quickly.

Sadly he broke an important guitar nail in the process.  However we had heard about a new repair treatment using fibreglass which I had ordered on Amazon. So he repaired the nail and is happy as it is very strong and the string sounded great using that nail. Guitarists should not be RVers. Meanwhile I was shopping at Walmart and also at Smiths down/up (??) the road on Flamingo. For the very first time in my life I lost the Jeep at both locations. I seriously thought that it had been stolen as I remembered exactly where I had left it. About 15 minutes later just as I was beginning to panic, I decided to walk even further away from Walmart and that is where I found our vehicle. Phew!! I didn’t realize how far away from the building that I had parked. I also momentarily lost the Jeep at Smiths but found it quickly. Looks like my mind isn’t doing what it should be.

With no reason the girls decided to have a thing where they thought that they saw a critter within the RV.

It took about 10 minutes for them to calm down.

Their favorite place, sitting in the sun on the dash.

Today was a very buy day. I did a full set of exercises ( not doing two sessions yet ), washed my hair ( so that Colin could dump and put the hoses away ). Oh and then I did two very full loads of laundry including sheets and towels.

So at this point the microwave ended up in the bedroom where the dog crate used to be. I used my shoe to show how large the box is. We plan to cover the box up with dog blankets and hope that it goes unnoticed. If discovered we will have to pay import duty!

We are often asked to bring a few things down for friends who forget something or who had flown in and would like an extra something that they can’t get in  Mexico. I also like to surprise a few people with things that I know they would like. So I was already bringing in things for six different families. A friend who is in Mexico already ( her very first trip driving in with RV ) asked for a few things which was totally fine. I had warned her to bring all that she needed with her but she under estimated. One thing that surprised me was the size of this box. We are still looking for a place to stash it.

Hard to see but the outside stair ramp for the girls is in that back area on the right as well as two huge bags of soil for my hibiscus. The yellow box holds I have no idea, plus, plus, plus.

Here Colin is trying to put in a large outdoor fan into the Jeep so that we have more space inside the RV. Many RVers name their RV’s. We have not, but If had to name it, I would call it ” Cram – A – Lot”!

Colin spent most of the day packing things up, he cleaned the inside of the RV, walked the girls and started loading anything he could into the RV basement or the Jeep. Washed the windshield again once he took down the sun screen. As you likely know we are not minimalists. Even the girls have their special carpet to lay on outside as well as two dogs beds. I did as much as I could with my sore back.

So what did we screw up? Distance and time 😳 Normally from here we stop in Lake Havasu ( to see my very dear friend Libby who is no longer with us ) or in Gila Bend.  Why oh why did Colin ( it was his idea ) want to drive to Pichacho Peak state park for our next stop. I really should have checked the mileage. Dang 😥

410 miles! We can only drive at 60-65 mph as we are towing a fully loaded Jeep. The RV is also fully loaded up.

The alternate route is the same mileage.

Definitely a huge screw up. The other issue is that 8AM Arizona time is 7AM Las Vegas time. Quiet time here in the RV park is from 10PM to 8AM. We have decided to get up at 6AM Nevada time and leave at 7AM Nevada time which happens to be 8AM Arizona time. We had hoped to have a few hours before sunset to enjoy Picacho Peak but with a fuel stop and a propane fill stop it might not happen.  At least we don’t have to check out Saturday until noon.

So if the drive is too much for us we will simply stop when we are tired and forfeit our reservation. Poco a poco. The scoop on Picacho is….

Picacho Peak’s most noted historic event occurred on April 15, 1862, when Confederate and Union scouting parties met in the Battle of Picacho Pass during the Civil War. This was the largest Civil War clash to take place in Arizona. But it truly is a lovely place to be. 
Be sute to check in tomorrow evening to check the que pasa of it all.




What a difference a day makes

We had hoped to go to a casino for a few hours this afternoon. Instead our convention microwave which is 21 years old has began to give us a few signals that it might be on its last legs. A very loud and strange noise, perhaps grinding bearings. So we began a search online to find a replacement.

Why do stores no longer keep product in stock? It appears that everything now has to brought in. Hours later I started a search for “in stock over the range convention microwaves to pick up today”. Finally I found a few. Honestly we have both spent hours on the computer and phone yesterday and again a few hours this morning researching this.  Certainly not how I planned to spend my last relaxing day here in Las Vegas.

Colin checked with our RV Tech in Mazatlan and Erik gave us two options, bring a new one for him to install or he can take ours out and try and get it repaired.  Colin did look at a $200.00 counter top model unit but it was big, bulky and heavy. The thought was to use that one outside and get the original one repaired. However once he thought about it, what if if the original one could not be repaired and after all it was already over 20 years old. So he made an executive decision and purchased a new ( expensive ) unit. You have to be aware that we have a built in hole to fit the new one into and this one was the closet fit. So instead of a fun few hours at the casino we now have a new over the range convection microwave. However it is also an air fryer which I know nothing about but apparently that is a good thing. Except for the final price converted to Canadian dollars, just under $1,000.00 CAD 😯 Click here for the link to what we purchased. Better to have something new that will work as long as we keep RVing. Fortunately Erik will install it for us.

As I type this we are heating the convention oven for our dinner, yup defiantly strange noises 🙄 So far so good. 22 minutes to go. Update, all functioned as it should have.

Colin has two back up hard drives. One stopped working two days ago. So yet another expense for an 8TB hard drive. At least that is a company write off.

So all the signs are pointing to no time in a casino ❗

Personally I had a video kinesiology video session yesterday. We can’t figure out why I have so much pain. The only way I can get out of the RV is by backing down the steps. Also being able to dry myself which involves bending after a shower really hurts. So Lise decreased my exercise level 12 back to a level 5 exercise level. Today I found that my pain was still severe but in a different area which was not quite as debilitating. So it looks like I will be living on Ibuprofen for the next week. Hoping that the new/old excises will help with my problem.

Today was so crazy that I had no time to do even one exercise session today. I was out for 3.5 hours doing our final grocery shop for Mexico. You have to remember that our generator no longer works so we have to plan meals without electricity and I needed fresh ingredients. Plus I am purchasing items for six people already in Mexico.

Weather wise it was cool today with wind and rain showers, with a high of  59F, going to be cold tonight @ 40F.

Overall we are doing well. But really looking forward to leaving here Friday. The Isla is paradise and we are only a few days away 😎

Finally a night out

I was finally feeling a tad better yesterday, so we went out for dinner last night – actually an early dinner.

We left just before sunset. We didn’t want to leave in the dark. This was the first time that the girls have been on their own in the dark. Of course we left some soft lights on and music playing.

We were going to a favourite restaurant that is next to the Linq attraction. That is the Venetian behind the wheel.

Our destination, Battista’s Italian Restaurant aka The Hole in the Wall. A very famous place in Vegas. When we arrived just before our 5PM reservation there were about 100 people milling about to get inside. Not everyone had reservations.

A set menu that includes all the wine ( red or wine ) that you can drink, soup or salad, your main and a delicious cappuccino later.

Colin had the fettuccini Alfredo.

I had the cheese manicotti. Everything was delicious. Especially the garlic bread.

We had set up the nanny cam so we could keep an eye on the girls.

Battista’s has been around since 1970. Click here to see more about it. It has a great atmosphere, lots of Tiffany lights and thousands and thousands of signed photos from actors, singers and the rich and the famous. The restaurant it set up in small intimate rooms, not too many tables in each section. Very relaxing and the food is always delicious.

James Cagney top left.

You all know who this is.


We could have stayed later but about the two hour mark the girls started to cry off and on. So we went home. They had been on their own for 2 hours and 50 minutes.

I laid down for just a ten minute nap when Carlie jumped up on me. They really had missed us and she did not want me to go anywhere.

Then Ciela sat on my shoulder and put her face directly over mine. They did not want me to even move. So with two chocolates sitting on me I was trapped. We eventually all went to bed, of course together. But that is not a habit.

We have not been to Battista’s since early November 2019, just before the pandemic hit. Actually this is only the fourth time that we have been to a restaurant since Covid. The first time was last March when friends puppy sat while we went to a late lunch on the Isla. Then twice this summer when friends visited and now yesterday. We sure don’t get out much but that has been by choice.


Que pasa

Friday nights sunset!

We haven’t taken too many photos in the past few days. Mostly just relaxing and the odd walk for me. Colin did a Costco run yesterday and picked up some wine there as well as at Total Wine. We have all the wine we need for the winter.

The girls sometimes drink at the same time but I have never been able to get a photo until this morning.

I have been resting and I added moist heat yesterday and that helped with the constant pain. Last night I got Colin to manipulate my pressure points and despite the initial extra pain it has helped.  He has done that once already today and will do it again soon. I have not not done any exercises for three and one half days. I will try again tomorrow and see how it goes.

Mornings are spent enjoying the sunshine on the dash. This is Ciela rolling back and forth on her back.

No matter how far away I am she always senses when I am taking her photo and moves quickly.

Colin had planned for us to visit a casino last night but I just didn’t have the energy to go out. Did you know that Las Vegas actually now has a totally non smoking casino? I think that is wonderful. It is called the Park MGM, formerly the Monte Carlo. Click the link to check it out.

We are not 5th wheel people but I saw this on my walk yesterday. Love all the windows, similar to our RV.

At this point we are still hoping to enjoying dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, perhaps Monday. We only have six sleeps left before we head further south.

This is our off leash dog park back home. Yesterday winter came early and with a huge slam of snow and ice.

Definitely only in Canada.

The princess and the pea perhaps! We all snuggle under a bunch of blankets while we have dinner and watch something on TV. Colin puts the house back together in the morning and I had to laugh when I saw Carlie sitting on this pile of blankets that Colin had folded up.

Temperatures here in Las Vegas are about ten degrees below normal. But from 11:00 AM until 4:30PM we enjoy the heat.

We saw a great movie last night. Gigi & Nate is a 2022 American coming-of-age drama film directed by Nick Hamm from a screenplay by David Hudgins. The film is based on a true story of a quadriplegic and a capuchin monkey. The film was released in the United States on September 2, 2022, by Roadside Attractions. Colin had a capuchin monkey when he twelve. Previously he had had a squirrel monkey, sadly it passed away from TB.

Middle of the day the girls are outside on their special carpet we got for them last November in Quartzite while we were waitiing for RV parts.

This is Carlie but they both do this, rolling on their backs and then putting their paws in their mouth. I guess they are rather relaxed.

ThIs is the off leash dog area, there are four individual pens.

There are three other dog areas but they are leashed. This one has a dog bath.

As I said only six more sleeps and we get the wheels rolling again. I feel the Isla calling me. Tonights sunset says it all.




November Calendar Photo

They were so much tinier last year.

I am going to leave it at that. I either hurt myself doing ??? or pulled something during my exercises. Colin muscle tested me this morning and that is all fine, it is not chiropractic. With his help I got the laundry done and am now just going to sit on the heating pad. Do you think wine might help?

I have heard from a few people that they are unable to leave a comment, even using a computer. If you are having any problems with this please let me know so that I can get this repaired. If there are any other problems using an iPhone or iPad let me know.  I appreciate your input.

How did November get here?

Yesterday it was 80F here in Las Vegas and we sat outside and enjoyed the heat. Today only 63F and likely tomorrow will only be 51F 😥  Thank goodness the Isla is waiting for us. Sadly it is supposed to go down to -6C/21F back home. They even have snow in the forecast for the days ahead 🙁

The girls were happy to be wearing their puff jackets and be warm this morning.

And I am so very happy to have these warm slippers.

Not too much happening around here except walking the dogs. The big event yesterday was a parcel that Amazon had sent us which we did not order, more on that another day. Then we discovered that an RV part Colin had ordered showed as delivered but we nor the reception area here in the park received it. So that was good for a few hours on the phone and computer yesterday.

Every week I have a few exercises that I need to do on the floor. I try and do them when the girls are asleep or have to barricade them. The girls love to join me on the floor. Hard to tell but Ciela is laying on her back rubbing her face on mine. Carlie had just left and she loves to lick my eyeglasses.

We left the girls for close to two hours today while we did a few errands. They are still in training to be on their own in the RV. Per the nanny cam they only made a few short barks when a dog walked past. Oh and what is happening here? Getting paint for our patio on the Isla. The colour, guess you will just have to wait and see!

This motorcycle belongs to the neighbour behind us. On Halloween afternoon he pulled out his bike.

It is a one person band on a motorcycle complete with generator for power. This fellow performs here and there, but we think that he lives here in the park permanently, at least right now.

We were looking forward to a performance, his jokes were great as he set up. We got back from walking the girls ready to sit with some vino and just enjoy whatever was going to happen. He did one number to just check his microphone levels. I was just getting ready to dance.

Someone here in the park complained about the noise ( perhaps they were trying to take a nap!! ). So the show was shut down. Dang!

Take a quick a look at this 34 second video. If you want to see more look him up under “Iron Thunder”. He is 72 and enjoying life to the fullest.

A very quick snapshot out of the RV door earlier today. Too cold to do much more than point and shoot.

We were all born to be wild.