Bear alerts and more…

Carlie has been on constant patrol since we saw the bear last week. She does not relax.

Actually it was July 1st, after a very long and fun day, that the bear paid us a visit. Three nites ago someone posted they had a bear in their yard, they are also on the water. Yesterday afternoon, more bear sightings. In fact, about 6 people saw the bear here in the park. From our neighbourhood it moved to the gardens and then to two condos on the lake before it swam across to Turtle Bay. Security did call the authorities…they are not going to do anything until someone is harmed 😯

“The RCMP and Conservation were called, but will do nothing unless someone is harmed. They say just leave it alone.
Keep an eye out and watch your pets!!”   per security this morning 🙁  This morning our hounds did a sniff pattern search thru the entire yard, patio and along the fence. They were on a mission and kept rechecking what why had already sniffed. They never lifted their noses. Obviously we had some sort of visitor last evening.

There tomatoes are growing here in pots in our yard. This large one just might be ready to eat tomorrow. Someone gave Colin a cucumber from their garden in exchange for one of our zucchini. So I am planning on a greek salad for dinner tomorrow.

Our weather has been all over the place, wind smoke, heat, no wind and so on. Unusual for this time of year. This gal was just relaxing with her dog as the sun was setting.

Last Thursday I went to kinesiology. I thought that I had not done a good job last week as I likely had not interpreted 3 of the exercises correctly. Instead I was told that I had done a great job. Lise also told me that she could not believe how far I have come since last August when I started.

Car show in the park today. It was so hot: 33C/92F but there were many many more vehicles than last year. Breakfast was served by one volunteer group and another did lunch. We do live in a wonderful place.

After my kinesiology I went for my long awaited mind test. I definitely was nervous. There was almost 30 minutes of direct questions about how I perceived what was happening to me, my mind and thinking and now I reacted to certain situations. Next there were three different tests. It was not easy and was difficult to concentrate, I had no idea how I did. At the end she told me that I was above normal which was 11 out of 30. She did not think that I had dementia nor Alzheimers. However having said that it was possible ( she was covering herself ) that I might be I the very early stages. I pressed for my scores and was told that I had 26/30, 28/30 and 28/30, above average. One question that I blew was to say as many words as I could starting with the letter ” F “.  All I could think about was fart and fat 😳 I came up with maybe ten more but my mind was a blank. I think I also lost points retelling a very long story she had read to me, back with as many details as I could. One story had to do with football and all of that was way over my head. At one point she gave me five ( hey that starts with and F )  words to remember for later.  As in 15 minutes later, I did not get them all but I think I got three. It was interesting and I could see how someone who had memory loss would not score well. Drawing, numbers and letters were also involved.

I was so relieved when I left. Next stop was to pick up a few belated birthday gifts from Colin to me. We just never had that time to do it together and I was just 2 blocks away so I went. I actually parallel parked twice that day and learned how to feed a meter with a credit card. My brain continues to function. Of course as I parallel parked I had my father sitting on my shoulder giving me instructions 😎

Even a pink Barbie trailer. It was for sale.

They continue to hang out together.

First time planting patty pan squash. This was todays haul from the garden. The squash have been hiding from us as have the zucchini.  Colin wanted to keep this large one to hollow out and make tuna BBQ boats! Anyone have some patty pan recipes to share?

This is how I feel. Going to do what makes me happy…..PERIOD!



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2 thoughts on “Bear alerts and more…

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Good news about your memory test 🙂 And seriously keep those bears at your place!

    1. Seems we have no choice according to the authorities who will do nothing until a pet of human harmed.

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