Best sunset thus far

I have been busy enjoying paradise. However I have also been nursing a sore right knee. It was sore enough that I thought I had torn another meniscus. However sitting and elevating my leg has helped. Poco a poco. Sitting at the computer is not good for me at the moment. I am using both gel packs and heat.

The girls are doing great at the beach as per Colin. I only went the first time.

We have had two musical happy hours. Not planned but they had to happen, more on that next post. The universe just seems to be directing what we are doing. Life can’t be much better. Most is important is that we are happy. More details on the last few days very soon.

This sunset photo essay is dedicated to my very very special friends who live in Virginia. Sandy and Rex I thank you for becoming a part of our lives. I thank you for always being there for us with your encouragement, support and traveling mercies. Sending you special hugs. We are so looking forward to seeing you both early 2023.

Last Friday, November 18th, we were were treated to a very special show by Mother Nature. This is what I first saw and the rest simply emerged from the sky.

None of this has been photoshopped. What you see is exactly what happened and what my camera captured.


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9 thoughts on “Best sunset thus far

  1. Michelle Fanwick says:

    Thank you for sharing your magnificent sunsets and your journey. It isn’t always perfect but the pluses definitely outway the struggles. Those of us on the sidelines appreciate all the efforts it takes to get to your paradise!

    Just enjoy!

  2. Cindy says:

    Wow stunning pics!

  3. SandyM says:

    Oh my goodness, such beautiful sunset photos and very kind words for us. We are so looking forward to a visit to the Isla and hopefully a late lunch with both of you. Mazatlan sunsets are spectacular!

  4. Catheline says:

    wonderful photos…

  5. Jim and Barb says:

    Sunsets don’t get much more beautiful than that! Readers can tell you are truly in your happy place!

  6. Jannose says:

    Glad to see you are settled and enjoying the beautiful sunsets. Life is good!

  7. Colleen says:

    Stunning shots. Can’t wait to enjoy the sunsets in person

  8. Pauline Watson says:

    WOW!!!! Absolutely STUNNING captures 🙂

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