Now that was a looong day

Door to door was 9.5 hours of being in the RV over 436 miles. Definitely a big mistake in planning. Never ever again, we are too old for this. First thing Colin asked once we arrived here tonight is if we could stay for three nights next year. Absolutely. Site B18 is the place to be. Perfect to watch the sunset from and likely the sunrise but I won’t be up for that, Colin might.

Were drove past California 95S enroute to Lake Havasu, Arizona 95S when a light went on in our minds, yes at the same time. 95 via California is likely to be much quicker than the stop and go of all the traffic lights in Lake Havasu. So we turned around ( that is why we have the extra miles actually traveled vs what is on this map ). Thank you smbank1 for your comment, I must have been sensing your thoughts today.

Of course we had a wee glitch to start the day. The tow brake that Colin had repaired would not work 😡 We had to press on with our day but he will look at it tomorrow, He suspects that one of the five inside wires may have a loose connection. Always something but we are travelling along on the flat and safely can stop the Jeep. But we must get this problem resolved.

The first part of the HWY between Las Vegas and Searchlight had sections dedicated to those that have served in the military. Being as today was November 11th, Remembrance Day, it was the perfect time to reflect on all of the following dedicated sections of the highway. First was to remember those who served in WW1, the next section dedicated to WW2. I was surprised to see the third section dedicated to the Cold War. Next came the Vietnam War followed by those who fought in the Persian Gulf situation. We actually flew through that active area on a flight to India. The aircraft was slightly diverted but still 😯  The final dedicated section of highway was to those fighting the Global War on Terrorism. That gave me pause for thought.

A ribbon of candy. Remember those? This was on 95S in California.

Not as scenic as 95S Arizona but still pretty.

After the fuel stop in Parker ( thought of you today Cindy ) we stopped at the RV Pit Stop in Quartzite to fill the propane tank.Then a quick detour to Loves to pick up some fuel injector cleaner. We have been using this for 15 years as told to us by a mechanic who said that we would never have problems if we used this product. Click here for information on the product Colin is using.

The new as seen in Parker.

…and the old.

We stopped about 3PM at a rest area to feed all four of us. The girls have only done their business once at 6:30AM and then not until we arrived here at 6PM. We are in a state park with no lights at all and it was pitch dark. Colin walked the girls while I dumped the air, put down the jacks and deployed the slides. My next task is to always dust everything with a damp cloth. Makes everything feel fresher. The girls seem happy here and did their business right away. Lots of campfires and the odour of smoke 😉

That mountain to the right of the highway is Picacho Peak.

Almost there. Those last 15 miles seem to take forever.

A glimpse of the sunset we were missing.

Taken with the iPhone. This just makes me want to get to the Isla as soon as we can.

I had a lovely dinner planned but we simply settled for a grilled cheese sandwich. We were both unhappy at missing the fabulous sunset, part of the reason we came here but also very tired.

An orange fell out of the fridge and Ciela went after it like it was a ball. She nudged it along with her nose. We took it away before she bit into it.

We caught the final rays of the sun as we parked at our site. Can you imagine seeing that glorious sunset while sitting outside with a glass of wine? As Colin says, next year.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for what comes next.

Thank you Colleen for a fun end to the day.


I really do appreciate your comments. special thanks to those that make them. Not easy to do a post like this after such a looong day 😎





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14 thoughts on “Now that was a looong day

  1. Cindy says:

    Aaah long day but there safe and sound with a gorgeous sunset!

    1. Yes, all is will. No complaints.

  2. Colleen says:

    Glad that you are once again parked and were able to enjoy the last rays of what looked like a stunning sunset. The Isla gets closer and closer.
    Doggie cartoons are always fun!!!!!

    1. I told Colin that we will have tons of wonderful sunsets on the Isla.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    Glad your long journey went well. My first thought when you mentioned 95 as the rolly roads but it does better the other way for sure!

    Enjoy your stay there and continued safe travels.

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to warmer temperatures at night.

  4. That area is beautiful, hope you can stay for a couple of days. Hope to see you soon on La Isla 🙂

    1. Only one night this time. Have to press on to the Isla. Hope to see you next week.

  5. Polly says:

    Much easier to post when at “the bottom of blog”.
    Beautiful sunset here in Arizona! Enjoy!

    1. We are trying to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Sorry about the location of the comment button and that it doesn’t work for you. But I so appreciate it when you make a comment. Just think how difficult all of these changes are for me do deal with. I still don’t have it all figures out yet.

  6. That’s a crazy long day! Glad you made it safely.

    You’ll soon be able to rest for days on end, at least I hope you will!!

  7. I have decreed that once we arrive we take that day off and part of the next day. In other words 24 hours of relaxing and walking on the beach.

  8. Heather says:

    Love the ribbony highway, glad you made it safely. We miss you guys!

    1. I so wish that you were coming to visit this winter. Perhaps next year.

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