Perhaps we have reached the old codger stage

So we are here in Las Vegas, Mother Nature’s antics are over and we are getting settled. Getting settled means having your wits about you. Why don’t we have our lovely coconut oil bath soap bars? I forgot, I may have mentioned this earlier but I am now an official old codger so I don’t remember. But I got some new Dove soap bars and they smell horrid but we will use them up.

Oh no, we have no kettle. That one is on Colin. Sometime in May ( because the RV was in the shop in Kamloops before that ) Colin put away our regular kettle and brought the smaller one in from the RV. “No worries Contessa I will put it back”  🙄 Nada. So we just bought one and it is bright red and we both love it. Next day Colin recalls that he had forgotten to bring the vacuum cleaner 😥  Well we now have a new one which is actually really great with fabulous suction. It is also red. I can’t remember in the twenty plus years that we have been travelling to Mexico that we forgot things like that. So that must mean that we are old codgers.

Taken at home before we left.

This past Monday, once the wind died down a bit we made a quick grocery shop at Smiths and picked up some wine and a few groceries. Sadly they no longer carry our favourite. We then stopped at Trader Joes to pick up a few bottles of two buck Chuck. We wanted to see if they were any good this year. Well first off they are now four buck Chuck. The first bottle I opened was like vinegar. They did refund me the money but we have moved on.

So many of my readers have been telling me that we need to shop at Total Wine here in Las Vegas. We have always been short of time. This season we have time. One of our favourite Pinot Grigio’s is from Venice, Italy and I could not find it anywhere. So I googled who sold it and Total Wine came up.  Walmart had none on the shelf but it is priced at $12.98 online. I can get a 1.5L bottle for $9.89 at Total Wine. I also discovered that another of our favourites could be purchased for $8.09 per 1.5 L. Wow!  I should have checked into this years ago. So I put in an order and saved ever so much 🙂

Well that is one way to walk a cat.

Yesterday ( Wednesday ) we went to Costco where Colin picked up three cases of his favourite Pinot Grigio. We also picked up a wine order from Total Wine. Love how the bottles are sealed in boxes. Perfect for travelling.

The jeep was semi loaded.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I resumed my kinesiology lessons this past Monday. We are using an online video method not Facebook. I really did not do well in the two weeks since I saw Lise in person. She changed a number of my exercises and gave me so many new ones. OUCH! So back to a twice daily routine.

Our days are full but there is a great deal of time to hug and love our girls.

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9 thoughts on “Perhaps we have reached the old codger stage

  1. Do you guys think that is enough wine to hold you over for a little bit? 🙂 Hey, you are not the only ones that forget to pack a few things and we’ve all been there unless you are a full timer and have your house with you at all times. Las Vegas seems to be a good spot to go shopping, me thinks!

    1. You have to remember that I already have ten cases in the RV, now these and likely a few more cases before we leave. We have not been anywhere near the strip yes. But yes lots of grocery stores other than Walmart.

  2. Judith says:

    Seems to me that your days immediately before departure were so FULL of STUFF happening, I’m surprised you remembered the dogs. (Not really.)

    1. You remember correctly it was so full of stuff but the girls made sure they were in our path, noway we could forget them. I was looking forwarding to cuddling them as we drove. I am certainly enjoying these quieter days.

  3. Dolores Tanner says:

    Usually i get your blog on my phone, and for some reason there is no way to comment, BUT today i am on computer, so i can respond. So, so glad things are going OK for you both. U do have things that are always not going quite right.. prob becuz you DO something 🙂 if u sit at home and don’t venture out too much, not much happens… hahaha… I have gotten a puppy, to pick him up the 19th (in Goldendale, WA) and have been going crazy getting things together to have him here, you would really think that i had all i need, but gave away lots of things when i lost Luci, food and such. and do want to try to kennel train this one and not have him in my bed, i am such a softie tho, don’t know how long i can hold out. They are so darn cute and have ways to get what they want. WE are excited. My son, Brian, is on board so that is a good thing. I think he is just tired of me moping about the house, untethered. Love reading about u, highlight of the day, you and Colin’s adventures… But kind of holding my breath until u get to the Isla, safe and sound.
    Take Care and Safe Travels

    1. Hmm you should still be able to get it on your own iPhone. Wow a new puppy, how very exciting for you. Locking forward to reading all about him. Yes we also gave everything away about back in 2017 when we lost the last two. Much easier making a clean sweep and starting over with new stuff just for that special guy about to come into your life. Hopefully you won’t have to hold your breath too much longer. We are here in Vegas until the 11ith.

  4. Colleen says:

    You are not old codgers….you were under a fair amount of stress before you left, hence the forgetfulness. Too many moving parts…

    1. ….ahh thanks for putting it all together for me! But I do have to keep those parts moving or else!

  5. Al says:

    A very late comment about your issue with the anode and odour. We haven’t had the odour problem but our anode seem to dissolve in one or two seasons. As a result of the very hard water in the south west US we bought a portable water softener and it solved the hard water problem and the anode hasn’t needed to be replaced since. Not sure how the water hardness is in Mexico but it may help. Just an FYI.

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