Beach day and tiny house open house

Beach walk Saturday, December 3rd. This was day three of a massive set up for a local wedding. We later found our that the wedding cost $250,000.00 USD. Most impressive. They had fireworks and three bands. All done in good taste. Apparently the dancing went until 7AM but it was not loud. Colin actually met the aunt of the bride the other day.

This was my first beach walk other than the drive to the far end of the beach. In this direction we can walk 10 miles if we wanted to. Ciela enjoying every second.

Of course Carlie as well.

They love the small waves.

Later that day we attended an open house here in RV1. One of the RVers decided to have a home custom built with materials that will last for a very very long time. It took about 18 months from planning to almost completion. The tiny house is on site #4 and he is also renting his original site #5 so that he can have lots of space for fun.

The home is 500 sq ft. We live in 1000 sq ft.

Pop up TV.

Pop up stove fan on the right. Great views.

Nice photo of Colin, Capitán Federico and his lovely wife Kelly.  They are new to RV1 this season and are in #3.

Snaps of the event.



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6 thoughts on “Beach day and tiny house open house

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    That is quite the open house, love the views from their site!

    1. Love home but we prefer our RV.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    That is a small tiny house but it looks nice and you are right, the views are amazing!

    1. Same views that we have but different from inside a house rather than an RV.

  3. Compared to an RV that little house has the same arrangement but is not on wheels. Hope they built it strong enough to withstand a hurricane and it is far enough from the water not to get flooded. However, it looks lovely. Your parties and get-togethers remind me of our years cruising as we did the same. Your two doggies are enjoying the water very much, it seems. Hope your knee heals soon.

    1. Built very strong and hip off the ground.

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