I wonder if I need to hire someone to keep me going in the correct direction? So much to share but always running out of time. Overall I think that is a good thing.

A few days ago there was a very huge rain storm over the Isla and Mazatlan. Much flooding, many palapas blown down and trees uprooted not to mention that the roads have become lakes that need to be navigated ever so carefully.

So many people affected in that horrific earthquake in Morocco, well over 3,000 have died. Many of the wonderful historic sites in Marrakech have been damaged. The Jemaa el РFnaa Square, the main square off the Medina has had severe damage to some historic sites, Also parts of the ancient walls  surrounding the Medina and homes have been damaged. Our first thought was to reach out to our dear friend Fawzy whose Riad we stayed in while visiting Marrakech in June 2019. Click here for part of that story. More photos of the famous square.

We sent an email out to Fawzy and we have heard back that he and his home are safe.

Thank you Fawzy for getting back to us. Wishing you and your country a smooth and quick recovery from this world event. We will always be here for you. You only have to reach out to us.

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4 thoughts on “Marrakech

  1. Lucy. says:

    Hi Contessa & Colin, hopefully you amigos find the new place U’r renting in la Isla in good shape. Must surely be hard to be preparing your southern migration & also taking care of your blog…es un trabajo duro, ay ay ayyyy; ciertamente, un ayudante seria beneficioso!! Saludos a ambos & to your girls.

    1. Gracias. We are managing, poco a poco.

  2. It’s sad to see so much devastation every year all over the world. We should learn to build properly to lessen the damage. Good that your friend was not affected.

    1. So many sad things happening all over the world. I am feeling pessimistic about
      the outcome of the world in our lifetime. How much longer will we last?

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