Getting back to normal

Here are a few photos of some windstorm damage which I got off the internet.

Las Vegas is back to normal and so is Isla de la Piedra and Mazatlan. Time for all of us to move on and continue to enjoy each day to the fullest.

Thanks to the help we got in Wells on Friday Colin was finally able to sort out our smelly water problems.

It was still so windy on Sunday that Colin had to wear a headband. Here he is flushing and scraping out the calcified materials from the hot water tank, getting rid of all that yucky stuff.

Guess which is the new anode rod? It was definitely time to change it.

Meanwhile the girls are very relaxed and enjoying Las Vegas.

Lots of wrestling and teasing each other. They love soaking up the heat of the sun. Look at those eyes.

The girls had another set of female doxies drop by. A 2 and 4 year old but they were not socialized and not interested in our girls. We let Ciela out of the pen to check out potential new friends but those girls just wanted to keep walking. These are the first doxies for this couple.

Last nights sunset from our RV.


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6 thoughts on “Getting back to normal

  1. inger badiuk says:

    oh wow, glad you made it with no big issues, it is 7 here tdy. but we are going to have gusty winds later, will go & do a visual of youe place. k stay safe luv INGER

    1. Thank you for being on top of things.

  2. SandyM says:

    Awe, nice LasVegas sunset but just think how much closer you are to Isla sunsets! What an adventure you are on. Traveling mercies all the way to the Isla.

    1. Of course you would inspire me with that Isla sunset.

  3. Colleen says:

    Enjoy your time now that you have everything ship.shape.😊❤️

    1. Well almost. Missing my mind. Did laundry today and forgot to put in soap. What the heck?????

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