Working on getting caught up

Back to Friday, October 21st.

This was supposed to be our original arrival day in Las Vegas but instead because of the delay of the RV part, we were destined to spend the night in Ely Nevada. We have not had a drop of rain since leaving home nor have we seen any wildlife.I had mentioned the other day that we have had a few problems since leaving home.

This first one to manifest was that our tow braking system was no longer working. Colin tried everything he could but finally we had to call Blue Ox ( our supplemental tow brake  set up is with them ) and we discovered that we had been had. This system was purchased and then installed for a good deal of additional money back in 2015. What we just found out is that our tow brake is a 2012 model that had been sitting on someones shelf for a few years before they sold it to us. You need one of these supplemental bake systems based on the weight of your tow vehicle. In fact it is the law. So in full disclosure we did the Pendleton Pass with no tow brake. Actually this was the second time, the first was the year we had purchased the system and it would not work at all!! We had to send it back from Mexico to get repaired. I think we had used it one day.

First wreck of the day, just before Wells. It was apparent that the driver was going too fast in a curve.

The second issue was that our water smelt like sulphur and was running brown at times. Total yuck 😡 Colin normally flushes our water system before we leave. Of course this year we were unbelievably short of time. It was very apparent that we needed a new anode rod. Colin had a new one as well as all he needed to install it. Except he could not get the screw undone. We even asked for help in Mountain Home. It seemed that the screw was there permanently.

Once we reached Wells, Nevada on Friday we stopped and asked an RV/truck repair business fo help. The first place had no tech om site, they were out on calls. They recommended this place’ Roadway.’  After a few moments a very large muscular man came to our assistance. He applied his substantial body mass to the job and within a few minutes the screw was loose. He refused any payment whatsoever, large or small. Great place to get help. Somehow the top of Colin’s right hand got damaged in the process. But now a few days later he is doing much better and the pain is less. Most importantly of all he is playing again. Colin planned to change the anode rod that night in Ely.

If we had left home on our original D Day of October 18th we would have missed the snow in Ely and the wind storm as we would already be settled in the Vegas RV Park and missed all the stress that came with it.

While fuelling up in Wells, this semi was towed in. I felt bad for him because we have had this experience a few times since last November. Not a good time at all.

While fueling up Colin noticed that one of the basement doors was not wanting to stay closed. So he duck taped it shut as we did not want to see our stuff scattered all over the highway. Just today ( the 25th, Colin was able to easily repair that door ).

Of course the girls were oblivious to anything other than napping in the sun.

Our very cute #2, Ciela. Love that tongue.

It was as were coming in Ely that I discovered the massive wind storm approaching Las Vegas the next morning. With a bit of research ( so glad that I have extra data ) we decided that the safest thing to do was to drive to Alamo. As you know from the last post we arrived safely but tired and were so happy to get the last open site. We slept well and were up early to try and get to Las Vegas before the storm hit at 11AM ( seriously, who decided that time, rather than between 10 and 11 )?

Only half way to Alamo and we see this, does not look good.

Looks like someone lost a load of lumber. As you can see the sun is setting.

Hopefully not his life as well. The cab and trailer both flipped upside down. Again this happened on a curve. Is there such a shortage of truckers that they are hiring newbies who do not know how to drive?


Back to Saturday October 22nd

We were driving at 7:25AM and Colin drove 65MPH. We never go over 60MPH as that is the safe maximum for the Jeep. But we were in a battle of time with Mother Nature. Soon we could only drive 40 mph. We noticed the wind begin to pick up as we neared I15 and Las Vegas. We were within site of Love’s when the gusts began. We were forced out of our lane twice, possibly three times. Colin lost control at those moments. Fortunately there was little traffic.

As we turned onto I15, I caught this out of the corner of my eye. This semi cab was stuck in the sand of the ditch.

How on earth did this happen? Was it a gust of wind or ?? Hard to see but the rear tires are off the ground. This happened just around the corner from Love’s just as we turned onto I15.


Our first glimpse of Vegas, well not really, much too dusty.

The most difficult part was the change over from 15 to I515 on a narrow curve high up. we both held our breathes hoping for no gusts. Of course we made it.

We got to our site, hooked up the electric and did a few things to set up and then it was suddenly nap time.

I am going to stop here tonight. I need to shower and make dinner.

Thank you all for your comments, it really helped us get through yet another dramatic adventure in our life.





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13 thoughts on “Working on getting caught up

  1. Deb says:

    You folks do a lot of living in a day! Glad things are settling down and you are getting some rest. Odd about the brake system. Good luck.

    1. Yes we do and I wish that it was not happening but we are simply trying to live hour by hour. Fortunately we are here for 15 more sleeps and I hope that things will be quiet and peaceful.

  2. Lucy says:

    Oh boy amigos, U truly have had lots of issues in the past few days of travel, fortunately mostly were solved & now is napping- time. I remember reading what a nomad said in his blog time ago, he said: ‘ While on the road you only need two things, duct tape and WD-40, if you have something that’s supposed to be put but it moves/ opens, you use duck tape, if something is supposed to move but it doesn’t, you apply WD-40 ‘… You guys had the duct tape but forgot the WD-40 ! 🤪

    1. You forgot caulking, RV’s are held together with that goopy stuff. We could have used the WD 40 but had no time.

  3. Colleen says:

    You guys dodged a lot of bullets. Hope that you are safely hunkered down for a well deserved rest before the final push to the Isla.

    1. Yea we did and I truly hope that that is the endow the bullets. Smooth travels from here on in. I am resting and putting myself first.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Well I’m glad you are through that and can hopefully enjoy some downtime in Vegas.

    1. That is ever so slowly happening. I even had another nap this afternoon.

  5. Croft says:

    Quite the trip you are having! I am looking forward to hearing all the details. Any issues with the windshield? I don’t expect so but I am sure you want to get it replaced before you enter Mexico. Maybe find a mobile windshield guy who can do it in an RV park.

    1. Contessa says:

      Windshield is ok, have not checked it as it is still blowing very strongly here. Yes a reader has a guy that comes to the park but we likely will leave it until we get home. Horrible day with all the wind and it is still going strong.

      1. Croft says:

        I am sure it will be fine. Glass company TV ads tell us we must replace windshields after every little stone chip but such is simply not the case. If the winds have not made the crack worse then it will last. We once faced a very strong headwind going west towards Flagstaff, AZ. I could not get the rig over 40 – 50 MPH even in passing gear and when we stopped for gas we discovered we were getting just over two MPG! We pulled in behind that gas station and stayed there until the next day!

        1. contessa says:

          We are not worried about the windshield, however it remains to be seen how deep the pot holes will be in Mexico that will rock us from side to side. I think Colin was driving about 45mph.

          1. Croft says:

            I saw on youtube how one person squirted Crazy Glue into a crack and it reinforced it. You just have to be careful it does not run down the windshield.

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