Just a few hours ago…

Today was day two of rain. The road is a mess but all of the pea gravel we put down when we got here really helped. Colin spent a good deal of time playing his guitar and cleaning the house. I remained glued to my computer. However I am making progress. We have chosen our bank and have an appointment there next week to set up accounts. Also Tuesday will have us meeting our new doctor. I have lists of lists now and will be working on health insurance next.

This was the only rainy day photo that I took. I can’t believe that the veggie truck came out in this weather.

The girls are not happy at missing their beach walk the past few days.They have so much extra energy.  However as soon as we open the door they stop in their tracks and turn around to come in. They do not like cold ( 64F ) and especially not rain. Funny how they don’t mind being in the cold ocean swimming 😎 Still working on getting my computer back up to normal. I looked at new ones online today. I will get a new one perhaps in June. My desktop is 21.5″ and the new iMacs are 24″. Colin just now informed me that he also will be getting a new iMac as he prefers the mouse 😮  We may or many not get a new laptop for use while travelling etc. We should be good for the next ten years or more. Surprise they come in a variety of colours which remind me of our first computer.

This was our first computer – ever. Circa 1998. We chose the strawberry one.

These were the original colours that were offered.

These are the new 2023 colours. Which would you choose? Any guesses on my choice? Might as well throw in a vote for Colin!

The rain petered out mid afternoon and Mother Nature gave us a colourful show.

For certain the next post will be that wonderful private party we attended.

It was a very successful Carnaval

We sat outside in the cold waiting for the fireworks, which started an hour later this year. It was wonderful as we could see the majority of the event, even most of the low ones. Colin is in the dark on the left.

They say that at least and additional  500,000.00 people visited Mazatlan this past weekend. The city was full. I recently read that the city will expand by 1.5 million bodies for the Eclipse on April 8th. I honestly don’t know how many extra there will be for Semana Santa, but I’m sure the beaches will be packed. Sometimes you can’t even see the sand because of the people crowding the beach. That will definitely be a day that we stay home.

We didn’t bother taking too many photos as it was wonderful to just sit back and enjoy.

Someone used a drone and filmed the entire event and put it on public media. Great job. Sit back and enjoy the show.

This one is a reel ( I have no idea what that means ). It begins with the navel combat and goes on for about 20 minutes. Click on the link below. Everyone said they were the best fireworks ever.

Click here to see the drone link. Sadly I have no idea how to fast forward the reel to the better parts a wee bit into the film.

As we all know the next day was Sunday, February 11th and the first parade of Carnaval.

This is how close you can be to the floats.

However you are surrounded by thousands and thousands.

However it was also Super Bowl Sunday. Because I got messed up with Shaw Satellite and ended up putting our service on hold until we get back to Canada, Colin had to put his thinking cap on. The final solution was to change his VPN to Australia, where there is no limit on streaming the Super Bowl. Sadly that did not include all those 7 million dollar – 30 second commercials. We have seen most of them online by now. Colin really tried to have it come thru the TV but to no avail. However my large iMac sufficed.

Joe & Genie joined the girls and us watching the game. Later we had homemade seafood chowder with homemade ( by a bakery ) fresh sourdough bread. Yummy.

Lovely how our coffee table raises to become a dinner table. Once it got dark we turned the Carnaval Parade on via our roof top digital antennae.

We were able to take in both events while sitting in the comfort of our home on wheels. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Taken by a drone the night of the parade. The parade winds its way for seven miles along the malecon. See the bright blue light top right and beyond. Such a beautiful city we live in.

After the parade folks partied until about 6AM. Monday was a quieter day, many came to the Isla and the beach. Colin and I however were invited to a fabulous private party. More on that in the next post. Tuesday was the final day of Carnaval and known as the second parade day. This time the parade did the route in reverse.

The following photos were taken the evening of the second parade by Michael Saunders. He is a Canadian ( from BC, I think ) wintering and tasking wonderful photos all over the city. Thanks for sharing Michael.

So much attention to detail.

I hope you enjoyed your wee tour of Mazatlan Carnaval 2024. Next post will be of the wonderful party we attended last Monday. We took Tuesday to recover from all the activities and I had my 90 minute massage today. I am ready to get back on track.

A few messages for you from the girls 😎 Hope that today was special for each of you.












Que Pasa

Carnaval began Thursday. The theme this year is Eclipse Barroco, it’s a combination of celebrating the total eclipse of the sun on April 8, and honouring the baroque era, 1600 to around 1750, which was lush and lavish. Mazatlan is ready to party. All the giant paper mache sculptures called monigotes are up along the Malecon and a few in other areas in town. At this point Colin and I have no plans to go into Mazatlan proper for the festivities. The fireworks are tonight and rather than being on the Malecon or on a vessel we will watch them from our own site on the Isthmus.

Huge Pacifico tents every ten feet. Much beer will be sold over the next few days.

Last Wednesday I had a partial massage. Katia hand to deal with something that happened to one of her sons and left early.

I was the one who had the massage but it was Colin and both girls who had the nap afterwards.

Special thanks to Carol and Bill who were visiting the Observatorio Mazatlan 1873 just a few days ago.  Lovely views from up there including our new location on the Isla. We have never been, but perhaps next month.

The days seem to be filled to the brim. It just happens. So I have not yet got my wedding ring in for repairs. It wil have to wait until after Carnaval.

So I have done a very foolish thing. I am still running Mojave 14 as my iOS operating system. It is no longer supported. I asked for help and someone volunteered to help. They have the same iMac as I do – exactly and have done this upgrade often enough that it would not be a problem. Well l am now running Catalina but don’t have control of my photos and a few other issues. The only way I was able to operate today was by purchasing 50G on iCloud. I was surprised that the person who helped me is no longer available for follow up. I can’t even find the photo edit area 😥  Are any of you iMac users who could help? I can call you 😳

I am surprised that none of you caught our new screen in the photos last post!

Colin decided that we needed a wind screen which of course would also serve as a privacy screen. He designed the entire thing from the spacing and number of slats to having the posts cemented in three feet deep.

It looks very stylish. Best of all it works as a wind screen. Quite amazing. The two screens are spaced so we can walk between them and get protected immediately from the wind gusts.We left the bottom open for later in the years when we will need the breezes. The girls walk the same path as we do although they could just scoot directly underneath. As a bonus it also works as a privacy screen.

It is still a work in progress but a lovely addition to our site.

I am still dealing with my original compromised credit card from last November. I have spent hours and hours on the phone and have had to admit defeat. They need to call me at home ( well I am not there ) or next me at home ( I am not there ) in order to bypass the two step security system. I am on my Mexican SIM card here and those options are useless. So I am out about $4500.00 which could’ve been paid  for with my points, I haven given up 😮

By me, very early this morning.

Sunset tonight by Colin.

Happy Carnaval everyone.













Frantic Friday!

Friday morning started off with three emails threatening to cancel our Shaw Direct Satellite server – TV 😮 First of all Shaw only has a 1 800 # which I can’t call from my Mexican cell phone. I tried reaching out online and finally found a chat line. You may recall how I had a great deal of trouble with my personal Visa card, how it had been compromised and they had to send me a new card here via UPS. For some reason Visa had also put a hold on my card. Very long story short my Shaw account could not be paid via the auto payment  I had set up years ago. The new credit card had four different last numbers and a new CCV. I was told that I had to pay $110,60 ASAP to save our account. However because I was in Mexico they claimed that I could not see my account online. Nor where they able to send me the online form to change my credit card number re the auto payment. He just told me to pay it via my bank. Okay but first I wanted to know the dates of my billing cycle and from what date to what date was outstanding. He basically refused to give me that information. After a ninety minute chat he hung up. I was able to screen capture must of our conversation. Needless to say I will be pushing this once we return to Canada. He even refused to put our account on hold 😥 I was beyond frustrated.

It was not afraid of the dogs strident cries and actually came closer to them. They tired to jump the fence or dig under it.

My next challenge was fo figure why my free Fongo app was not working. Turns out I had to put $5.00 on the account which happens about every 4 years. My Fongo number is US why means that I can call both US and Canadian toll free numbers. I use it often. I was so relieved when I dialed the Shaw 1 800 number and it went though. Ten minutes later Fongo disconnected. This happened about six times. Finally I Googled why is Fongo keeps disconnectioning and found a wee fix to to adjust in settings. That done I set in to wait for my one hour plus wait to speak to a human. Customer service is certainly not what it used to be. Actually I don’t think it even follows the definition of customer service. Good customer service means consistently meeting customers’ expectations. Great customer service is quick, easy, personalized, and empathetic. Companies that deliver excellent customer service take the time needed to understand the needs of their unique customer base.Jan 25, 2024

Russel our next door upstairs neighbour told us it was a rooster, not a chicken.

I finally connected with a lovely woman who despite her constant yawning ( perhaps it was the end of her shift ) spent close to an hour sorting out my dilemma. I was able to pay a minimum amount owing and put in my new Visa card information into the system as well as place out TV satellite on hold until we get home. No charge to do so and no charge to restart once we are back home. Somehow at 4.5hour of being not the phone Friday a lovely chilled glass of white wine appeared. Colin is so vey special. I was revived sufficiently to complete the Shaw incident.

I actually had one more business call to deal with. But suddenly the girls were screeching. Now what. If possible it was even more frantic than their feral cat cries. We had a rooster in our yard 🙁 OMG 😡  Now what.

That bird was ever so friendly and kept wanting to come closer. By now we had the girls corralled inside the RV but their noise never diminished, Because of many windows they could see their enemy.

By now the entire RV park was outside – well all 6 of us! We were all trying to catch the intruder, it banged to get under everyones rv’s and it certainly moved fast.

The rooster was flushed out of the compound at least three times twice and another time with the hose. It just kept coming back. The rooster even figured how to get under the netting fence. This critter was to determined to live here but it couldn’t because of the dogs. There was so much activity that photos were few and far between.

Somewhere between 3.5 hours and 4 hours later the rooster was captured with a small net.

Joe held the bird in the back seat while Colin drove them all to the Colonia where it was let go. Colin said that it just stood there looking at them wondering what was going on. Fortunately it did not poop in the car. Mean while the girls somehow jumped over the fence and were running wild up and down the road. Thank goodness Linda from upstairs called to me. That was when I became rather distraught. So many cars and ATVs on the road and the sun was setting. The girls were totally out of control. Fortunately Russel rushed down his stairs to come to my aid. We finally got the girls corralled into the yard and then I got them into the RV. The more they barked the more hoarse they became. Finally Colin got back. What a loco Friday.

Neither of us recall much of Saturday. Colin went into town and got money as we seem to go thru it rather quickly and a few groceries. He also picked up the dog blanket laundry. I had thrown my nightie and white sweater in with that load. Well those were stained and had a chemical smell.  At this point some of these clothes are on third 3rd wash. I have chosen to not deal with this issue in the near future.

Sunday was haircut day for both of us. As you will see neither of us did a good job taking photos. This is Linda who along with her husband Russell live upstairs in the house on the right ( facing the ocean ). We were very fortunate that Linda brought her skills out of retirement.

So yesterday was Sunday and I just let the day happen. And happen it did. I believe that we had eleven guests yesterday. At one point there was us and two other couples. The others just seemed to pop in one after the other. Twas a fun day.

We were both very scruffy hair wise. Linda may be one of my first blog readers from back in 2010. I think it is so very special that she is living next door.

Shortly after the haircuts Joanne and Bill dropped by for a short visit. Colin had to leave and walk the girls.

Definitely a busy eight days 😎








We took a trip down memory lane

First of all how ever did it get to be February. Our time here is flying past. I try to spend so many hours everyday researching banking, health insurance and other things we will need when we return here in October.  It took two days to find a medical doctor and the very next day one of my neighbours went to see him. Turns out that he will be perfect for us. We were to meet him this past week but life got in the way.

For the first time in my life I attended an online celebration of life. Jeanne, a special person in my life passed away last week and her family honoured her this past Sunday. Many were there in person but about 37 of us were able to be a part of the ceremony online. Jeanne was my age, a very happy, positive lady and well loved by her enormous family. This event shook me up and I took a few days to re evaluate my life and goals. How wonderful that we were able to spend some quality time over the years. She will be missed but forever remembered in our hearts.

We started Grade 7 together and graduated from nursing school together in 1973. I was honoured to spend an entire summer in her family home the year before we graduated.

Our graduation from Grade 12. I was 3rd from the left in the middle row and Jeanne was standing to my right.

Last Tuesday there was a wind storm. We were fine but about 11PM, Joe & Genie needed help with their awning because of the strength of the wind. We got it all taken apart but the awning ( electric ) would not roll in as the wind was so much stronger than the motor. So it took all four of us to put it out again and secure it with Colin’s heavy duty awning strap, rebar stakes and about four other ropes keeping it from going airborne. Sadly the wind caused several fibre optic wires to come down and we lost our internet.

Of course I injured my neck and back. However Katia was coming for my 90 minute massage about 11AM Wednesday. I had seen her just seven days prior ( for the first time in four weeks – because of her wedding ) and we were both surprised at how good my body was doing. No major aches/pains nor tightness. Sadly the wind storm changed all that. First thing Katia said what the heck happened to me. I was a tight mess. It literally took two hours of hard work on her part to get me close to normal. She was even able to level my legs. Colin muscle checked me the next day and I was back to near normal. Thank goodness.

Late Wednesday afternoon our third site was filled. We are officially full until March 1st.

How special that we were reunited after so many years had passed. I remember that they had visited us in Kelowna in 2014 and perhaps one other time.

The best day of the week was Thursday when very long time friend and blog reader came fo a visit. We had met Gisele and her husband Gunther RVing in Ramona, California in early April 2012. Sadly Gunther passed six years ago and we lost touch with Gisele. It was a wonderful surprise to receive an email from her that she and her friend Diane were in Mazatlan for a few weeks.

We had a long lovely visit followed by lunch at Puesta del Sol at the Tiki Bar. Thank you Diane for taking both of these photos.

Through Gisele and Gunther we met Hannelore and Peter who also live in Kamloops. We met them several times over the years. Enjoyed several afternoons at the symphony followed by some lovely meals.

This was taken in 2016, I believe our last time visiting in person. We so miss our visits with you both.

Adios Gisele y Diane.

Colin spent the rest of Thursday afternoon helping to connect  the final sewer line.

The trench for the water line was also dug and then connected. It was a busy day for Colin.

I got up to use the toilet sometime Thursday night and saw the moon casting its glow on the ocean. I took this while half asleep with no eye glasses on and through our dirty front window. It looked more magical in person but I now have this great memory.

And then there was Frantic Friday. I will save that for the next post.



We were invited to a wedding & my wedding ring

One of my very special Isla friends got married a few weeks ago. Katia’s request was for her guests to wear white but as I had nothing white she graciously told me that I could wear anything I wanted to. It turns out that many others also did not wear white, I even saw a few wearing black.

So here we are about to leave for the ceremony.

Alan being walked down the aisle by his best friend, his older sister.

Spreading rose petals.

It was a beach wedding.

Katia’s  three sons proudly walked her down the aisle.

The happy couple.

The reception was held at El Velero’s.  Katia is radiant.

Beautiful dress.

A traditional Mexican wedding dance where I pin money onto the groom ( or slip it into his pocket )and Colin pins money on the bride and then we all dance.

Must have been that second margarita I enjoyed.

I was a wonderful wedding and we wish the couple an eternity of time together.

Later that day my rings felt rough on the underside of my finger. See that – – – on the top band!

On closer inspection I found that that band is broken. I have been wearing my rings for 37 years. It appears that the band has become thin. Fortunately the two bands are soldered together so I won’t lose one. I hope to get this repaired in the next week.








Full Moon

I knew that the full moon a few nights ago was called Wolf Moon but wanted to know why. Direct from Google…..

………”The Wolf Moon corresponds with January’s full moon—and the first of the year!—on Thursday, January 25,” explains yoga and spirituality expert Alex Plante.

As the first full moon of the calendar year, the January Wolf Moon ushers in a deeply reflective period where winter tightens its frosty hold and people retreat indoors. The long and cold nights surrounding this lunar phase have inspired spiritual connections for millennia. Ancient cultures and indigenous tribes perceived a link between the moon’s glow and the nighttime cries of wolves in the winter forest. This fusion between the striking brilliance of the full moon and the haunting howls of the wolf pack gave rise to the January moon becoming known as the “Wolf Moon.”

Moon rise

Moon set

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Some say that this is the happiest song ever written. “According to Science, this song is the most perfect pop song ever written” – “My dad showed me this song,and ever since then it’s been on repeat 🙂 ITS MAKES ME FEEL SO SAFE AND HAPPY AHHHHH” – “This song made uncontrollably smile in the hallways of my high school and when I saw my friends in the hall way it made me smile 20X more with this song on” – “Back in 1990 my daughter was 5 I picked her from school I had the Beatles CD playing when this song came on. She immediately started bopping her head and singing along to obla di obla da when the song finished she wanted to hear it again. By the time we got home she was in the happiest mood. It was her favorite song at the time” – “there are some songs which feel your mind with joy instantly……it is one of them !! Isn’t it?” – ” LOVE THIS SONG BY BEATLES ❤❤❤ it tells me that no matter what life throws at you in our journey here on earth, Life Goes On, whether it be Tragedy, Sadness loss of a loved one or love not reciprocated ; Life goes 😂on❤” – “This song makes me feel like I’m in Nirvana. No future, no past, just now, and I couldn’t care less what’s happening in my life. It’s perfect!”

Why oh why is this the title of my blog? I was about to write about something totally different but this popped into my head. I have not heard this song for many many many years, probably like most of you. I have been rather sad these past few days but I have come to grips with my feelings.

Carefree and happy. Aren’t I colourful?

So is Mother Nature.

No need to go into details but an exceptionally extraordinary person in my life is going through an extremely difficult time. This music has uplifted me and hopefully will help her as well.

Sadly I missed this sunrise in person, but I did catch the sunset!

Thank you Colin for getting up early this morning and taking this photo. Colin also discovered when he opened the door at 6:30AM that we have a cat sleeping in front of our door. Definitely a fresh scent to get the girls going in the morning.

A few days ago,this little one was fishing just below us and hopping from rock to rock. Very nimble.

Meanwhile a small panga had tossed its net not too far in front of us.

Lots of activity on the beach as the net is pulled in.

Note the nimble wee fisherman on the right. He couldn’t resist checking out what the catch was.

This heron was also checking out the activity.

First time this winter that I have heard “The Love Boat” theme played by the Princess ship’s special horns.

The end to another wonderful day in paradise.

This is for all of you who are suffering snow and cold.







Que pasa

Certainly not expecting the temperature to get so cold. I guess it is almost mid January so another 4 -5 weeks and we should start to warm up again. However to see 64.9F outside this morning was a shock. Too cold to take the girls to the beach as we have to shower them off outside when they come back from swimming and they are much too cold even before we start wetting them down in the cold wind. I get cold feeling their quivers.

and vino blanco. Our RV is so very cosy. If it gets colder we have our Mr. Buddy to bring inside.

Early morning December 31st. No idea where the kayak came from but it was obvious that his panga had lost power. He was towing it in from far out in the ocean. He was exhausted and his arms were cramping but he never gave up and kept pushing his body to the maximum.

Meanwhile January 3rd I was able to catch a bit of sun with my morning coffee and no doxies sitting on me, but Carlie is close by as you can see.

No need to plan a happy hour, they just seem to happen. We had ten people drop by this particular day.

The girls always have to be a part of the action but this day needed a blanket. They are watching for those dang feral cats.

More running at low tide.

Ouch! A sea urchin hidden among the rocks. You do not want to step on one of these.

Born to run.

As long as there is a beach to run on, they will just keep on going. Twins for certain, note the mirrored limbs as they run.

Not sure whom loves the other more, the neighbours or the girls.

My hibiscus are finally staring to bloom.

Long story but Erik was needed for a small repair and of course he nailed it!

There is always something to enjoy out on the ocean.

Some sort of sea doo that holds more that two people. Fortunately they never capsized.

Surprise photo sent by our neighbour G.