Christmas Day beach walk

We always try to have a beach walk unless there is a serious reason not to.

I was well enough to do a walk and it ended up being so wonderful. I have really missed seeing the girls running.

They truly love the beach and would likely spend all day out there if we let them.

Only one paw down – both of them. They love to chase the birds and turn on a dime as the bird changes direction.

We invited Dianne and Bob, who purchased our old home in Holiday Park to join us. They are currently in RV2. Can you see that Carlie is in the air?

That is a tidal pool where the girls are and they are learning to be careful as they have been in over their heads a few times.

They seem to have no fear and even run into the ocean and the waves. We do have to watch them carefully. Today the waves were higher than usual and Carlie was being been pulled back into the ocean so she stopped paddling and started leaping forward. Colin was close by and would have rescued her. Happy that she is figuring it out on her own.

The beach was busy and it was pleasant watching all the families come and go.

The twins bring us such joy. We can’t believe how much their behaviour has changed and grown over the past several months.

In fact when I went to physio on the 24th Colin was checking them in our nanny cam and they never barked even once in the two hours that we were gone 😎

Christmas Eve we had our party leftovers and did the same again on the 25th. We were too tired to cook our regular Christmas meal and made the decision to celebrate Christmas on the 26th. Why not! We were still worn out and decided do what we wanted when we wanted to, so we had a relaxing few evenings watching Christmas movies and snuggled our girls. Christmas waited for us.

Happy December 25th.

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Day beach walk

  1. Catheline says:

    How wonderful to see the girls and you on the beach. The shot where the green leash is in the air and they are running is priceless. What is the plan this year for New Year’s Eve?
    The weather here in Ontario put a damper on Christmas, But it waited for us too, as we celebrated the 26th and yesterday.

    Happy New Year Contessa, Colin, and of course the girls.

    Love reading your blog

    1. It meant so much for me to actually get to the beach as you can understand. RV park wise someone is doing a huge beach bonfire. Colin and I usually go to a high end restaurant in Mazatlan for dinner and bring in the New Year with everyone in the Plazuela Machado. I think we will be home this year or perhaps on the beach at the fire.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Those girls really look like they are having a great time. They are going to miss that beach when they go home!

    1. We all are but they most of all. Whatever will we do to use up all that energy?

  3. Those dogs are sure having a blast and it sounds like you and Colin are too. Happy New Year!

    1. It has been a very different and extremely relaxed holiday season for all of us. Feliz Ano Nuevo!

  4. Judith says:

    A tired dog is a good dog. Beach trips probably take all the guard dog/barking dog out of them. Would me….though I would love to be able to do it too. Looks glorious.

    1. They are really good about barking but always bark when someone comes to the gate to come in – as they should.

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