It was a very successful Carnaval

We sat outside in the cold waiting for the fireworks, which started an hour later this year. It was wonderful as we could see the majority of the event, even most of the low ones. Colin is in the dark on the left.

They say that at least and additional  500,000.00 people visited Mazatlan this past weekend. The city was full. I recently read that the city will expand by 1.5 million bodies for the Eclipse on April 8th. I honestly don’t know how many extra there will be for Semana Santa, but I’m sure the beaches will be packed. Sometimes you can’t even see the sand because of the people crowding the beach. That will definitely be a day that we stay home.

We didn’t bother taking too many photos as it was wonderful to just sit back and enjoy.

Someone used a drone and filmed the entire event and put it on public media. Great job. Sit back and enjoy the show.

This one is a reel ( I have no idea what that means ). It begins with the navel combat and goes on for about 20 minutes. Click on the link below. Everyone said they were the best fireworks ever.

Click here to see the drone link. Sadly I have no idea how to fast forward the reel to the better parts a wee bit into the film.

As we all know the next day was Sunday, February 11th and the first parade of Carnaval.

This is how close you can be to the floats.

However you are surrounded by thousands and thousands.

However it was also Super Bowl Sunday. Because I got messed up with Shaw Satellite and ended up putting our service on hold until we get back to Canada, Colin had to put his thinking cap on. The final solution was to change his VPN to Australia, where there is no limit on streaming the Super Bowl. Sadly that did not include all those 7 million dollar – 30 second commercials. We have seen most of them online by now. Colin really tried to have it come thru the TV but to no avail. However my large iMac sufficed.

Joe & Genie joined the girls and us watching the game. Later we had homemade seafood chowder with homemade ( by a bakery ) fresh sourdough bread. Yummy.

Lovely how our coffee table raises to become a dinner table. Once it got dark we turned the Carnaval Parade on via our roof top digital antennae.

We were able to take in both events while sitting in the comfort of our home on wheels. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Taken by a drone the night of the parade. The parade winds its way for seven miles along the malecon. See the bright blue light top right and beyond. Such a beautiful city we live in.

After the parade folks partied until about 6AM. Monday was a quieter day, many came to the Isla and the beach. Colin and I however were invited to a fabulous private party. More on that in the next post. Tuesday was the final day of Carnaval and known as the second parade day. This time the parade did the route in reverse.

The following photos were taken the evening of the second parade by Michael Saunders. He is a Canadian ( from BC, I think ) wintering and tasking wonderful photos all over the city. Thanks for sharing Michael.

So much attention to detail.

I hope you enjoyed your wee tour of Mazatlan Carnaval 2024. Next post will be of the wonderful party we attended last Monday. We took Tuesday to recover from all the activities and I had my 90 minute massage today. I am ready to get back on track.

A few messages for you from the girls 😎 Hope that today was special for each of you.












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  1. Sandie says:

    Wow!! They really know how to party. The floats are amazing. But way too many people for me. Glad you got to see the game. It was a pretty good one.

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