Poco a poco, almost ready

It has been an extremely long day, I did 13 hours with a few breaks. Colin went nonstop for at least 15-16 hours. About noon I did not think that we would get it done. So we made a plan to do what needed to be done before dark and what could easily be accomplished when it was dark. So here I sit at 10:30PM having a lovely hot meal ( thanks to the  microwave ). However I am sitting with my heating pad at my back and it feels so wonderful.

We woke up to 0C/32F, yet the high today was 18C/64F. We had a heater on as well as the furnace and fireplace. Colin decided last night that the girls could sleep with us. They will be with us again tonight as their crate is now in the RV. They were much much happier today. It seems that they have figured out that the RV loading means that we are going somewhere. They actually spent most of the day in the RV so that they could supervise everything. First in many days that I have seen their tails wagging so much.

It was a smoke filled sky today, mostly from the Washington State fires.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I could not find our passports. Finally found them slid under other things. Then Colin remembered that the Jeep insurance expired on November 12th. Thank goodness he did and it is now on the to do master list to get it done before we leave.

Today I made my annual fall huge Amazon.com purchase and even that did not ( for the first time ever ) go well, however by mid afternoon all had been ordered.

So this has just come up twice in the last 15 minutes. I am now trying to contact Apple but they are closed. (Your Fairy Godmother says you can just ignore this message.)

Oh, the shop that did the RV repair has not called with the invoice yet. We will call them in the next day or so.

I would guess that we are 98% done. Today we had a plumber booked to blow out the lines in the house. Of course we are still here and yesterday he agreed to come tomorrow morning. He contacted us this afternoon and said it would have to at 7:15AM. At least he is still coming.

Looks like we are getting out just in time. The rain is coming.

One other thing that happened today was that we were told that because our RV is twenty years old we can no longer get collision insurance for our travels in Mexico. So I have reached out to a few people, hoping that we can get some suggestions.

Despite all the set backs, we will be leaving in the morning, just one day late. I called the RV Park in Las Vegas to let them know that we would be one day late in arriving due to a mechanical issue. Even though we had prepaid for our entire stay I was happily surprised to see a refund for the one night.

You may have noticed that I had the header photo changed, again this will not be the final. You will see changes here and there over the next few weeks. One thing that has changed is that when you make a comment you have the choice to get my reply sent back to you or not. Obviously at the moment I have had little to no time to make replies. Let me know what you think about this option.

Just a few days ago.

At this point I have not had anytime to figure out how to change the photo size and likely will not for a week. If the photos look normal you can thank my Fairy Godmother 😀

11:30PM and I need to get to bed.

Because of the overnight lows we are now seeing some fall colours. Late for us, but we have had a lovely September and October thus far.

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5 thoughts on “Poco a poco, almost ready

  1. Cindy says:

    Yahoo all done and will be on the road today! Safe travels and have a great winter! 💕💕

  2. carol says:

    Well either now or soon you should be on the road. Hope your trip is smooth. So far everything is working for us. Short day for us today 130 miles from Q to Gila Bend. Then tomorrow from GB to Amado De Anza.

  3. Colleen says:

    Almost there!!!!!

  4. Jannose says:

    Glad things are coming together for you. Safe travels!

  5. Karen says:

    Finally fingers crossed you will be kissing Canada good bye! I wonder if the girls will high tail it directly to the playa. We are wishing you a safe uneventful trip to the Isla

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