December 26th – finally our Christmas Day

So I woke up the morning of December 26th still feeling worn out and I had a bit of a cough. I rested most of the day so that we could get on with our Christmas celebration. Colin and I have no need to exchange gifts so it is always fun to do a few things. Some years are fuller that others, we were down to a minimum this season. Our biggest thing at Christmas is cooking our two favourite holiday casseroles that we only eat at this time of year. I guess you might say that these are recipes that we have been enjoying at this time of year for over 35 years plus a good bottle of wine make the holiday special for us. Oh and of course a really good Christmas movie.

We had eight sailboats in on the 26th, not a great sunset. But every sunset is special in its own way.

This RV came in the afternoon of the 26th. I meant to get a better photo of it but I never left the RV. It was a young couple with three children ( one maybe 4 or less??) and a dog. I wondered where they had spent Christmas Day. They did leave mid morning the next day. Of course I wondered how far they were going and where they would stop for the night. I bet they are on the way to South America. I will let you know where it came from once one of my detectives gets back to me.

It was time for snuggles.

No idea where Carlie was but she loves to nap in their crate.

When did Santa drop all this off? Big surprise to us both 🙂

Looks like Santa caught me have a very very tiny nap!

The carrot with dressing casserole on top was made mid afternoon. We had extra carrots and stuffing so two casseroles were made. This is, believe it or not, Is our old convention microwave. We needed two ovens to cook our meal. This one was outside. Talk about decadent! We plan to gift the old convection microwave to someone who needs it.

Meanwhile the new convention oven inside the RV ( now installed) was cooking the potato dish and the stuffed tofu turkey.

Aunty Ferne gave the girls colour coordinated small balls to play with and we gave them peanut  butter bubbles which should be fun. I got a lovely blown water glass from Guadalajara and two of my favourite style day dresses. Colin got two fun baseball caps and a few dozen new colourful socks.

Yum yum and so many left overs. Of course we had a few other veggie sides but this was the main attraction.

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6 thoughts on “December 26th – finally our Christmas Day

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Your rig looks very festive all decked out like that. Hope you had a great Christmas, sure looks like you did!

    1. We did and relaxed through it all.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    A fun Christmas Day, which just proves Christmas doesn’t have to be the 25th 🙂

    1. Exactly. First time in 69 years that Christmas came on a different day. It was fun!.

  3. Karen says:

    It’s always fun to see different RV’s come through! So many people have such great imagination’s for wonderful living space! We also had our Christmas tofu seared sesame garlic for us, I’ll wish you a lovely new year now as I don’t write often but I do read daily. Love to you all
    Karen and Dave

    1. Yummy meal, I want the recipe. I know that you are out there mi amiga.

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