Another birthday

We had a visitor the morning of Colin’s birthday ( July 22 ).

It was a different celebration this year. Our park had a huge back to the 80″s party on July 22nd. We loved the band but Colin really wanted to spend his actual birthday at home. Turns our the event was sold out. Here it was just us and the girls and we had so much fun. What surprised me is that Colin spent the morning doing a deep clean of the house. His choice. I kept trying to get him out of the house so I could put up some decorations. That did not happen. He  finally did go out and then I had to wait and wait for him to come back home. He had left his phone here.

We began the party by opening a lovely bottle of champagne that just happened to be in our wine rack. A Winter Edition, 2021. Freixenet Cordon Negro from Spain. It was the best champagne that we have had in perhaps forever. It is no longer available. A great choice this his 73rd,

Then we decided to do a ‘go find it’ with the girls. That means they hide in the bathroom which they did with Colin and I go around hiding bits of their kibble all over the house. Then the race is on as they find the various pieces hidden all over. They love the challenge and excitement and of course getting some extra snacks.

And so began our party. You likely recall that Colin did riddles and hid my birthday gifts which I only got once I answered correctly. We have been busy ( when aren’t we ) so I only had yesterday to get ready once he left the house. First of all I had to find where I had stashed his presents.  It took a while. Then I had to find and figure out the riddles ( thank you Google ). I wrote one up for each gift. Except today I discovered another gift  😀 Then I numbered the gifts and hid them here in the house. I did make a note of where I had hidden the gift. Actually I forget some hiding places and I forgot to write the answer down to a few riddles. we had a blast.

Once the girls had their fun it was time for us to play I had to create a system. Colin waits with his drink.  Those were how many beans he picked that afternoon. Want some? Each riddle was on a separate piece of ‘recycle’ paper and a number from 1 – 19 as well. Colin would pick a price of paper randomly from the bowl and hand it to me. I then read the riddle and he had to figure it out.

Once he figured it out – he was good at this, I read the number and checked my gift list. Then I gave him a clue as to where to find it. So two challenges to solve before he got that gift. I did have to give very few clues. Colin is very clever. Then Colin started asking if it was food or whatever. Example – what room has no doors nor windows? This was a tough one. He asked if it was one work or two, many questions. Yes bit was food, yes it is something we eat, yes it is in the fridge. Finally he said “mushroom”. Good one, eh 😎

He got the riddle correct but then had to root thru his two sock drawers to find the gift. The clue to find the gift was where do you keep the things you put on your feet?

A pair of socks but these have our very own girls on them. I will get a better photo another day. Meanwhile we kept sipping our yummy champagne.

Can’t remember the riddle but the location clue was where do we keep things at night that are only out during the day. I was referring to the corner where we store the bed pillows at night. This big and heavy box was there. He got the riddle easier than the location clue.

It took forever to open this box but has not been put together yet. Perhaps manana.

The girls hoping to be let out onto the patio.  Not yet, have to wait until the sun goes down a bit. No burnt paw pads on our patio.

The party went on and on. It took close to three hours to finish the gift hunt. We both had a wonderful time.

The stash included limoncello and limoncello biscuits.  Many socks of course, a few lights  for the Isla, chocolate, wine, Amaretto and on and on.

Colin wanted to make a meal at home. So with very little help from me, he created a shrimp ( yes from the Isla , I have been saving it )  Alfredo fettuccine with penne. The green stuff is Swiss chard from our garden.

Wonderful white wine, a great movie and scrumptious dinner. After a bit we enjoyed Dairy Queen ultimate chocolate ice creme cake. Colin purchased his own birthday cake. He actually bought two. So tonight I imagine we will be having the apple crumble pie with ice cream following our Isla shrimp burgers.

It was a very fun day.

Isla sunset tonight taken by Dallas.







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5 thoughts on “Another birthday

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Happy birthday Colin! Love the fact that you make an event about it and do the riddles. I might have to steal that idea for Barb’s birthday!

  2. Colleen says:

    Sounds like a blast.
    Happy birthday belatedly to Colin.

  3. Carol says:

    belated happy birthday Colin, sounds like you had a nice time. Many, many more.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Happy birthday Colin, I’m glad you had a fun day spent the way you wanted.

  5. Pauline Watson says:

    Happy birthday Colin!
    Looks like you had a wonderful day 🙂

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