We finally have a full set of lights in the kitchen

Not long after my birthday, the end of May we began to have trouble in that the house breaker kept tripping. We suspected a transformer but in the end that was fine. It took about 6 weeks for Jordan, our electrician, to have time and check out our problem. It took hours of trying this or that, much trouble shooting. Colin spent hours trying to find a replacement transformer. It also took many many phone calls. Our 2012 transformer cost $350.00 but a replacement ( if it worked ) cost $1000,00. Being a special order it had to be prepaid and there was no refund.

Jordan came back June 21st  ( he is regularly employed and often works 12 hours days ) as he had been thinking about our situation. He wanted to re test the transfer yet again and discovered that the transformer will not show voltage unless there is a load attached. So there was yet another problem.

So he started to take it all apart and was shocked. Possibly an install error back 2012.

As you can see the wires had melted. We could have very easily had a major fire. Jordan said that we were lucky. He replaced and rewired and once again we had full light in the kitchen. We had been doing our cooking before dark so we could see.

Jordan returned for a third time on July 21st. He insisted that he needed to install fuses to protect the circuitry. That way, there could never be a fire.

As you see our kitchen lights are somewhat unique. We had to invent a curved rail that includes two types of low voltage lights, including five Rock Candy lights and four Swarovski Crystal lights. All on individual dimmers. Photos taken a few years ago by Colin when we entered our home into the Tommies Awards. We won several Silvers but no Golds. No matter, we love our home just as it is.

While were he changed our door handle ( faded from the sun ) and lock. We are in great shape electrically. The girls love Jordan, who wouldn’t? He is so handsome. He is looking for a girlfriend, but he works too much.

Does your dentist come to your home?

Is anyone else concerned about what is happening with the climate? No wonder ocean birds are dying by the hundreds. They can only dive so deep and those fish have died because of the extreme heat.

This fire was back in June. Love how the six planes are coming in to load water, great photo. We continue to have wild fires around us. The newest came across the border last evening from the US ( Oroville, Wa area ) to Canada in Osoyoos, BC.  Over 700 evacuations and another 2000 on evacuation alert. Saying prayers for our friends in that area.

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3 thoughts on “We finally have a full set of lights in the kitchen

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Good news on the lights. Jordan sounds like a great find and handy to have around. Love your kitchen, it is beautiful!

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Great news about the lights. I love that photo of the planes!

  3. Pauline Watson says:

    That’s great news that the circuits and everything is fixed properly this time. What a blessing Jordan is. 🙂
    And yes you have a lovely home, all the details are gorgeous!
    The comic is cute too 🙂

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