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Then it was to have been published yesterday but I forgot to hit publish 😳

Initially this was to have been published Monday but I ran into some production issues.

I saw this photo on FaceBook yesterday and made a screen capture to share with you. I really like it.

What you are looking at is the entrance to the Mazatlan port. Looks to be a narrow opening but the cruise ships and large freighters get through. To the bottom left is El Faro with the lighthouse on top and to the right is Chivos Island. The green at mid right is Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra. To the left and on top is the port and all of Mazatlan.

I am not giving up posting but I have decided that I don’t need any more stress in my life. Colin has picked up making many meals, doing the dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping and walking the girls. So not fair to him but I really appreciate all that he does and he knows that I do 😎  At the moment my priority is getting thru each day with as little stress as possible. Of course there is my daily knee exercises and on going kinesiology.

Remember a few weeks ago the girls ate/destroyed one of my bougainvilleas.  I replanted it with this one but it lost all its flowers two weeks after we planted it. We now have nice healthy flowers.

I am up to my elbows in the fireworks cruise that I am organizing which is for this Saturday evening. At one point I was worried that it might not happen due to a lack of eager participants. Now I am getting new people everyday and will have to start turning folks away. This is the 125th anniversary of Carnaval here in Mazatlan and the fireworks are supposed to be incredible. I have people from Mazattan renting a van and driver to get them here and then pick them up afterwards. The cruise leaves from and returns to the Isla. Another couple who are thinking outside of the box will spend the night in a hotel here on the Isla.

A sunset from a few weeks ago.

The weather has been cool and often foggy during the day. We are happy with our down duvet at night. Tonight we are going down to 12C/53F I do try and walk every two days with the girls but sometimes 3 or 4 days pass by. Once Sunday comes I should be much freer. Gosh I haven’t read a book for over a week 😥

The large stone that Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra was named for.

Wasn’t that a super Super Bowl yesterday. We only started watching just after half-time. We missed the half time show and will watch it soon as we taped it. And of course we have only seen 50% of those very expensive commercials, thus far! Which commercial was your favourite?

Another great photo by Sue on their visit here.

Colin has had to see three chiropractors in the past 9 days. We certainly hope that yesterdays treatment will fix him up!! Each has helped just a tiny bit but it has not hit the jackpot yet. Gosh he will be 73 in July and I will be 70 in May. Much much too soon for physical issues. We plan to keep working on our bodies as the best is yet to come. Egypt and another visit to Venice and who knows where else.

We have had very few happy hours but are still doing out Saturday night game night.

Wednesday the 15th of this month is when we have to pay our annual one month non refundable deposit for next season. This is the first time that under new management that the deposit is non refundable. Our first season here was 2009/2010. We can’t believe that this is our 13th year here at Tres Amigos. I was only 57 and Colin 59. How fortunate we have been to be here annually except during Covid year. On April 8, 2024 there will be a complete solar eclipse best seen right here in Mazatlan. I think that there is a great possibility that we will be here on the Isla for five full months next winter. That means we get to enjoy both Semana Santa and the eclipse.

The twins have become more ‘twinning’ lately.

Colin shared these with me the other day, seriously 🙄



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6 thoughts on “Always something to post about

  1. Deb says:

    I do hope you and Colin continue to improve, and I have no doubt the stress of the cruise will be an amazing relief when it’s over. The flowers are beautiful of course as they always are. Time does slip past when we aren’t looking and the years are moving along faster and faster. Enjoy the cruise!!!!!

    1. Thank you Deb, lovely to hear from you.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Good for you in taking steps to manage your stress! I sure hope Colin, and you, are feeling better soon.
    The fireworks cruise sounds like a lot of fun and thanks for sharing the interesting laws 🙂

    1. As they say in Spanish “poco a poco” which means little by little; baby steps. We are all looking forward to the cruise but it will be chilly, down to 59F at night.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    I bet you are looking forward to next week and having one less thing to worry about. We have been talking seriously about heading down that way the winter of 24/25. Do you have any American friends that we could talk to about this we should consider coming from the U.S.? Things like car and health insurance?

    1. We leave five weeks from today so lots of time to sit back and relax. And it will be much warmer. Yes I can put you in touch with some of our US friends but it really is not much different than what we do. We already get our Mexican vehicle( X2 ) insurance from the USA and a for travel medical health insurance you justly have to show around. FYI April 8, 2024 is the the full solar eclipse best seen right here in Mazatlan.

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